(UPDATE!) Little Kitten with Swimmer Syndrome LEARNS TO WALK!

Sep 6, 2019
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It's been two weeks since I started fostering Apple, a kitten with swimmer syndrome...and her progress is truly UNBELIEVABLE! See her original rescue video here: bit.ly/goapplego
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    Kitten LadyKitten LadyYear ago
    • You should keep her

      Liberty SimsLiberty Sims2 months ago
    • Generic Artist Me to

      Hazel BishopHazel Bishop7 months ago
    • Kitten Lady keep up the good work. Ordered. And I love you. Happy 2020😘❤️✌🏼

      Aries MorrisonAries Morrison10 months ago
    • Your doing a good thing for cats you're great person, your heart is the same size as mine.

      The Cat Squad - RobloxThe Cat Squad - Roblox10 months ago
    • I just love your channel, she has really come along awesome job.

      WolvieWolvie10 months ago
  • I know this video is old but I am so grateful to have found this one and another one to help with one of our kittens! We took in a stray Queen and got her healthy and gave her a safe space indoors to have her babies. Luckily she was not far along in her pregnancy so she was able to adjust to being an indoor cat and adjust to us. She had her babies and they are all happy and healthy..or so we thought. One of the kitten's back legs started showing swimmers syndrome. Your video and updates have given us SO MUCH HOPE! We live in a very small town and our local vet was trying to convince us to put our Gray baby down...I refused and started researching other options. Thank you for sharing the journey with us and hopefully our little Gray Baby has a good, healthy, and happy recovery! (We still havent picked a name yet, so for now the name is simply Gray Baby :p)

    Kelsey MassengillKelsey Massengill8 days ago
  • Can you go into more detail on how long did u leave the tape on and how many times u give the kitten exercises... My kitten has this problem too.. I really wanna help her

    Teo Lian Huey NorhafazaTeo Lian Huey Norhafaza14 days ago
  • So glad I found this video! My sister has a tiny kitten with swimmer syndrome and thanks to you, I’ll be able to try and tape her legs to make her walking better! As she’s just 4 weeks old, I hope she’ll get as good as Apple!! 🤞🏼

    Zoé HolfertZoé Holfert16 days ago
  • you did awesome great work

    Sophia BenchekrounSophia Benchekroun19 days ago
  • Awawawawawaawaw

    Tasha MaharajTasha MaharajMonth ago
  • Teaches More than shchool teaches meh about kittens

    darkØ playz games!darkØ playz games!Month ago
  • im cring

    Andrea stojcevskaAndrea stojcevskaMonth ago
  • The tenacity you show is inspiring. You're just perfect. So dedicated in the care and physical therapy. You are an angel masquerading as a human. No bs. You deserve a medal.

    Lothar SoranLothar SoranMonth ago
  • Bless your heart for helping little Apple.😻🙏🏻

    Stealth VikingStealth VikingMonth ago
  • SISU

    Tiina KariTiina Kari2 months ago
  • Can I steal her 👉🏼👈🏼

    Ałęxiś PłåÿzAłęxiś Płåÿz2 months ago
  • Awesome.

    Madelaine SeguinMadelaine Seguin2 months ago
  • My heart was melting when I was apples eyes it's bc there to cute and big

    Minh a She'sMinh a She's2 months ago
  • Good job Apple

    Princess MimiPrincess Mimi2 months ago
  • 😊☺️😍😻😻wow that kitten is cute

    Ali NavaalAli Navaal2 months ago
  • I literally came to the house now I was walking with a friend and a friend from the street loves cats and now he has kittens for the first time and they have grown a little already they are a little bigger and his stupid dad is literally a steppe kitten the most beautiful we walk and see passes normally the car passes we were a little further and we approach about twenty meters from his house and we see something lying on the road I'm kidding that it's not a cat and I thought it was mud since we are in the village from the tractor always stays and then my friend and I remember so it wasn't there when we passed a little while ago and we get closer I see a kitten lying on the road I put down a friend's dog and quickly give it to her and run to there I call her non-stop I get even closer that there is no salvation for her I started the poster so much I could barely stand on the floor so I squatted on the floor and a friend called me to get out of there because she knows I adore cats and that I will do something bad (in the sense that I will call someone og or something that will be because I adore animals) so the character did not turn around or see what he did and my friend adores cats so much I came to go to the house and say what happened but it was too late for me it's 9 o'clock in the evening, if it weren't for him, I'd just leave, I'm just very sorry, kitty and my friend, when he goes out in front of the house tomorrow and sees that horror, and I'm like, I'll tell him who did it, and that's his dad, ah, how angry there was nothing I could do

