Throwing the BEST Cat Birthday Party (with CAKE recipe!)

Apr 27, 2019
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For Coco's 10th birthday, I threw her the best party ever! A picnic party complete with a special custom cat cake, a cat photo booth, cat balloons, cat gifts, and a delicious vegan potluck for all of Coco's human friends. Happy birthday, Coco!
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    Kitten LadyKitten LadyYear ago
    • I love all your videos and I have a one year old kitten and I am seven years old my name is Devyn

      Britt DeesBritt Dees28 days ago
    • I love that purple kittie bed. Where did it come from? I’d get that for my Chester, he would love that.

      Tamara KTamara KMonth ago
    • I love your recipe.P.S I’m a cat person, us cat people do make food for cats!🧁HAPPY BDAY COCO(NUT)!🧁

      zumpzumpzumpzump3 months ago
    • I like cat love.

      Alysa LordsAlysa Lords3 months ago
    • Aaaaa I Like it💖💎

      Vernice PennantVernice Pennant4 months ago
  • This is fantastic beyond words! “Cat Food Kitchen” is a business waiting to happen!!!

    Poppy BellPoppy Bell12 hours ago
  • Those cats are so lucky

    Animal lover Cat ladyAnimal lover Cat ladyDay ago
  • Cats don’t like balloons they scare them. ☹️

    Ines WorldInes World4 days ago
    • My cats loves balloons

      KelseyKelsey2 days ago
  • nice

    Cherry icecreamCherry icecream4 days ago
  • OML OML OML COCO IS MY CAT JADE!! jade ran away from my family :(

    Brielle GainerBrielle Gainer5 days ago
  • Since when does she have a pig?

    Slime and MoreSlime and More6 days ago
    • She's fostered several pigs in the past and is currently fostering two pigs.

      KelseyKelsey2 days ago
  • Is there anything else I can use for frosting ??

    Mehrak JokarMehrak Jokar8 days ago
  • Hcygcgyucufy

    Isabella UntersteinIsabella Unterstein9 days ago
  • Its so cute

    Cat GirlCat Girl11 days ago
  • why do kitten lady has a pig in her home

    Cat GirlCat Girl11 days ago
    • She was fostering that pig

      KelseyKelsey2 days ago
  • OMGGGGG!!!! My cat is about to turn 10 in a couple months but you happened to upload this on her birthday ❤️

    6ste6ffy66ste6ffy614 days ago
  • Soooo nice this video ! Thank you 🧚‍♀️🧚‍♀️🧚‍♀️

    Kimberley PexKimberley Pex16 days ago
  • Oooooooohhhhhh 🥰🤗🥰Gratulations ❤️😺❤️❤️😺❤️😺❤️😺❤️. CAT PARTY 🎀💖🎀🌸💖🎀🌸💖🎀🌸💖

    Kimberley PexKimberley Pex16 days ago
  • Celebrate ur lovely cat amazing birthday celebration 😘😘😍

    SIBIYA RSIBIYA R21 day ago
  • Happy birthday coco black cat dreams will come true can I get some photos of my cool cat

    Don Dubai athalDon Dubai athal23 days ago
  • I have a cat

    Syru Liza MathaiSyru Liza Mathai26 days ago
  • Nice 👌

    Syru Liza MathaiSyru Liza Mathai26 days ago
  • If i do make this for my cat I’m going to put turkey on it because he loves turkey

    Violet MæViolet Mæ26 days ago
  • I have a cat name Dexter

    Nataly BuitronNataly Buitron27 days ago
  • I have seen this video more than 50 times

    Mystic 4llMystic 4ll28 days ago
  • i just love my life rite now

    angela mutlowangela mutlow29 days ago
  • How old is Eloise?

    The Potato TomatoThe Potato TomatoMonth ago

    Pigeon ProductionsPigeon ProductionsMonth ago
  • Kitten lady , you are the most humble woman ever born . You not only spend all your times in caring for those little lives but also celebrate with them. May god bless you always for your good works. ❤

    Sandip GhoshSandip GhoshMonth ago
  • Hannah: I've never eaten shrimp Me, The Shrimp Lover: HGDJFHFFYKTFGIL,YGKUYFT

    Mariem NgomMariem NgomMonth ago
  • Happy Birthday dear coco 🎉😘😻

    arunima anandarunima anandMonth ago
  • gotta throw up before the cake! 9:25

    sashley mewsashley mewMonth ago
  • how come so many cats are quiet? i want more meowing ones 6:20

    sashley mewsashley mewMonth ago
  • That is so nice that cat is adorable!

