USDA Cat Meat + Kitten Killing Scandal: EXPOSED

Mar 19, 2019
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    Kitten LadyKitten LadyYear ago
    • I wish I could help

      Alyssa BilalAlyssa Bilal3 months ago
    • I can't take act I am only 10

      Alyssa BilalAlyssa Bilal3 months ago
    • I did a school project and speech on this, I am still in grade school but I can still help by spreading the word.

      M&Cat With FriendsM&Cat With Friends5 months ago
    • Omg I can't believe it 😯😯😭😵😵😵

      Ava LynchAva Lynch7 months ago
    • We need new leaders!

      Andy RamirezAndy Ramirez9 months ago
  • WTF!!!

    Tuli DomineauxTuli Domineaux10 days ago
  • Wha-what...?

    catking_kit dark side!catking_kit dark side!11 days ago
  • Yeah boi cats are lazy

    Artemio ChapaArtemio Chapa18 days ago
  • Please help protect dogs as well

    Nalini MarajNalini Maraj26 days ago
  • Well those worthless gutter trash tree rats will eat anything so who gives a damn what there feeding them.

    Elisa MayerElisa MayerMonth ago
    • How do you live while being this much of an asshole?

      57 Year Old James Bond57 Year Old James Bond18 days ago
  • Can we all just take a moment to appreciate the thumbnail that kitty facee 🙀🙀

    Princess potatoPrincess potatoMonth ago
  • I’m glad this one was stopped but now there’s another, Hannah is once again taking a stand to stop it. Those who supported her once please if you can do so again.

    Samie’s Sketches!Samie’s Sketches!Month ago
  • 😠😡🤬😠😡🤬🤬😠😡😡😠😠😠😤😠😡😡😡😠😠😡😡😠😤😠😡😡😠😤😠😡🤬😤😠😡🤬😠😡🤬

    Small YouTube girlSmall YouTube girlMonth ago
  • Honestly, I doubt that it's even legal to import cats from these countries you mention without the vaccinations and quarantine period. I have my doubts that your reports are accurate.

    petrairenepetraireneMonth ago
  • Is everybody down here vegan

    Sailaja BeeramSailaja BeeramMonth ago
  • I KNEW Western Civilization was going down, but this just confirms it happening sooner than later.

    Janet ByrdJanet ByrdMonth ago
  • Oh geez this is horrible. I know this was a year ago but- There are still people who have dog and cat slaughter houses. This is horrible. People who helped with this horrible act are mental

    Alana 0_0Alana 0_0Month ago
  • Thank you us government

    27 golden sonic27 golden sonic2 months ago
  • Vietnam eat a lot of cats

    ShadowValleysShadowValleys2 months ago
  • cats have attitude problems they deserve to die

    DC12 GamingDC12 Gaming2 months ago
  • Nice job 🍽

    DerealizationistDerealizationist3 months ago
  • Does commenting help get videos help get them out to the world???

    Danica DiedrickDanica Diedrick3 months ago
  • How get rid of kitten belly from blowing up

    Kimberly RomigKimberly Romig4 months ago
  • Now it’s banned...

    Seth KimSeth Kim4 months ago
  • just shut up humans, what about rats? mouse and other rodent species and even cows, sheeps, pigs... that are used for experiments and mishandled. It's not because it's a cat that it is different. if you find it not good then protest for rats and all animals human mistreat too. if no just shut up

    pâris hehnerpâris hehner4 months ago
  • Good. Cats are invasive species. As humans it's our job to clean them up.

    R GPR GP4 months ago
    • As humans it’s our job to clean disgusting slobs like you up.

      57 Year Old James Bond57 Year Old James Bond4 months ago
  • i'm really not a fan of humans

    Kristin RutherfordKristin Rutherford5 months ago
  • What about the scandal of idiotic cat owners letting their cats out to decimate and torture nature for fun? Millions and millions of times, where is the act to stop this?

    Ark of the EyeArk of the Eye5 months ago
  • Yo dishwashers it's just kittens

    dofus beta ldofus beta l5 months ago
  • This is fun . Killing kittens is fun . Hurting kittens is so fun . Keep it up US

    LONE GAMERLONE GAMER5 months ago
    • Hurting you sounds extremely fun.

      57 Year Old James Bond57 Year Old James Bond4 months ago

    Jacob LaddJacob Ladd5 months ago
  • And Americans lecture Asian countries about their cruelty to animals?

    Veronica FVeronica F5 months ago
  • This makes me sick.... im a devoted Cat lover. Thank you Kitten lady for bring this to light!