    Klara PaskaKlara Paska2 months ago
  • 🐈🐱🐱🐈🐱🐈🐱meow

    Peggy WargoPeggy Wargo2 months ago
  • I have a 3 year old cat and I suspect she may have been born with swimmers syndrome. I just recently learned of this and have watched the great success with Apple. I am wondering if you think doing this with my rescue cat might help even now. My cat is also incontinent 😔. I love her as she is but would love to give her better quality of life. She gets around fine but we s unable to climb higher than a bed or sofa. Any suggestions would be highly appreciated.

    Karina ArguelloKarina Arguello2 months ago
  • Awwwww

    guestguest2 months ago
  • I believe my baby kitten has the same problem with her feet I am having trouble trying to figure out how to get her feet right, she walks but not like her siblings, her feet are out more and she is four weeks and a couple days old

    Paula BoylePaula Boyle2 months ago
  • Stay stubborn and have hope ❤️

    stop08itstop08it2 months ago
  • Great job!!

    ʕ •ᴥ•ʔbad Girlʕ •ᴥ•ʔʕ •ᴥ•ʔbad Girlʕ •ᴥ•ʔ2 months ago
  • You are really great sister🐈

    kavery muraleedharankavery muraleedharan3 months ago
  • Hi kitten lady. my Mama cat just gave birth today had 4 beautiful kitten. Unfortunately 2 of its kittens had a swimmers syndrome, and we don't know how and know what to do. Please we need some advice.

    Mimi McVenMimi McVen3 months ago
  • Praise God, that’s AWESOME! Good job Apple! :€)

    Mark TurleyMark Turley3 months ago
  • oh my gooodd!!!! she is seriously the cutest thing everrr!!!!

    Hadiya KhanHadiya Khan3 months ago
  • Not understanding the thumbs down on here they must don't like cats

    Lucy WisenerLucy Wisener3 months ago
  • I treated a foster with swimmers and found that the self-adhesive stretch sports wrap was easier to work with than medical tape. You can stick it, unstick, adjust the fit and restick many times until you get it just right. It doesn't stick to fur. It's also a bit stretchy so they aren't quite as restricted in their movement but get good joint alignment. I'm a human physical therapist and it was really fun and interesting to get to apply some of my skills to a kitten. The kitten did great and was walking normally within a week or two 😁

    Johanna ObaraJohanna Obara3 months ago
  • Im sooo happy Apple can walk if you didnt think of that method she wouldnt walk normally ever good bless you!

    LeahJade_PlayzLeahJade_Playz4 months ago
  • Hey mom

    Baby AppleBaby Apple4 months ago
  • BuTiFuL

    Hodan AbdullahiHodan Abdullahi4 months ago
  • You are the Patron Saint of Kittens. Blessings to you for the love, hope, and compassion you give these sweet little kittens. Such a beautiful story with an amazing outcome.

    Random 1Random 14 months ago
  • I am so glad I came across this video my 2 week old kitten has the same condition and I didn't know until I came across this video that I can save my kitten

    heather garrettheather garrett4 months ago
  • Omg Apple is the cutest

  • Can you just imagine what it’s like to take months to make a kitten so happy or to save its life then have to say goodbye

    Evi BEvi B4 months ago
  • Apple is so adorable. All your kittens you foster are.

    Fancy Kitty 09Fancy Kitty 094 months ago
  • I just came from yelling at a self-entitled rude atheist So- I’m a little mad watching this ;-;

    M1LK T3A GACHAM1LK T3A GACHA4 months ago
  • I'm so happy to hear that apple is gonna make a full recovery! That is so awesome!!! What a little angel, you are awesome for taking good care of these lil angels. Keep up the great work on what your doing.

