Two Ways to Bottle Feed a Kitten

Nov 23, 2019
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  • My kittens keep biting the nipple. How can I get them to just suck the nipple instead of always tearing it apart?

    Alize Espiritu TorresAlize Espiritu TorresMonth ago
  • Plz help I watched the whole video then I wanted to know where can I buy the thing that comes into the cats mouth that is on the bottle of milk and what is it called

    Kitty WoopsyKitty WoopsyMonth ago
  • I love your stuff. Thank you for your work.

    Christofer FranzénChristofer FranzénMonth ago
  • Your videos are so so helpful.. I was able to save the life of a 24hour old kitten by watching your videos and taking guidance.. 😭❤it's now 4weeks old and a very happy and healthy boy

    Annie AftabAnnie AftabMonth ago
  • Awwww 😻😽❤❤

    Eloina SeguroEloina Seguro2 months ago
  • What bottle would you recommend for newborn kittens?

    The_All AmericanThe_All American2 months ago
  • Hannah: hi today I am with my two foster kittens Gordon and Pepita Me: I just watched Coco

    Tina MarieTina Marie3 months ago
  • How old are those kittens?

    Joy NixonJoy Nixon3 months ago
  • my kitten doesn't want to bottle feed. 😩 i hope my kitten like yours

    HwarangrangHwarangrang3 months ago
  • 🐈

    Sensual ASMRSensual ASMR3 months ago
  • My four week old kitten won't drink milk

    JIN foreverJIN forever4 months ago
  • i have a 4 week old kitten and she sneezes a lot and has trouble breathing, what do you recommend ?

    tatyanatatyana5 months ago
  • Just found a about 2 week old kitten in a small box middle of the street, sad. thanks to your videos we can feed probably and guide us through

    Atif MrpakistanAtif Mrpakistan6 months ago
  • What do you do if the kitten is fighting and not wanting to take the bottle? She is warmed up but feeding is a fight and i feel like I'm forcing her to eat.

    Anna CuevasAnna Cuevas6 months ago
  • Wholesome 100

    A bag of French potatoesA bag of French potatoes7 months ago
  • Two days ago I have taken in a litter of four kittens that are about 3 weeks old. I found them under a street trash bin. Two of them kind of got the idea of bottle feeding but the other two (the smallest two) are just bitting the nipple and not really eating anything. What can I do to help them suck properly?

    Maïna SigidiMaïna Sigidi7 months ago
  • I miss pick up videos! I loved seeing you get the babies for the first time and I feel like it's been a while

    Alexa PorterAlexa Porter7 months ago
  • I found a newborn kitten . He is three days old today . He start to poop something like yellowish . Is it normal ? Im so worry about him right now . Isn’t kitten supposed to poop after 2-3 weeks ? Btw , my kitten doesn’t have momma so i need to bottle feed him . Sorry for my bad english . Hope you can reply 😊😊

    Yasmin ZulaikhaYasmin Zulaikha7 months ago
  • so hard to find that tiny toot size in indonesia:(

    e ı ⱴe ı ⱴ8 months ago
  • Omg that ginger boi😘😘😘

    Gamer_Shrimp 88Gamer_Shrimp 888 months ago
  • Awwwwwww kitty's

    plasmacat Rodriguezplasmacat Rodriguez9 months ago
  • gordon is best boi

  • Thanks, Kitten Lady!

    Jennifer LovingJennifer Loving9 months ago
  • My friend: who’s your favorite USworldsr? Me: Oh, just someone who saves hundreds of lives every day for free My friend: Dude, Superman isn’t a youtuber Me: Kitten Lady is My friend: Tf is Kitten lady Me: She’s Better than Superman

    Addi ZoinkAddi Zoink10 months ago
  • My recently rescued kitten kept struggling and wriggling when I gave him bottle.. Whenever I give him milk I need to wrap him with a blanket and properly hold his arms, and even then he could let loose of himself. Sometimes I gave up and go back to using injections instead. He’s probably around 4 weeks old and underweight, the only thing he’ll eat himself is when I dip a stick/finger to wet food and he licks on it. He is quite energetic despite of this and let out strong cries. No idea how to feed milk or water without forcibly holding him and use shots. It feels like I’m torturing him whenever it’s feeding time :(

    cipau mastercipau master10 months ago
  • Hi I’m thinking of fostering kitten for the first time I don’t t know have many to get and for how long to get them for and what age and the stuff you need I hope you see this ❤️❤️

    Jai StarJai Star10 months ago
  • I had a little success using these two methods.. 1 out of 3 happily accepted the first method.. 2 of them still resists both methods.. is there any more tips for this? do you need to push their body down with your pinky to discourage them from struggling?