    Carla NorrisCarla Norris5 months ago
  • My project when im old is adopt all the kittens i see and make them grew up

    Little Swag CatLittle Swag Cat5 months ago
  • Yay

    Tiffany EdwardsTiffany Edwards5 months ago
  • Animals can't speak for themselves, but we can.

    Lil CocoaLil Cocoa6 months ago
  • What is the goal and purpose of this experiment?

    bostongirlsandybostongirlsandy6 months ago
  • thanks god Europe doesnt do that

    Teatlies CatsTeatlies Cats6 months ago

    MeowforcatsMeowforcats6 months ago
  • WTF US?! This is so sick in so many levels.

    ualuuanieualuuanie6 months ago
  • :)

    -flavors--flavors-7 months ago
  • omg I did not know I have a kitten . That IS HORRIBLE WHY DO THEY SO THAT???🥺

    Phoenix_ editzPhoenix_ editz7 months ago
  • And dogs don’t forget dogs toooo pls

    Puppy lover 109 WorldPuppy lover 109 World7 months ago
  • US govt are killing innocent humans around the world you talk about the cats?!

    E. AE. A8 months ago
    • Because humans haven't been subjected to forced cannibalism for decades in the name of research.

      57 Year Old James Bond57 Year Old James Bond7 months ago
  • Anti kitten murdering must be strictly a constitutional law, and must be strictly followed

    Товариш блин 1945Товариш блин 19458 months ago
  • WTF??!??

    Shana de la GataShana de la Gata8 months ago
  • We have to many stupid cats in the USA as it is so I don’t feel bad for them. They don’t go to heaven anyway so who cares.

    Elisa MayerElisa Mayer9 months ago
    • Nobody goes to Heaven, dumbass. Not with your attitude.

      57 Year Old James Bond57 Year Old James Bond7 months ago
  • Well since your the one complaining why don’t YOU ADOPT those stinkin kittens.

    Elisa MayerElisa Mayer9 months ago
  • What's the point to this though....? Like what were they trying to achieve by doing this other than just being cruel?

    Amber HowardAmber Howard9 months ago
  • That's so fucked up, Im gonna go cuddle my cats now.

    Brittany StoneBrittany Stone9 months ago
  • Just why did they even start this. Good thing this nonsense ended.

    The Lonely UnicornThe Lonely Unicorn10 months ago
  • Why the flippidy flap would they do that!? WHAT EXPEREMENT IS THIS, WHAT WILL THEY EVEN ACHIEVE OF IT???

    Raspberry JamRaspberry Jam10 months ago
  • Wtf. All this hard work building up society for this shit?!?

    Dankish DoodlezDankish Doodlez10 months ago
  • I’m crying

    A RA R10 months ago
  • Is that what some people on youtube are doing when they say they're trying to help these little kitten s??

    RachaelRachael10 months ago
  • USA is wrost than the third world countries like India , Africa, Philippines,if it was in my hands I would have nuked USA and made it a barren land on which nothing lives and where all garbage is dumped

    Mevon CarsMevon Cars11 months ago
  • Why just why do the USA do this

    Careen PierceCareen Pierce11 months ago
  • Isn't that what McDonald's does?

    Lady WeaponLady Weapon11 months ago
  • Why purchase other pets when there's plenty roaming the streets?

    Lady WeaponLady Weapon11 months ago
  • Yet, human babies people...

    Taylor LionheartTaylor Lionheart11 months ago
  • Pls do your best to save cats cat lady

    David NoahDavid Noah11 months ago
  • why does Fox News care? Did they find a way to blame Hillary?

    shortylickens69shortylickens69Year ago
  • Ewww... why???

    Kelly GreeneKelly GreeneYear ago
  • probably because cats are an overpopulated species, they would go to those lengths. cat meat feeds cats balance the crisis out it seems.

    Kerwin BritainKerwin BritainYear ago
  • Save the Dogs. But the cats can all get killed

    Hurt LockerHurt LockerYear ago
    • Ah yes, because all life isn't equal. I like dogs, and cats; because I'm not ignorant and cruel enough to think one is more important than the other. If you believe killing ANY animal because you don't like them is okay, then you shouldn't even be owning a dog.