    Valerie MorenoValerie Moreno5 months ago
  • I saw the first video she is so cute I love her

    B WB W5 months ago
  • My cat has the schwimmer syndrome and I did what you did and it worked

    SyberSilentSyberSilent5 months ago
  • 😅😂🤣😅😂🤣🤣😅😂🤣😂😅😂😂🤣😂😅😂🤣😅😂🤣😅😂😂🤣😂🤣😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Symptic HeatSymptic Heat5 months ago
  • Im so happy Apple now walks normally :D Yay

    LeahJade_PlayzLeahJade_Playz5 months ago
  • If u ever watch greys anatomy there's a girl with feet that go outward too so humans and cats can have the same disability

    Katie McElroyKatie McElroy5 months ago
  • I love What you confirm these precious little kittens. You're an amazing person and the world would be a greater place if more people were like you. I can't stop watching you with these kittens, I cry alot but it's out of happiness. You truly amaze me with everything you Do!!! Xo

    Shauna AndersonShauna Anderson5 months ago
  • I have a kitten that has this I am pretty sure. I have no idea on what to do for him. I don’t want to make it worse. I plan on taking him to the vet as soon as possible. Any advice?

    Marscha BarnettMarscha Barnett5 months ago
  • Crabapple would be SO PROUD

    Foxy_ AnimationsFoxy_ Animations5 months ago
  • If you disliked this video ima COME TO YOUR HOUSE AND YOU WILL NOT SLEEP

    Isabella PaniaguaIsabella Paniagua5 months ago
  • I got a kitten with flat chested kitten syndrome. I had to do therapy on her to encourage the chest to round and come away from the heart. Those plaintive cries from Apple reminded me so much of Cherish at that age doing therapy.

    bm hdbm hd5 months ago
  • Kitten Lady, you are an awesome human being . There is no stopping stopping you! From a stray at Machu Pichu to bottle babies every 2 hours to a baby with Swimmer Syndrome? Wow, go You ! I wish you all the very best and thank you for making such a huuge difference in these little lives! ☮❤💕☮

    HappilyInfinutteeHappilyInfinuttee5 months ago
  • Gorgeous little kitty ! 😀

    Pesto ChampionPesto Champion5 months ago
  • My kitten has the same condition but in better situation, it's like you apple after 7 days taping. @kitten Lady I would really appreciate your advice whether to tape her or encourage only practicing. I tried taping her before and I unfortunately hurt her fur and skin, so I wanna avoid that.

    VIRUSVIRUS5 months ago
  • Have ever fostered a rabbit 🐇 before?

    Vicky AlldredgeVicky Alldredge6 months ago
  • I rescued a pregnant neighborhood outdoor stray cat and she had her four sweet babies in a safe area of my home on April 10. One of the four kittens has swimmer legs and I'm ready and available to follow your plan. Question - any idea how mama cat will take to these leg wrappings? Do you know if she will try to remove the medical tape, or reject her baby? I want to keep her nursing mom for as long as possible but have kitten formula if needed. I realize her progress will dictate how long the wrappings need to take place - but about how long will I need to wrap her legs? Only about two weeks? Your video showed progress after 7 days - but did you continue the wraps and therapy past those seven days? Thanks so much!

    Jackie FillingimJackie Fillingim6 months ago
  • I really appreciate your video my kitten has this syndrom too and i was soo confused and didn't know what to do thanks 🖤

    Doll CadavreDoll Cadavre6 months ago
  • That cat is the cuuuuuutest thing ever 😩♥️

    Thee MademoiselleThee Mademoiselle6 months ago
    • how does someone with over 250k subs have that little likes?!

      Somewhat SofiesticatedSomewhat Sofiesticated2 months ago
    • And that on periodtttttt i,m ur biggest fan btw

      Hollow PlugHollow Plug4 months ago
  • Adorably cute! 😻

    Fanni SzakFanni Szak6 months ago
  • 4:47 awwww that is so cute. The angel is amazing! ( an angel, not angle )

    CupcakeCat AnimationsCupcakeCat Animations6 months ago
  • so impressive! great job she improved quickly!!!

    lisa luxlisa lux6 months ago
  • To the people who disliked this, why watch it? This is an amazing thing to do and you did wonderful well done xxx

    Macy AyresMacy Ayres6 months ago
  • At 4:55 "yes I will"

    {*Bloody*} {*Moonie*}{*Bloody*} {*Moonie*}7 months ago
  • She dose have a special condition it’s called adorable cute plump pink round Little kissable kitten is belly syndrome

    Galaxy girl OMGGalaxy girl OMG7 months ago
  • I feel so good for u love I so much apple

    JAL'S DIYJAL'S DIY7 months ago
  • i am geting a kitten next tusday

    Matt TurnerMatt Turner7 months ago
  • It's a treat seeing this little fur recover and hearing her adorable meows.

