Veterinary Care for Baby Kittens

Sep 12, 2020
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Welcome to episode seven of Catology: Kitten Lady & Friends, my interview series all about staying curious about cats! This week I'm talking with my friend and colleague Dr. Rachel Wallach, a veterinarian with a special focus in kittens. Dr. Rachel is the owner of Oaks Veterinary Urgent Care in Agoura Hills, CA and is also on the board of my nonprofit, Orphan Kitten Club. We talk about common kitten medical crises and what to do, how better husbandry can lead to better medical outcomes, and how foster parents can find the right vet for their kittens. Many thanks to @ROYAL CANIN for their continued partnership on this educational series!
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  • Your videos helped me a lot, now my kitten is 3 month old and healthy, I found her when she were only 3 weeks old. Thank you for your videos❤️

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  • I just lost one of my cats today. Watching videos of kittens makes me feel so much better

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  • God bless you kittens lady 😘🥰

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  • Kittens lady you are the best I help a lot of cat /kittens I be happy wan i Learn from you you are number 1 I will never stop watching you guys keep watching kittens lady she is the best teacher ever 😘🥰😍

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  • I got my kittens when they were 8 weeks old. They are now 14 weeks. They have received their first round of vaccinations and will have their second round on the 15 of this month. My boyfriend tells me not to kiss my kittens until they are fully vaccinated, is this true? I love these guys and I want to kiss them.

    Mira GrkavacMira Grkavac23 days ago
  • Hi, I have a neonate whose 4 days old and has a wound on his right arm. I would like to ask you guys what i can do to help him recoverr. his wound is starting to smell and its alarming me. I dont want to bring him to the nearby vet because vets here are very incompetent and kills more than cure their patients. please help. thanks.

    KamoteQueKamoteQue23 days ago
  • Is that chickpea in the background?

    Marlies KosterMarlies Koster24 days ago
  • How's everything going on with you know the fires? i feel so bad for every one that lives in California.

    Kyumi KurooKyumi Kuroo25 days ago
  • Ma'am 3 weeks old kitten, single kitten,,, it peeing not pooping please let me know what should i doo pleaseeee....

    wezdomwezdom25 days ago
  • Hi! Kitten Lady, just a month ago i accidentally watched your yt video where you took care of rosalie from 0 week until she got adopted. Since then, i continued to watch your other videos, and i adopted a kitten which was left by his mama cat. His name is Dolo a legal maxim since i am a law student here in the philippines. When i got him he was just 4 weeks old, i bottle fed him and administered his deworming process on his 4th and 6th week old, all the techniques and proper administration were all copied from your video.. What i am really trying to say is that i really appreciate what you do, and i am influenced by your genuine love with kittens. Keep safe and more powers to you and to your family.

    john franklin riverajohn franklin rivera28 days ago
  • 25 dog lovers ...

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  • Thanks to your channel, I have two thriving 5 week olds that were brought to us at two days, momma less. So thank you!

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  • ❤️🥰😘😍💕ok

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  • I think it help a lot of people if u had a cloth kitten and have the vet work on this play kitten and show us exactly how things are done once the kitten aspirated, ex. holding upside down, the exact position that would be most beneficial angle, that would be most beneficial for the kitten. I was a little confused and I have a med background. So enjoy u and all u do!

    Gael CraneGael CraneMonth ago
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  • Can you please tell me how to get my 3 month old kitten to use the litter box and stop peeing and pooping around my house?

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  • Hi I have a 6 week kitten. He has walking problem. Is there anybody can guide me

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  • Can you tell me where you live I really want one of those baby cats that are just newborn can you tell me where you live I live in Michigan

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  • Gosh Tumtum was such a good momma ❤

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  • Loved this ❤

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  • At 36:49 when you said "we found mom" Tumtum sat up like "are you talking about me??" 😂🐱 so glad she got to raise her babes and now shes back home in her lovely colony!! Also love these videos they're so educational

    Appa TayAppa TayMonth ago
  • I understand if you don't see this, but when you started fostering did you still work away from home? How did you make that work? After I'm through school I thought maybe I could try fostering but I'm not sure how I would do it while working a 9-5 type job 🙈

    Appa TayAppa TayMonth ago
  • Hey Hannah you are my favorite pediatric kitten nurse ever

    krazee metal chick Stewartkrazee metal chick StewartMonth ago
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  • HELP! my kitten around 1 and a half month is breathing heavily and not drinking her mother's milk also, she is losing weight. The vets are also closed because of the lockdown. What can I do? I tried feeding milk and water with syringe but she is not accepting.

    tali lkrtali lkrMonth ago
  • could u do a video on how to look after a sphynx cat as im getting one in 3 WEEKS!!!!!!!!