      Azure KuzmaAzure Kuzma7 months ago
  • Becouse of this stupid, ignorant cat lady im gonna start eating cat meat. Cats are a plague. Also very stupid animals

    Hurt LockerHurt LockerYear ago
  • Hey please talk about the slaughter houses killing cows,pigs and chickens. They aren't house pets but they are being slaughtered by the thousands.

    modalova frankmodalova frankYear ago
  • Yay!!! They stopped doing it

    Mujeb MirzaiMujeb MirzaiYear ago
  • This sounds like the recent NY state vote where if a baby survives a very late-term abortion, that baby must be allowed to die. No attempts can be made to save the baby. We live in an evil place. 😎

    SpyderheadSpyderheadYear ago
  • I so wanted to troll this, but I love animals. Eat babies save kittens.

    Scott NagelbergScott NagelbergYear ago
  • The voice of power, you are the power 😹😹😻😀

    Timothy RugglesTimothy RugglesYear ago
  • Why... Why were they even doing this? What did they even wanted to do...? What they wanted to achieve... 😩

    random Swiftierandom SwiftieYear ago
  • I don’t see proof

    lil duckielil duckieYear ago

    MintyFurMintyFurYear ago
  • Breaks my heart that people will do this 😭🥺

    • Springtronic •• Springtronic •Year ago

    Васил ВасилевВасил ВасилевYear ago
  • ): holy RIPCAT ):

    Васил ВасилевВасил ВасилевYear ago
  • Well, apparently there are some people (judging for their comments) that agree with the USDA killing kitten. There's particularly one (you can read his comments along the section) that is really happy with the idea and doesn't find disturbing at all the fact that cats are fed with another cats... That's the kind of people I wouldn't let my children go in an elevator with... Disgusting.

    jose luis arresejose luis arreseYear ago
  • What ever. U eat burguers right? What about cows, Please just becuz u like fkn kittens ur acting soo stupid. Grow the F**** up

    Hurt LockerHurt LockerYear ago
  • Yes you Go kitten Lady.

    Kid LemckeKid LemckeYear ago
  • I had no idea this was even a thing... Im glad the movement was a success. Just knowing what they were doing to those poor babies makes me sick and I cant help but cry. I just recently got a kitten after my kitty of 12 years passed, and I just couldn't imagine something so precious and innocent going through something so terrible...

    Reallydont CareReallydont CareYear ago

    DoomsdayDoomsdayYear ago
  • This is disturbing and disgusting. No one has the right to treat animals in such a harsh, inhumane way. This shows how truly disappointing and undeserving of animals we are. P.s If you treat your animals right thank you for having a heart and soul for those without voices to be heard. You are truly a blessing for the few animals that are saved from all kinds of cruelty.

    Phoenix FlamesPhoenix FlamesYear ago

    MadLadꨄMadLadꨄYear ago
  • I'm gonna throw up

    •Rose gutz••Rose gutz•Year ago
  • I'm gonna be sick

    •Rose gutz••Rose gutz•Year ago
  • Put like for the video if you are happy that they are stopping killings kittens please ( ~ ~ )

    Hassan ghamloush Abo AliHassan ghamloush Abo AliYear ago
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    Kimm CorKimm CorYear ago
  • 😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰

    Kimm CorKimm CorYear ago
  • What the f................ y wood they do that ...

    Ty_Rex_GirlTy_Rex_GirlYear ago
  • oh god, I had no idea that my state was doing this.....

    BeanBeanYear ago
  • I came to watch cats get killed

    Millli SmallwoodMillli SmallwoodYear ago
  • Just clicked the link at was happy to see that this has ended. Thank you so much for all that you do! ❤️

    Hanna ClarkHanna ClarkYear ago
  • you are a ficking anti science version of dolores umbridge . cannibal kitty is a sooo good idea

    Charles DuboisCharles DuboisYear ago
  • But humans also eat animals

    Mahesh RathodMahesh RathodYear ago
  • 😱

    seriah10105seriah10105Year ago
  • Oh my god!

    seriah10105seriah10105Year ago
  • This is so disgusting. :(

    The Kitty MamaThe Kitty MamaYear ago
  • You monster 😭

    Samira CharafSamira CharafYear ago
  • This is so horrible 😢😢😭😭 I swear wtff

    Anna RobinsonAnna RobinsonYear ago
  • Me: (watches) Little sister: (runs to bathroom) Me: ( hears her throw up)

    SavannahSavannahYear ago
  • Kitten lady ....go to hell

    • Why?

      Alyssa LeibyAlyssa LeibyYear ago
  • Thank you for helping end these awful programs. Do you know what they were testing and why they were using these methods? I can't think of any legitimate reason for something like this. But I still would like to know sort of testing would deem this acceptable.

    DeeDee ZETADeeDee ZETAYear ago
  • Theyre doing *_w h a t ?_* Edit: WE HAVE DONE A GOOD

    AmbipieAmbipieYear ago