    Delina TaameDelina TaameMonth ago
  • Sorry to me again azalea I'm so Happy for coco birthday Do you do you save kids a lot and I know you do not like Sushi And your boyfriend Doesn't like you know that animal are forgot to watch you But I'll give it a big thumbs up 100% of thumbs up And I think you're really cool

    Gary n Lisa Harney jrGary n Lisa Harney jrMonth ago
  • Wait you have a pig XD???

    Bunny DemonBunny DemonMonth ago
    • She was fostering a pig. He is now living his best life on an animal sanctuary.

      KelseyKelseyMonth ago
  • I saw a pig.

    Ethan Areli Josias OlmoEthan Areli Josias OlmoMonth ago
  • bruh coco has more thing than I have in my whole life

    Hilary LundyHilary LundyMonth ago
  • How you adopt Coroun?

    antonia anagnostakiantonia anagnostakiMonth ago
    • Coroun?

      57 Year Old James Bond57 Year Old James BondMonth ago
  • If i came I WOULD LOVE IT!

    darkØ playz games!darkØ playz games!Month ago
  • It's my cats first birthday today and I'm planning on doing this later

    Its SplintrzIts SplintrzMonth ago
  • I’m not sure but the shrimp has a tail

    Pnther PlayzPnther PlayzMonth ago

    Andrea BaptisteAndrea BaptisteMonth ago
  • Is Maroon a bengal adult?

    Amber MolohonAmber MolohonMonth ago
    • Well, Haroun is.

      57 Year Old James Bond57 Year Old James BondMonth ago
  • *You go Glen Coc-*

    XxPaisley_PlayzxXXxPaisley_PlayzxXMonth ago
  • I love your birthday videos and I’m gonna number about the bike as I’m going to name her snowing in so I don’t want her to be three years old and also she has babies do I have to take care of the mommy takes care of her

    hsekafihsekafiMonth ago
  • happy birdey

    Gisselle HernandezGisselle HernandezMonth ago
  • I am going to make the same cat cake for my cats

    nahid sultananahid sultanaMonth ago
  • I think coco’s birthday is on my birthday xd

    Penelope HuynhPenelope HuynhMonth ago
  • when a cat has a better birthday party than you 😂

    Crayz CatSCrayz CatSMonth ago
  • Coco is my brother's age😂😂😂

    Sisilea ChanSisilea ChanMonth ago
  • Coco so spoiled now XD I have a cat named Jax and he is just like coco but he lives in the garage he likes it there

    Zoey HeinzZoey HeinzMonth ago
  • happy 10th birth day coco...!and you my same age...!

    Sojan philip sportsSojan philip sportsMonth ago
  • Happy birthday coco I love you ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    lara عمرlara عمرMonth ago
  • Coco happy birthday how sweet

    cat lovercat loverMonth ago
  • Happy B dayyy !!!!!

    Bettie CapstickBettie CapstickMonth ago
  • I don't know my darling kitty's birthday, but I think we're gonna celebrate the day she joined our family instead!! So happy to have a recipe for a yummy kitty treat! Dogs are so easy to cook special enrichment foods for, but cats are harder!!

    Nixand BreantNixand BreantMonth ago
  • happy birthday coco

    Emily LinEmily LinMonth ago
  • Everyone liked that.

    Unity CoderUnity CoderMonth ago
  • Hannah: so you might want to use coconut flour insted all purpose flour Coco: you are gonna use my body to be a CAKE RECIPE

    eriko martinezeriko martinezMonth ago
  • u didnt make anything for josh

    sunshine Weathersunshine WeatherMonth ago
  • You can see little Joshy in some of the clips. Also happy birthday Coco!

    Reed And red catsReed And red catsMonth ago
  • Coco has more gifts than my birthday

    Rosalie TulopRosalie TulopMonth ago
  • I also have a cat named coco she has grey and white fur

    Isha KhanalIsha KhanalMonth ago
  • Yay!