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  • Hello I have a question there is this cat who is abandoned on my street and me and my friend and others think it having kittens but how do we know? Because it not letting me see its belly or touch it

    Cute Green BroccolisCute Green BroccolisMonth ago
  • How do you guys get to recover your costs on probono cases? Up to what extent do you give up helping a certain animal?

    Lea Delos ReyesLea Delos ReyesMonth ago
  • I have a kitten but I can’t take care of it could you he’s a really good kitten but my dad won’t let me keep him but I want him in a good family...😭

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  • I wanted to watch this but she kept saying “ummm” too much and i have to turn it off!

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    • ??? That's just how people talk, man. When people are thinking, they say "um" to fill the space and say "I'm not finished just pausing to think"

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  • We just adopted a kitten and I have no idea about his breed , he looks like tiger but has a round face and his chest is like a cream with a slight round tiger print , and cute little freckles next to his nose and a very long tail , can you let me know if you know ?

    nerjisalmoosud _nerjisalmoosud _Month ago
  • Is there any update on James?

    Legible TigerLegible TigerMonth ago
  • Can I just say, thank you for who you are and what you do. You’re amazing! Please never stop saving these innocent lives.

    {Lesbian•Gacha•Love•Meme}{Lesbian•Gacha•Love•Meme}Month ago
  • Kitten lady: tell us the PEMDAS of neonatal kittens!

    Artemis AmeretsuArtemis AmeretsuMonth ago
  • For the next video: how to take care of newborn kitten 3 or 5 days old please I really need it for my kitten

    kristel Kate Laguekristel Kate LagueMonth ago
    • ❤️

      kristel Kate Laguekristel Kate LagueMonth ago
    • @kristel Kate Lague no need to apologise, you're fine! If you need any help finding any tutorials feel free to ask and I can see if I can find some for you.

      The incarnation of boredomThe incarnation of boredomMonth ago
    • Oops sorry didn't know it, sorry I will check later

      kristel Kate Laguekristel Kate LagueMonth ago
    • She has tons of videos on how to care for neonatal babies. The first thing though is is it with it's mom or an orphan?

      The incarnation of boredomThe incarnation of boredomMonth ago
  • Your videos are one of the only ones that I can get all emotional and smile all the time while watching it, I appreciate you and your husband for taking time and effort to care for all these tiny souls. Even before knowing your channel I would (and still do!) feed street cats every single week, whenever I go to the usual spot I find them they all come running and meowing at me waiting for me to feed them, I even stay long minutes just to give them love... eventually they'll follow me home when I got to go. Wish I could take all of them with me... last year I got a tiny yellow one that sadly was abandoned by his mom as a birthday gift. He is so healthy today and it only has been one year! He loves to sleep by my side and play lots and lots with me and his big brother. Whenever I call his name he will answer me by meowing back! I love my two cats with all my might. I'm currently tearing while typing all of this... Thank you for inspiring not only me but all of the people that watch you ❤️

    xxwitchyxxxxwitchyxxMonth ago
  • This is a great video to watch. I wish i had found these videos when i first got my kittens from the shelter. I didn't know about quarantining them for two weeks first and when i brought the new kittens home from the shelter they made my resident cats sick with cat flu. Lesson learned though. They were all treated and became well quickly. This was a few months ago now and i have learned so much since then .. thanks for these videos. ❤❤❤❤

    Samantha PurtonSamantha PurtonMonth ago
  • If anyone sees this can i have some tips? My moms coworkers cat had kittens they’re 3 weeks old and she’s leaving to Mexico on friday (it’s sunday) for 2 weeks. Should I take a kitten now or wait till she’s back?

    RoxyRoxyMonth ago
    • Three weeks is too early to separate a kitten from their mum. The weaning process should not start before they are 5 weeks old.

      San1984San1984Month ago
  • Another awesome interview. Thank you for this information!!!

