Unboxing My Book: TINY BUT MIGHTY!

Jul 14, 2019
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Tiny But Mighty comes out August 6!!!
Pre-order it now at www.kittenlady.org/books

  • ORDER TINY BUT MIGHTY HERE: www.kittenlady.org/books

    Kitten LadyKitten LadyYear ago
    • ok!

      Saya TrivediSaya Trivedi15 days ago
    • Cats are amazing Little Creatures and it is wonderful that you've got a book of what you love doing 💜

      cats incribscats incribs7 months ago
    • I freaking love you! I purchased the book through Audible the very first day it was available! I'm so regretting my decision now though ☹ I can't look at any of the pictures or the color wheel of poop!

      Shannan KShannan KYear ago
    • I just placed my first foster kitten in her forever home a few days ago! I miss her so much but am so pleased I saved a life! Her mom is a community cat who has become such good friends with me that she brought her newborn to me for help. Mom & kitten lived on my back porch for 6 weeks while I helped mom keep her baby safe & fed. Thanks for everything I learned from your videos over the years!!

      swyman10swyman10Year ago
    • Can u read it?

  • @sayatrivedi

    Saya TrivediSaya Trivedi15 days ago
  • i love your ting but mighty book! i WILL buy it!

    Saya TrivediSaya Trivedi15 days ago
  • im late! but im gonna get it soon! luv u! u inspired me to foster kittens! currently, im fostering a mom and 3 10 day old kittens! luv u @Kitten Lady!

    Anya's animalsAnya's animals2 months ago
  • U r so amazing hannah! Tq for this!

    kurkur078kurkur0783 months ago
  • Hannah how did you do a book, I know of course it took years to do this book and I’m happy for you congratulations, please if you can make sure to answer my question because I’m also doing a book so I thought you could help me.

    Haya Osama SamirHaya Osama Samir4 months ago
  • Color wheel of poop... awesome.

    VoidVoid6 months ago
  • It's Flower! Aw, looking good.

    VoidVoid6 months ago
  • Oh the ending ✨ the jump 🤩

    Manaswita KalitaManaswita Kalita7 months ago
  • Cats are amazing Little Creatures and it is wonderful that you've got a book of what you love doing 💜

    cats incribscats incribs7 months ago
  • congratulations Hannah your kittens are so cute

  • your book is good for new foster parents and the kittens are so cute.

  • The poly poket tiny but might totally riped you off with the title

    Christi McCullochChristi McCulloch10 months ago
  • Just got my book in the mail!! Im a lil late but better late than never 💜 thank you for writing it

    mermy gillismermy gillis10 months ago
  • Do I foster fluffy babies? No Do I ever see myself fostering fluffy babies? Not really Will I still try my best to buy this book? Fluff yes

    Addi ZoinkAddi Zoink10 months ago
  • Kitten Lady: Tries to make a video about something she’s proud of Flower: Mew Mew Motherfluffers this is my show now

    Addi ZoinkAddi Zoink10 months ago
  • "people with tattoos cant be gentle" Yeah people who say that are absolutely wrong you are amazing.

    TranquilTorbieTranquilTorbie10 months ago
  • I smiled throughout this whole video. So proud of you! Awesome job!!!

    Felicity RFelicity R10 months ago
  • I am 100% getting this book ASAP! I’m so glad I found your channel and facebook page! Thank you!

    Jess MorrisJess Morris11 months ago

    ReyRey11 months ago
  • Congrats! 🎉 😁 💙 And we are definitely going to get this! When we first rescued kittens in need of bottle feeding and stimulating them, etc we took to USworlds and sure enough came across your vids and it helped so much, so thank you for everything😭😊💙

    The Otaku Couple!The Otaku Couple!Year ago
  • Hmm....I'm from Germany and I really want that book >.< Because I love cats :3 Well I like animals in general xD *look for the book online in my usual bookstore* yeah I can order it :D

    KatrinKatrinYear ago
  • Would you recommend this book even if I live in sweden or is it only focused on US?

    Rhett WhiteRhett WhiteYear ago
  • I am so proud of you! Congratulations on making this amazing book! I am from Belgium and I have the book. I love it! Very well written and very informative. Your words reach far, even overseas ;) You are an inspiration and let`s help all cats and kittens, beyond borders!