    Joshua PeterJoshua Peter7 months ago
  • This is so adorable

    Ifrah AbdullahiIfrah Abdullahi7 months ago
  • You're doing so good apple keep it up

    Baby avive RollplaysBaby avive Rollplays7 months ago
  • What dislikes this?!

    Jfhdhxh YxydydJfhdhxh Yxydyd7 months ago
  • She obviously wants to get out 😂

    zinshamirzinshamir7 months ago
  • Im going to be like you when i grow up so inspiring

    momo yaoyorozumomo yaoyorozu7 months ago
  • So cute i almost cried

    momo yaoyorozumomo yaoyorozu7 months ago
  • you are the very very best kitten carer of the whole world. Keep in good health, so that you can continue your work and nice films.

    Silke KanterSilke Kanter7 months ago
  • I wish I had a kitten

    Quang TranQuang Tran7 months ago
  • I live who small kittens are ❤️❤️

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  • Uh my name is Hope so every time you say hope I look over

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  • i am in love with this cat

    Gabriella ZaragozaGabriella Zaragoza7 months ago
  • Her eyes though SOOOOO ccute ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

    Destiny 132Destiny 1327 months ago
  • This seriously cracks me up because when I was little all my toes were constantly splayed out like a frog's, and I couldn't keep my balance. So...my mom taped my toes together just like you did with Apple! I've never felt so relating to an animal! XD

    Bekah JoyBekah Joy7 months ago
  • Adorible

    Kate MeyerKate Meyer7 months ago
  • So cute!

    Kate MeyerKate Meyer7 months ago
  • Wait but do you sell some cats you cant take care of...Cuz i want one jk i have too many catz

    iliekkatz__ 0101iliekkatz__ 01017 months ago
  • I cry almost every time when i see your videos

    ExplosiveKrakenExplosiveKraken7 months ago
  • My kitten was the same colour but her name was FRISSKETTE

    Shaheena MathoorahShaheena Mathoorah7 months ago
  • apple is so cute

    Usman MuhammadUsman Muhammad7 months ago
  • Apple has big eyes that look soooooo cute and suit

    Zibi plush adventuresZibi plush adventures7 months ago
  • What’s the name for what you do???

    Cheyenne MeekerCheyenne Meeker7 months ago
  • Sry I posted two on accident lol

    Devan MDevan M7 months ago
  • My brother just got out of jail and my dog was sooooo happy and he couldn't get to my mom ,it was so cute

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  • I didn't expect that I could get the life lesson I needed in a kitten channel

    SrhSrh7 months ago
  • My brother just got out of jail and my dog is so happy to see him he can't get to my mom so cute

    Devan MDevan M7 months ago
  • Apple is soooooo cute!

    Madison WoodsMadison Woods7 months ago
  • She wanted to stand like a human

    xydoitxydoit7 months ago
  • This must be how Abby Lee’s dancers feel

    cloudcloud7 months ago
  • you should give her an apple watch for tracking her steps and because well her name

    Michelle Frandsen SmithMichelle Frandsen Smith7 months ago
  • Great work with the cat but your tats are hideous.

    Steve SmithSteve Smith7 months ago
  • This kitten has my whole heart 😍

    Dandelion_HoneyDandelion_Honey7 months ago
  • I enjoyed watching the 2nd part of your video with Apple🍎. It was so exciting watch her strengthen her legs and walk. Your so AMAZING! Thank you for sharing!

    Queen of HeartsQueen of Hearts7 months ago
  • 😀

    Euan the batmanEuan the batman7 months ago
  • Omg! You're so close to 1M subs!!!! 😺😸

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