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  • im hoping someone can help me. recently i saved a baby kitten from the side of the road. weve had it for roughly 3 weeks and when we got it it was very small with eyes just barely open. we have been bottle feeding him since and hes healthy but has begun chewing on the nipples of the bottle. we have been trying to get him to start on normal food by mixing it but are having no luck. any tips?

    V LAD gamingV LAD gamingMonth ago
  • Hi, oh my god, you are doing amazing thing! I think maybe you can help me with some advice/suggestions for a stray cat that I met since March when he was walking around my neighborhood. Last month he started to get closer to me and now he visits my place in the morning and the evening time. I still cant close my door when he is inside and wont be able to take him to the vet, because he is really really sensitive. He would run away quickly when the other people try to be closer. So recently I am thinking about how to proceed all day long. Do you have similar experience?? As for the long-term, I have my business travels a lot next year, I wont be able to bring the cat and I guess he also wont like that. But if he is still not able to accept the others to take care of him, he will live a worse life than before. I am thinking whether I am doing the right thing for this cute cat. Should I try to be with me more or should I let him keep his ability to live alone :( I need help.

    Xiaoli ShenXiaoli ShenMonth ago
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  • Kitten lady I have a sick cat I want to save him but I really want to keep him he's the only cat I have and I don't want to leave him

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    • What's wrong with him? Has he seen a vet?

      The incarnation of boredomThe incarnation of boredomMonth ago
  • Cat lady I need advice I did try and message on insta but u don’t take new messages. Vets are wasting my time

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    • I'm not kitten lady but what's up?

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  • Cocoworker!! I love her sm🥰🥰 i need to watch this closely because a pregnant mama adopted me and i’m kind of panicking since i can’t take her to the vet at the moment and idk how much time she’s left until the kitties birth 🥺

    Didier AriasDidier AriasMonth ago
  • so how often should a healthy 3 month old have probiotics,? once a day, once a month?

    Liz NoveloLiz NoveloMonth ago
  • Hey kitten lady i have a question? So this cat shows up at my door. We take it in our house and we dont know if she has fleas or not?

    Clyde CarterClyde CarterMonth ago
    • Take a damp paper towel and seperate the cats fur and wipe it across the skin. If it comes back red tinted then they have fleas. If you do bath them make sure not to get their head wet! Make a little ring of soap around the neck and bath the body, then use a wash cloth or sponge and gently wash their face (not with much soap on the face, though) and if the cat is older than a kitten then you can just get some flea medication from a vet instead of putting the poor thing through the trauma of bathing.

      The incarnation of boredomThe incarnation of boredomMonth ago
    • @Carrie Emmett great thank you!!!

      Clyde CarterClyde CarterMonth ago
    • You’ll know if there’s fleas. Check for flea dirt, you’ll also see them scurrying on the skin. If stable and warm, you can give a bath with fragrance free Dawn or baby shampoo, the fleas will run the head of the cat to escape the water. You’ll know immediately.

      Carrie EmmettCarrie EmmettMonth ago
    • Get a flea comb . . . Safari makes a good one and it only costs a few dollars. Then comb the cat carefully and thoroughly. Fleas will get caught in the comb if she has any. Have a dish of soapy water nearby so you can drown any fleas you pull off of her.

      mycatsinthegardenmycatsinthegardenMonth ago
  • Could you have the kitten cam on more during the interviews please? It’s soooo fun to watch (more so than the people) 👍🏽

    Pam WashingtonPam WashingtonMonth ago
    • If you love kitten Cam s, check outy Tiny Kittens You Tube channel. Shelby has two kitten cans. Vk

      Phillip ResslerPhillip ResslerMonth ago
  • Kitten Lady has changed my perspective on cat breeding, I used to want to breed cats because they were cute but I can foster and get that same result!

    Diya JyotiDiya JyotiMonth ago
    • This. I'm glad you can see how breeding isn't good for them overall. Good luck fostering!

      The incarnation of boredomThe incarnation of boredomMonth ago
  • So I am allergic to cats (very allergic) but I take medicine. Anyway I am saving up for a cat and it has to be hypoallergenic and I really like the siberian cat breed. Anyway I want to adopt from a shelter but they might not actually know the breed or if its hypoallergenic so do you have any advice?