    Brian GalvinBrian Galvin2 months ago
  • The little pig 🐷 walking around is so cute

    Just_zak_.Just_zak_.2 months ago
  • 😊 awww

    xx.Claire xx.xx.Claire xx.2 months ago
  • I’m obsessed with shrimps-

    Galaxia The Cosmos GirlGalaxia The Cosmos Girl2 months ago
  • Happy birthday coco (Coconut)

    eriko martinezeriko martinez2 months ago
  • Priceless .so cute. They look spoiled like my two black cats

    Kathleen Givant-taylorKathleen Givant-taylor2 months ago
  • I have a new idea for a prank...

    Ferryn ToursFerryn Tours2 months ago
  • Now my cat won’t miss out on the cake

    Ferryn ToursFerryn Tours2 months ago
  • birthday party

    brad mckaybrad mckay2 months ago
  • 🐈

    a kittens best frienda kittens best friend2 months ago
  • Your the best cat owner ever

    a kittens best frienda kittens best friend2 months ago
  • I thought this was cole from cole and marmalade the thumbnail

    Melissa RamahMelissa Ramah2 months ago
  • My cat only made it to 6 years in human years she got a tumour and then had to get put down :(

    Echoing RavensEchoing Ravens2 months ago
  • Not only is it coco birthday it is also the birth of the kitten lady

    Creator J JazzCreator J Jazz2 months ago
  • How long do you bake it in the oven?

    Taylor SwankTaylor Swank2 months ago
  • That white cat looks like my kitten

    Ashlyn GraceAshlyn Grace2 months ago
  • I got the same table cover as you

    Wølfcørn&Khløe *Wølfcørn&Khløe *2 months ago
  • I don’t really think it would be good

    Annie BeauregardAnnie Beauregard2 months ago
  • It sounds disgusting but looks so good I bet it’s so good

    Annie BeauregardAnnie Beauregard2 months ago
  • I actually genuinely thought she cooked a cat due to the title! And I was like : OMG SHE WOULDNT-

    LazyHazyLazyHazy2 months ago
  • Today is my cat's birthday 🎉 he his turning three today!

    horseloverhorselover2 months ago
  • Happy birthday coco :-)

    Bobbie LeGrandBobbie LeGrand2 months ago

    ringo churingo chu2 months ago
  • I think that the cats will eat the shrimp if you cut it up

    Nik BrownNik Brown2 months ago
  • That’s more gifts than I’ll ever receive

    Anoushka SinhaAnoushka Sinha2 months ago
  • They did all of this just for coco that show that they care about cats happy Birthday coco🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🏩🏩🏩🏩

    Signaturekapcha MediaSignaturekapcha Media2 months ago
  • Happy birthday coco

    Audrey BarrAudrey Barr2 months ago
  • I totally thought Josh was a kitten for a second lol

    Bottom BitchBottom Bitch2 months ago
  • One of my cats was born on my mom’s birthday so that’s pretty cool

    Bottom BitchBottom Bitch2 months ago
  • I turn 50 this october, want a similar party: cats, kittens and a lot of yum. Awesome video

    erik15101970erik151019702 months ago
  • Coco got more love then I do on my bday lol

    Parrot SquadParrot Squad2 months ago
  • I saw joshua the piggy😘😘😘

    David RobertsDavid Roberts2 months ago
  • I am sad I don't have a cat😞😟😭🙍

    Nuredin NesirNuredin Nesir2 months ago
  • *When a cat has a better birthday than you every year*

    Rosy NyanRosy Nyan2 months ago
  • Can I use almond flour

    baby_ catbaby_ cat2 months ago
  • Happy Birthday co co

    Edgardo PiezaEdgardo Pieza2 months ago
  • 2:28- was that a pig?!?

    Lauren STURGESLauren STURGES2 months ago
    • Yesh

      Rosy NyanRosy Nyan2 months ago
  • I Love co co

    Edgardo PiezaEdgardo Pieza3 months ago
  • Idgcijsgs😍😍😍

    Rajaa LaghlimiRajaa Laghlimi3 months ago
  • Ok so coconut flower and the cat's name is Coco short for coconut

    Josh WheelerJosh Wheeler3 months ago