Webinar 1: Caring for Itty Bitty Bottle Babies

Apr 18, 2020
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To help support first-time kitten foster parents, I'm teaming up with Royal Canin to offer Catology, a Kitten Care Webinar Series designed to provide foster parents with the education they need in order to care for the most vulnerable felines.
In the first webinar, Caring for Itty Bitty Bottle Babies, participants will learn:
How to set up space in your home for foster kittens
How to identify the age, sex, and weight of a young kitten
How to bottle feed, syringe feed, and provide nourishment for hard-to-feed kittens
How to provide bathroom assistance, grooming, and comfort to neonates
…and more!
The webinars will be streamed live on the official USworlds and Facebook of Royal Canin and Kitten Lady.
Royal Canin is also covering the cost of the first month of nutrition for all new kitten and cat fosters or adopters. To redeem, you must first purchase any Royal Canin kitten or cat food, visit www.royalcaninrewards.com and use code 20-11942. You will need to provide a copy of your kitten’s foster or adoption paperwork and a purchase receipt.
More Information: www.kittenlady.org/webinar

  • Here's more information about the webinar series: www.kittenlady.org/webinar

    Kitten LadyKitten Lady6 months ago

      manju bhagatmanju bhagatMonth ago
    • @Roseann Castro Obviously some time has passed but in a situation like that again, reach out to a shelter or online group. Kittens make people want to help naturally...they're just adorable like that.

      Lothar SoranLothar SoranMonth ago
    • @Ileana Ancuta I hope things turn out well. Sometimes kittens don't poop every day, especially if they are just rescued. It can take a bit of time for the formula to be taken through the body. Also, if they are very hungry they might be absorbing so much of the food that there isn't much waste yet. If it is more than a day, the kitten might be dehydrated or constipated, a vet should be consulted. It is always wise to take any rescued you find to the vet anyway, they will need to be assessed and have worming treatments.

      Lothar SoranLothar SoranMonth ago
    • @Lala Land Definitely, because you will learn a lot from watching the mother take care of her babies. She can teach you and you can watch the kittens grow, learning their developmental stages. She may not feed all the kittens, or the runt of the litter may need to be bottle fed anyway. When you feel more comfortable you can try raising kittens who are weaned, before moving onto the more challenging neo natals. You can also just foster the older ones to socialise them, there are many different options. Just remember not to get attached to them; the goal is to help them find good homes elsewhere. That part can be a bit tough emotionally, but it is all worth it.

      Lothar SoranLothar SoranMonth ago
    • @Kacie Holder Flea drops from the vet are your best bet. She's old enough to have them by now.

      Lothar SoranLothar SoranMonth ago
  • who remembers jimmy

    Chrifeh ChakfaChrifeh Chakfa3 days ago
  • You can buy them for free or from 30 and under

    AK 47AK 474 days ago
  • I am a cat and kitten lover and I love other animals but cat are bitter I help them and find them play with them I am so happy God bless you I will always do a like to your videos l promise you okay ❤️😍🐾😘😘😻

    AK 47AK 474 days ago
  • I foster in my rv

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  • Aww this kitten is so cute

    bairon Cienfuegosbairon Cienfuegos21 day ago
  • A local stray abandoned her baby this baby helped so much

    Angel AvaAngel Ava23 days ago
  • Thank you so much for this whole channel and the series. We just recently applied to become a foster home for kitties in our area and are waiting on their response. Though I don't think anyone is ever truly 'prepared' for their first foster kittens or bottle babies, your encouragement has been paramount to our decision. Being an active TNR Caretaker and having always loved every aspect of cats I can't wait for our first foster babies should we get accepted! Kitten season, here we come!

    TortiedudeTortiedude23 days ago
  • Any advice on how to get a baby cat without her vomiting in the car

    Rema SyrRema Syr29 days ago
  • hii

    anwarbushnaqanwarbushnaqMonth ago
  • Your videos enabled me to take care of a kitten abandoned by its mother. Great work you're doing!

    Sean MartinezSean MartinezMonth ago
  • Soo cute! Love your catmug by the way

    Sammy L'EcuyerSammy L'EcuyerMonth ago
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    Judy MohamedJudy MohamedMonth ago
  • Hello.... I’m fostering a lil more than 2 week old kitten.... whenever bottle fed she bloats... any suggestions for bloating

    Jeanan DiasJeanan DiasMonth ago
  • This has been extremely helpful, thank you! One question for anyone who is reading and may know the answer... Do kittens get lice sometimes? There is something crawling all over the newborn kittens I rescued this week (their mama hadn’t come back for 24 hours so I felt I had to act quickly. I’ve been bottlefeeding them the formula mentioned here and they’ve been taking it well, but) as I was feeding them I noticed something very small, shiny, and dark brown crawling super fast around the kitten’s head and face. It might’ve been a flea but it also sort of looked like lice. (My kids got lice once from a daycare facility their cousin stayed in. It looked a little bit like this.) And either way, what should I do to treat such a young kitten for lice or fleas? They still have their umbilical cord so I don’t quite think they’re over a week old. Thanks in advance to anyone who knows the solution!