    Arqom N.Arqom N.10 months ago
  • Dear kitten lady, I recently helped my Grandma adopt a kitten named Lupin from a local groomer. Just so you know your videos are very helpful while dealing with him!

    Sydney BellSydney Bell10 months ago
  • We three kittens and the mamma and she does give them milk But the kittens are very thin you can even see theur rib cages what should I do ?

    Mary CoronadoMary Coronado10 months ago
  • Their were kittens in this video? I couldn't take my eyes off of the cute little foot!

    judas goatjudas goat10 months ago
  • Please make a video about URI in kittens

    Mb HelmsMb Helms10 months ago
  • Hallo nice channel im living alone im half blind person and i dont see very well from the not blind one i see one salter give away obe black girl cat 4 5 months and i like to ask how taff it is a disabillity person like me leaving with me and how match the cost they have every month ub euro please give me your widsdom

    Half Blind GamerHalf Blind Gamer10 months ago
  • ngl Gourdon has my whole heart

    alyse hagaralyse hagar10 months ago
  • Are you sure that Gordon is a kitten not a hamster?!!! ;)

    Emma BlasselEmma Blassel10 months ago
  • 2:39 Gordon looks like a hamster xD

    TastedGloryTastedGlory10 months ago
  • You're a great kitten mom I'm in junior high school and when I'm having a bad day your videos cheer me up hope you continue too save more lives for years to come you have kitten power

    Pikachu KetchumPikachu Ketchum10 months ago
  • Hi there I have created a channel about cats and I would like YOU yeah you to watch my videos and share with family and friends to help my channel grow . Thank you for your time x

    Tiktok compilationsTiktok compilations10 months ago
  • You share nice techniques

    Motivation with CatsMotivation with Cats10 months ago
  • What kind do u use for the kitten formula. Im trying to bottle feed a kitten I was told was 5 weeks but not sure.

    Manatee2641Manatee264111 months ago
  • Something just so special about little kittens like they’re just so different from other animals for some reason it always just like hits you straight in your heart you know

    Hannah MooreHannah Moore11 months ago
  • I miss Fostering kittens so much!!! I did a paint paw canvas of the last pair of kittens I fostered. (Paint was safe for them I made sure and I cleaned their paws thoroughly after!)

    Becca and MeowsBecca and Meows11 months ago
  • Oh my God, these things are so cute that my head almost burst!!

    John JayJohn Jay11 months ago
  • Dear ,kitten lady I have a blind cat and it is so sad 😭😭 all it does is walk around in circles and meow it need a home where it Will be taken better care of and not be in so much pain Plz help

    Aubreigh StroudAubreigh Stroud11 months ago
  • Sister, I have 2.5 month kitten who uses litter box just fine then I switched my litter box. Now I tried everything but he just pee outside box. Many times I put him in box and scratched pellets with his paws. Even introduced pee to litter box. He just refuged to go inside. From 3-4 days pee just infront of litter box same place. I clean that place with antibacterials and vinegar every time he pee. Plz help me.

    Abdul Rehman KhanAbdul Rehman Khan11 months ago
  • Thank you so much for your videos, I just rescued a pregnant cat and her kittens were born about a week ago!

    105reiss105reiss11 months ago
  • I have a baby kitten that is probably a week old or less he's opening his eyes now. He is a kitten that my brother rescued from a water drain and was orphaned. The videos you make help a lot thanks!

    Annabel ReyesAnnabel Reyes11 months ago
  • Soooo cute I want my own kitten like that

    Senali SosaSenali Sosa11 months ago
  • People who disliked why did you do it I’m curious?

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  • Babys

    Burger MisterBurger Mister11 months ago
  • Can I have one kitten

    MkLisous PoaswyMkLisous Poaswy11 months ago
  • Hey! I’m getting some foster kittens next week and they’re only 1 week old. Do you have any idea on what I should keep them in?

    Eoni Da GamerEoni Da Gamer11 months ago
  • Eleven insane humans disliked this video. I am speechless. This video is the epitome of human kindness and love. One of my kitties is curled in my lap because someone was selfless enough to save his life. Thank you to that person.

    Deb MacieDeb Macie11 months ago
  • Random reminder to remember Fía, our feisty feral friend

    The real frank AnneThe real frank Anne11 months ago
  • Thank you Hannah. Your little kittens are so thankful to have you.