    Line GeysLine GeysYear ago
  • I just ordered your book!! I am sooo excited!

    DinafairDinafairYear ago
  • I don’t live in America, but I still would like to do it, how would I do it in the uk? Xx please reply please ❤️

    Animal SlomosAnimal SlomosYear ago
  • Congratulations Kitten Lady! You've changed the way that I think about the world of adoption and caring for the little ones who may have been "forgotten" otherwise. We need more of you and I'm happy to say that I can follow in your footsteps....and the kittens I help, can follow in your now grown kittens paws too!🐾🐾

    MorningStar KematchMorningStar KematchYear ago
  • I wish I had this book when I got a 2 week old kitten. That was several years ago. He is now a big healthy cat with a mind of his own. I love the book 🐈

    penny Naberspenny NabersYear ago
  • Congratulations!! Can’t wait to get it

    lisa hobbslisa hobbsYear ago
  • I found your book in the library and then found your channel

    Linus HohmeyerLinus HohmeyerYear ago
  • I’m so excited to here you have your very own book! I’m definitely buying it❤️

    Layla VarnerLayla VarnerYear ago
  • I have your book UvU

    svnnydxyzzsvnnydxyzzYear ago
  • Its at my bookstore and i cant wait to read it!

    EmmasVarietyVideosEmmasVarietyVideosYear ago
  • I am honored that Flower would show us her little kitten butt ❤️❤️❤️

    Nikita LouiseNikita LouiseYear ago
  • 2:29 - 2:42 you made me cry..... So CUTE!

    WitheredRxsesWitheredRxsesYear ago
  • My book came today and I’m in love with it!🤪 Thank you so much for writing such a great book🎉 I’m gonna be just like you when I grow up😌🐱

    Jenna JoskoJenna JoskoYear ago
  • Good information. I didn't know how to activate subtitles. (touch the upper right corner of the video screen and then the 3 points).

    Brigitte BgBrigitte BgYear ago
  • I got it ❤️

    Paula FridhPaula FridhYear ago
  • Hannah, I have tears in my eyes watching you unboxing this life-changing achievement....you have made a tremendous difference in the lives of many kittens, those whom you have rescued and those whom you have never met, out there is cyberspace. I just unboxed MY copy of your book and went right to the Color Wheel of Poop after listening to this video! OMG who would've thought that that would be a thing ! I remember ten years ago, I was fostering my three week old litter and one of the kittens started acting listless, crouched up in a ball , eyes closed and then had PALE GREEN POOP. OMG I almost died, I never saw green poop, pale or otherwise, in any animal and I freaked out. Off the to the vets we went ! Its 10.5 years later and that bad boy not only doesn't have green poop anymore, but he is sitting in my lap LOL !

    diamondgirl33diamondgirl33Year ago
  • I know what I’m getting for Christmas now!!! Xxx

    Gabby MaryGabby MaryYear ago
  • two paws up 🐾

    4stringz4stringzYear ago
  • Ordered one for our shelter in NZ 🥳 come visit us!

    Samantha MountainSamantha MountainYear ago
  • I have to cats and one kitten Charlie uncle ginger mother Oreo dauter oreos dad is a street cat that when Oreo was born got attacet and died

    DJ KendelDJ KendelYear ago
  • Im tiny but mighty

    MentalComiXMentalComiXYear ago
  • Congratulations!!!!! That's amazing and now thanks to you before I've even read your book, I am very aware and have more knowledge to be able to help 🐱 your just amazing!!!! Thank you!!!

    Stephanie MartinezStephanie MartinezYear ago
  • Seriously awesome achievement - you rock!!!💜💙🧡

    Alison BuckAlison BuckYear ago
  • I just bought your book! I'm loving it so far! Thank you for writing such an informational and inspiring book! ❤❤

    The MimeThe MimeYear ago
  • That's too cool. Congratulations 🎉.

    Jerry YoungJerry YoungYear ago
  • Congrats!!!

    Orly FnmrOrly FnmrYear ago
  • Already read through. It's very compelling (I love all the little stories), full of useful information, and beautiful. Next step: well, eat lunch. After lunch: I'm going to call my favorite local cat shelter and ask about their Foster program. With this book, I'm ready! Well, and a trip to Target and PetSmartCo.