    Maddie ElephantMaddie ElephantMonth ago
    • Sorry but no breed is guaranteed hypoallergenic. You need to spend time with the cat and see if they trigger you or not.

      San1984San1984Month ago
  • I have a cat that my family found outside and he was so skinny and small so we feed him milk and gave him food and at that time it was nighttime so the next day he didn’t wanna leave us and now he is our cat

    María Antonieta PérezMaría Antonieta PérezMonth ago
  • I can't believe she picked three heads... I mean, that can't be survivable... but 12 legs is possible, at least! There was a human girl with 8 limbs who survived, with surgery to remove the extras.

    Lisa DaxerLisa DaxerMonth ago
  • Thank you so much my cat just gave babys "MASHALLA" this helps alot they are 2.5 weeks old 😇😇🐱😸

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  • Tried to suggest this channel on an imgur post about a rescued neonatal kitten, got blasted for it by someone who couldn't even bother to explain why they were doing so. Jokes on them, Hannah is a kitten hero.

    msbluesky8msbluesky8Month ago
  • wowow SO much information! and I could tell you guys were just skimming the surface I bet y'all could have a whole podcast

    Natalie CranchNatalie CranchMonth ago
  • These little kittens are so cute and adorable and sweet.

    Virginia DaviesVirginia DaviesMonth ago
  • Hey I need some help here. Please help me before this kitten die due to lack of care. I brought a kitten of around 2-3 weeks age, and I just brought her. I gave some milk(two spoons milk and two spoons water added in it). It is sleeping now. but there are some kind of insects on the kitten's body and also kitten is a bit dirty. Please tell me how to remove those insects and clean the kitten. It's my first time.

    Vivek DevkarVivek DevkarMonth ago
    • @San1984 but accesories she uses are not available here 😞. Not even a vet is nearby.

      Vivek DevkarVivek DevkarMonth ago
    • She has videos on safely bathing kittens. Check out her videos on feeding as well, cow milk is not appropriate.

      San1984San1984Month ago
  • It's a shame Dr. Rachel was under water for this interview. Seriously though, if people want to do meetings, interviews etc. online they need a good camera and mic.

    XuneXuneMonth ago
  • I really need help my kitten I got a few days ago is 8 weeks old and 3 days and weighs 550 grams it has fleas so i don’t know if I should give him a treatment also he’s not having his food properly

    okeh :Dokeh :DMonth ago
    • Carrie Emmett ty I’ll update you x

      okeh :Dokeh :DMonth ago
    • Dawn dish soap and capstar. I would see a vet though. I just rescued 2, three week olds with fleas and severe malnourishment. They’re perfect now. A bottle may be necessary until he’s stable💜

      Carrie EmmettCarrie EmmettMonth ago
  • Cat lover and animal lover here. Thank you for sharing this video, it was very informative. Thank you for all the work you do to help save kittens and cats lives too, Hannah. 💓 I'm a cat mom and I have a rescue cat, Bear (Bear is a puppy cat too. Bear loves playing fetch like a puppy/dog.), that I helped raise from a kitten to a cat. I can relate to your videos. Again, thank you. 😊

    Haley A HackneyHaley A HackneyMonth ago
  • Saved 2 kittens with mom

    Yasmeen FarzanaYasmeen FarzanaMonth ago
  • “Taco Tuesday- now with spinach!”

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  • When do stop feeding a kitten kitten food and give them adult food

    Jackie RobinsonJackie RobinsonMonth ago
    • Around 12 months (1 yr) as long as the kitten is healthy and gaining weight.

      Carrie EmmettCarrie EmmettMonth ago
    • she says that in a video

      angel jacksonangel jacksonMonth ago
  • hi kitten lady i need help whenever i pet my kitty or play toys with her she always bites or scratches me what do i do?

    Uma ThakkarUma ThakkarMonth ago
    • That’s a natural cat behavior.

      Carrie EmmettCarrie EmmettMonth ago
  • I love Rachel!!!

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  • I was feeding a cat thinking it was a stray just to learn it the owner was my neighbor who rescues cats

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  • This was great! And nice to meet Dr. Rachel.

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  • Who else watches the video right to the end partly because you like the theme song? Also, it's that same darn grey kitten she keeps having to grab...and is she sitting on her babies?

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  • Great stuff. But can we stop calling vets as doctors? Completely different..

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