    Ellen MurphyEllen Murphy11 months ago
  • I have a pregnant kitty so these are really helpful! I am a big believer in spay and neuter, we adopted her while pregnant and didn’t think it would be humane to spay her while pregnant.

    NikaylaNikayla11 months ago
  • I'm at a church and we found a pregnant cat

    h0n3y fl0we.rh0n3y fl0we.r11 months ago
  • Cute

    MR PURPLE RAIN 747MR PURPLE RAIN 74711 months ago
  • Can not be grateful enough for these tips! My second foster kittens litter is now in great homes.

    Eliza DaynheartEliza Daynheart11 months ago
  • Hi lady kitten im just trying to ask why dose my kitten keep dieing this happend alot 12 of them died and non of them survive how can i fix this i cant do this anymore i need to know the truth i dont know how much my cat can live anymore

    Electro GamingOriginalElectro GamingOriginal11 months ago
  • Thank you

    IVOR WMIVOR WM11 months ago
  • I cannot wait to foster!!! Thanks for this educational vid!!!!

    Delilah MuñozDelilah Muñoz11 months ago
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  • Bebes mais lindos💋😘😂💖💕 Que Deus os proteja sempre

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  • Do you like dog or nah

    pepepepe11 months ago
  • I have a noob question: the kitties always seem to be reaching for something with their paws and their back seems very arched as they drink from the bottle. They don't seem to suffer from it so it's probably alright, but my instinct would be to try and make it as comfortable as possible for them, and I was wondering if one could/should provide some sort of support under them, to make it easier for them to drink from a bottle this high and rest their paws. Is there a reason why you don't? Would that be unsafe?

    La SphyngeLa Sphynge11 months ago
  • My mom wants to declaw my 4 Mouth old kitten I got for my birthday I have tried everything to get her not to!! I have even said to give it another home if you do that

    XxkristinexX UwUXxkristinexX UwU11 months ago
  • 💋💋💋❤❤❤🎉

    C CarrC Carr11 months ago
  • I'm really glad you do these videos! I see so many people on youtube videos feeding the kitten on its back.

    Sarah BrownSarah Brown11 months ago
  • Love!❤️❤️ Hannah I’m very worried for you the new FCC rules to protect kids and video classifications starting 1/1 ...which is good, but the vague rules and rediculous choices are insane. Your channel obviously appeals to kids... hello tiny kittens... but if you pick that choice the channel all but disappears. No searches, saving, comments, notification and on. But if you say no, it’s not for kids and they watch and deem that it is....they can fine $41k per video!!!!😳 Hubby saw this on the channel ‘fy nyth’ and she has excellent links to the new vague “rules” and a link to a petition to stop it and make better defined rules.

    Judy CashJudy Cash11 months ago
  • Hongry bebis

    Desert DogDesert Dog11 months ago
  • Gordon looks like Ed Sheeran

    NatalieNatalie11 months ago
  • Why do they reach up when they're being fed? They're so sweet!

    cj222100cj22210011 months ago
  • Thank you for educating and sharing, Hannah. I applaud and appreciate your efforts....and Andrew's too. My best to you and yours for the upcoming holiday season! 😻🍀🙌🙏💜

    JM EngelhardJM Engelhard11 months ago
  • Thinking about fostering but im nervous about taking that first step. I asked Santa to bring me a Snuggle Kitty to help give me a push. Ive watched all of Your videos so i know what to do. I have the time and the space. I just need to get up my nerve.

    ElectronbluepearlElectronbluepearl11 months ago
    • @Tracy That’s good to know, I definitely need to start out easy and learn and gain confidence as I go along. Hope you have a great Thanksgiving.

      ElectronbluepearlElectronbluepearl11 months ago
    • The snuggle kitty is great! This summer, I started fostering weaned kittens 4+ weeks old. I think there is a place for everyone to find their comfort level with fostering 💕

      TracyTracy11 months ago
  • The little boy your fostering the white with Ginger one named Gourdon. He is a tiny mintuntare kitten version of my little good sweet boy Calvin who is a grown up kitten of over senior yrs of 14. But don't tell him he is still the sweet young man I adopted as a kitten that was taken from his mom to soon but he could and would drink sublemtental kitten fourmala in a dish and could eat moist and crunchy kitten food though and was a good eater. Still is. Don't call him or his older by 2 yrs snow shoe sister Prisscilla or Prissy late to dinner. She is 16 and very youthful too. The don't like the words having to do with old. They are 2 great sweet cats that I both rescued and share my life with and only 2. So I can't foster right now. But I very much support and believe in TNR homeless cats and always fixing mine. Because they don't need to have babies they are they baby. Lol😺 I hope you all have a great day

    Robbyn SeltersRobbyn Selters11 months ago
  • Love your USworlds Channel Hannah!