    Kate KirbyKate KirbyYear ago
  • Just received your book from amazon a couple of days ago and I love it! You did an awesome job and the pics are amazing. Coming from a small town in Iowa that's something that is never brought up so THANK YOU for writing it. And Congrats !

    Stacy BaumgartnerStacy BaumgartnerYear ago
  • Congratulations on your book!! You do an amazing job.😊❤🐱

    Ariel BujnowskiAriel BujnowskiYear ago
  • I ordered and got mine in the mail this week!! It's so wonderful!! I can't wait to read it all this weekend!! Also the color wheel of poop is very useful information.

    Mishler FurramilyMishler FurramilyYear ago
  • I just got your book yesterday! Even though I haven’t read it yet I know it is going to be a great book! Keep up the good work!

    Lindsey EnriquezLindsey EnriquezYear ago
  • Mine came in the mail today! So excited!

    whitemageFFXIwhitemageFFXIYear ago
  • I pre-ordered back in November and got it yesterday :) its absolutely beautiful.

    Chelsea PrechtlChelsea PrechtlYear ago
  • I just got the book and you I’m so excited about reading the book

    Sarah BravoSarah BravoYear ago
  • I ordered mine from my cutie local bookstore- so excited!!

    E BeeE BeeYear ago
  • Where can you buy it?

    Crystal Gacha PlaysCrystal Gacha PlaysYear ago
  • Hey Kitten Lady I have a question, I'm 11 years old so am I too young to foster even if I know a lot about fostering?

    MemeGirlMaahi 1738MemeGirlMaahi 1738Year ago
  • My mom is fostering a kitten we are thinking of keeping her we already named her nasha we called her this because when my mom first picked her up she bit my mom. She went to the vet today and the reason Is she has a hole in her neck. One like =one prayer 🙏

    Kizzy and Lexis worldKizzy and Lexis worldYear ago
  • Flower vid-bomb!

    Kristen JohnsonKristen JohnsonYear ago
  • Kitten lady can you have a list of all the kittens you ever taken care of? If you can remember them all.

    Malinda RusseMalinda RusseYear ago
  • I dont live in usa. Will this book still work for me?

    Djamila LahianiDjamila LahianiYear ago
    • Why wouldn't the book be suitable for non-Americans?

      Shaneyah G.Shaneyah G.Year ago

    Djamila LahianiDjamila LahianiYear ago
  • P*U*M*P*E*D

    Bianca BloomBianca BloomYear ago
  • Thank you so much Hannah for loving these beautiful babies. I love all cats, big and small.💖💗

    Jill DavisJill DavisYear ago
  • Congrats!

    N VN VYear ago
  • I just ordered your book and I am so excited to delve into it! I want to be just like you when I grow up! Lol 😻

    Journey to WanderlandJourney to WanderlandYear ago
  • when i saw baby Hank on the cover my heart melted and i cried

    Murmir_Murmir_Year ago
  • A year in a half? You must be dedicated to these kittens Oh,and also “Smells like knowledge!” Was my favorite part

    Tyquan LeeTyquan LeeYear ago
  • I havent fostered since one of my last 4 died of FIP. :(

    Rookieelf1Rookieelf1Year ago
  • Just preordered!

    Kaitlyn DaenzerKaitlyn DaenzerYear ago
  • I'm so proud of you and this book! ♥

    that cringy girlthat cringy girlYear ago
  • its awailable on amazon uk so got it on pre order

    PaulaSB12PaulaSB12Year ago
  • Congratulations! That's so wonderful! 😍

    Daisy Boatwala -SidhvaDaisy Boatwala -SidhvaYear ago
  • So..... I’m not crying You’re crying

    Ashley DiazAshley DiazYear ago
  • hilarious

    Fukushima is RevelationFukushima is RevelationYear ago
  • Congrats u got me through so much in the last year i thank u i found ur videos as a god send i found. a 5 month old cat i was a dog person not knowing alot about cats she got pregnant within a month so we had 4 kittens 1 went to a friend and i kept 3 boys the day she was to go to the vet to be spay my vet ended up in the hospital for medical reasons before i could get another one she got out and got pregnant again 4 more kittens now i have 8 cats i didnt want to just give them to anyone so my husband and il are able to afford to take care of them and we are having all of them fixed the 2 girls go on wed after that the boys if it wasnt for u. And ur videos i dont know how i would have gotten through oh ya mama kitty she has been spay in may no more kittens thank u u are a beautiful person god bless u always