    Claire MahonyClaire Mahony11 months ago
  • Could u name kitten Verity plz it’s for my cousin who passed away

    Peach juice LoverPeach juice Lover11 months ago
  • "Was that delicious?" Me: "Yes, those kitties look very delicious!"

    Limi VLimi V11 months ago
  • Can you use the same bottle for both kittens? Or should you get a fresh one

    Teagan 13Teagan 1311 months ago
  • I’ve learned so much and have enjoyed every minute of the journey for all the kittens that have been saved and for all the kittens lost we love you 😖💖😭

    Bex RuneBex Rune11 months ago
  • And the babies I love going to sleep to your videos. I love your content !!

    Bex RuneBex Rune11 months ago
  • Omg we’ve missed you !!!! 💖

    Bex RuneBex Rune11 months ago
  • Thank you so much for this, I have raised several orphan animals and not had much luck with the bottle , usually wind up using a dropper and letting them lick the drops off it. This helps.❤😻

    KELLEY StephensKELLEY Stephens11 months ago
  • So, what would be the best thing to do on the off chance that you started to bottle (or syringe) feed but theyre not swallowing properly? Other than stopping how would you make sure theyre not going to choke, or correct things if they are?

    pawprints1986pawprints198611 months ago
  • I don't even take care of kittens, but is is too cute to not click on

    Mai MuffinsMai Muffins11 months ago
  • Fun fact: The space between your thumb and index finger is called the purlicue. Love your little fur babies! 💓💖💓💖

    Natalie KelemenNatalie Kelemen11 months ago

      Natalie KelemenNatalie Kelemen10 months ago
    • *purlicue

  • ❤️♥️

    Leslie VLeslie V11 months ago
  • The little orange and white one looks like my pickle. We had to bottle feed him and his sister turnip.

    turnip poppyturnip poppy11 months ago
  • Thank you for these great tips Hannah. I'm buying tiny but mighty as well!

    Marli FermorMarli Fermor11 months ago
  • Haha 1st remove other kitten!

    Nicole Simone AlexanderNicole Simone Alexander11 months ago
  • Adventures of Peppy and Gordo!

    isamidnightisamidnight11 months ago
  • Anyone else have no sound?

    Tabitha SchimmelTabitha Schimmel11 months ago
  • I know this story has nothing to do with this video but.......... I found a kitten on the road and took her home today is her 2year birthday she is a fat fluffy princess leave a 👍 for cat birthdays ❤️❤️

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  • Great information!! Thank you!!!!

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  • You are so awesome, when my really elderly cat finally crosses the rainbow bridge I plan on fostering kittens and kittens and mom cats until the kittens are big enough to be adopted, I have learned a lot watching you and other fosters.

    Kahlest EnochKahlest Enoch11 months ago
  • Audio is distorted and low.

    Susie GoodwinSusie Goodwin11 months ago
  • How do you make the milk they drink?

    Somaya KarimSomaya Karim11 months ago
    • And KMR is kitten milk replacer

      wynndwolfsongwynndwolfsong11 months ago
    • For bottle fed kittens, you use KMR. When I got KMR for my cats when I adopted them, it was a powder like human baby formula. I just mixed it up according to package directions, much like making a human baby formula bottle.

      wynndwolfsongwynndwolfsong11 months ago
  • 1:52 That little dance Pepita did, she is so precious 🐱🐱🐱🖤🖤🖤

    Rita FafnirRita Fafnir11 months ago
  • The audio in this is really quiet for me, is anyone else experiencing this, or just me?

    BonesBones11 months ago
    • Yea, me too... but I have hearing issues anyways.

      Noni NoniNoni Noni2 months ago
    • Usually I don't have an issue with her vids; but I did have to use earbuds on this one. She's had vids out after this one and audio was fine. Maybe a dirty mic or something in the aux jack will hamper the sound quality in feedback.

      Susie GoodwinSusie Goodwin9 months ago
    • Alice Bones nope.

      Lonely PaperclipsLonely Paperclips9 months ago
    • I have trouble with most adios and Hannah's voice is kinda quiet so I always have trouble hearing I have to turn all sound off and just listen to her videos when I watch and that's fine with me😁 yes I'm saying some old age is involved with my hearing👵😁

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    • Same. It's horrible and very unlike her to have audio issues

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