    Michele LindseyMichele LindseyYear ago
  • I cant wait to see you at the new York signing!!!!

    laura gonzalezlaura gonzalezYear ago
  • I am really happy that you rote this book! And I have a 16 year old and 2 year old cat and kitten.

    Brooke DaviesBrooke DaviesYear ago
  • Hi Flower!

    FallicIdolFallicIdolYear ago
  • NEED ADVICE, where i work, 2 stray or feral cats, fed them over 1yr 6 months, 1 cat stays with me during the day inside, the other will not if i close the door, she freaks out climbing curtain , etc, till i open door , leaving my job , will take the cat that stays with me already, the other i want to take with me , but worry i do her harm taking her from this place she sleeps outside next door construction site, so should i force the 2nd to come with me and hope she stays, or just leave her as is,,,,????

  • Just pre-ordered your book for a friend of mine who's mother works for a vet and tends to rescue anything that is alive. This book should be an extra tool in her box. I rescued three tiny kittens about five years ago and now have three monster cats that have a combined weight of about 50 lbs. and are my family. It was the best thing I ever did in my life.

    Hot SauceHot SauceYear ago
  • Really enjoy the videos, they have given me so much valuable information, plus the courage to start fostering. One week in and I can’t believe I ever went without so much purrrrfect sweetness. Not in a million years did I ever think that I would be so invested in a critters poop color, or that I would appreciate a poop color-wheel so much :) Ordered the hardcover (it’s gorgeous btw) cannot wait for it to arrive. Congratulations and thank you so much for caring and sharing!

    Suzanne BSuzanne BYear ago
  • Don't like people killed cat and kitten

    Courtney KitchingCourtney KitchingYear ago
  • Do you sell the kittens or give them away??

    43sticksforyou _43sticksforyou _Year ago
    • tiny pebble person she finds families to adopt them

      Jocelyne XJocelyne XYear ago
  • Do you keep any kittens until they're adults??

    43sticksforyou _43sticksforyou _Year ago
  • I need this!!!!! It comes out 2 days before my bday!

    Cat : /Cat : /Year ago
  • I'm glad that you exist and that you're doing what you're doing for the animals. Wish you much success with the book.

    loomloomYear ago
  • The Colour Wheel of Poop?.....weren't they a funk band in the mid-90's?

    Remlat ZargonixRemlat ZargonixYear ago
  • I have my first bottle babies and they're special needs on top of it. You're an inspiration. I pre ordered on the play store

    Sarah BSarah BYear ago
  • Hello so I have like feel kittens to give away it's just I can't afford to keep them so there are two weeks old and do you want them it's just there's seven kittens and I really don't want them it's just because we have enough kitten so if someone wants these kittens say me

    kanye toeskanye toesYear ago
  • What is the difference between Tiny but Mighty and Kitten Lady's Big Book of Little Kittens?

    HedaxHedaxYear ago
    • @Jocelyne X thank you :*

      HedaxHedaxYear ago
    • Hedax - The Big Book of Little Kittens is more so a picture book, whereas Tiny but Mighty is an informational guide

      Jocelyne XJocelyne XYear ago
  • And can we talk about the cute lil jump at the end :'D

    FloraviolinFloraviolinYear ago
  • Well done Kitten Lady!

    Jodie OsborneJodie OsborneYear ago
  • I cant wait to get mine!

    Nicole HuberNicole HuberYear ago
  • I just saw you on tv hallmark

    M V10GSM V10GSYear ago
  • I don’t know I’m trying so hard to get this kitten to eat and poop he refuses to eat still what do I do and why can’t I get him to poop how can I tell if it pees

    Tish AdamsTish AdamsYear ago
  • I can't wait for mine to arrive! You inspired me to get a kitten from a rescue! Im picking her up today!

    EsmeEsmeYear ago