    The Hiking Songstress - TroubadourThe Hiking Songstress - TroubadourMonth ago
  • I have this about week old kitten and the other day its other sibling passed of starvation or sugar thing dropped so recently I've been bringing it In and bottle feeding or if I have to I will tube feed/have my mom do it bc my aunt said if I'm careful I could. Just to make sure it is healthy! Tell me if I'm doing anything wrong?

    Simply LexiiSimply LexiiMonth ago
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    manju bhagatmanju bhagatMonth ago

    manju bhagatmanju bhagatMonth ago
  • This is excellent. Some questions: how do you remove a breathing blockage? How do you do CPR on kittens? Is first aid different than with adult cats? I know how to CPR guinea pigs, adult cats and dogs, but not babies. Are first aid emergency skills such as reducing bleeding from a wound similar? Obviously you take them to a vet ASAP, but I was wondering if you have any emergency medical care instructional vids for those really desperate moments? I've seen your videos on hypothermia, which were spot on. I've learned a lot from you, and although I'm not fostering yet I would consider it. I'm very practical and level headed, so I'd like to learn about emergency procedures. Thank you! You work so hard, and seem so kind, and now you have Royal Canin backing. That's a huge progress hallmark.

    Lothar SoranLothar SoranMonth ago
  • So cute!!

    {•Froggy Tea•}{•Froggy Tea•}Month ago
  • Ohh this is live :^

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  • i have 20 cat and 10 kittens LOL and 10 dogs 7 iguanas LOL

    Jasmine MARULI [07N03]Jasmine MARULI [07N03]Month ago
  • Hi I’m such a Ginormous fan I have watch your videos a lot I said are you the queen of animals and how do I kind you are you’re an awesome USworlds are I love your videos bye

    Rebecca RogersRebecca RogersMonth ago
  • I’ve been fostering kittens for a year or so but today I got my first super newborn (no more than 3 days!!) He was all by himself near to a river, super cold the poor thing! Now he’s safe, warm, well fed (I’m using a dropper to feed him and he latched perfectly to the glass “nipple”) sleepy (finally) and pooping perfectly. All thanks to you! I started fostering because of you and now I’m kinda the official foster mom in my area 💘 I’ve another litter in other room and they’re with their feral mom, I’m just supervising. Thank you so much, it was very intimidating at first, not just because they’re so fragile and tiny but because I have two cats and one of them doesn’t really like strangers but with a playpen and a little bit of organization I quickly realized it can be actually super easy and rewarding. Now I’m starting TNR campaigns too! You’re really helping to save lives around the globe (I’m from Mexico City). I’m so happy I met you.

    Sofia AlvarezSofia Alvarez2 months ago
  • i love you you are the best

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  • Tbh that's disgusting I can tell if they are male by there behaviour

    Mini Monsters2Mini Monsters22 months ago
    • Behaviour isn’t the best way to tell what gender it is

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  • I dus a love one it's a kitty it's name is Oreo

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  • Hello Kitten Lady i am on my dads acc so i am a 10 year old kid and i love that your saving little kittens lives and i am also getting a kitten so yeah

    Lindsay DmelloLindsay Dmello2 months ago
  • hi im big fan I have kittens in my backyard so what should I do ivbe been giving them milk and cat food I have a dog so that s why we can bring them in my house 😀🌸

    Belen ValdezBelen Valdez2 months ago
  • Who else missed it

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  • so happy with this outcome!

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  • OMG it's so sweet, an incubator for kittens ^^

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  • Awwwww they are so cuute i want to squish the kittens as i hardly as i ca!!!

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  • Yess queen caring for the babies! 👑 👁👄👁

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  • You know what ...I love you so much for being such a caring kitty goddess !!!!so much love to you and your family always sweet soul 😽😸😽😸😽😸😽😸😽😸😽

    Sunn StonezSunn Stonez2 months ago
  • I'm gonna try to foster a kitten, but I'll have to convince my parents first. Everybody wish me luck!

    Small YouTube girlSmall YouTube girl2 months ago
    • Tell your parents that a cat will help you to learn about compassion and responsibility.......and it can help your parents to relief their stress and anxieties.......worked for me ;-)

      Cats In Slow MotionCats In Slow MotionMonth ago
  • I Don`t no you Letty Bitty

    Edna RoblesEdna Robles2 months ago
  • I hope I can do, like what you do 😞

    NaRU dEENaRU dEE2 months ago
  • I got furloughed back in April for a few months and picked up fostering after a few years of taking a break. I started with a new group that flies kittens out of North Carolina to Connecticut, sending up 10 kittens to their forever homes (and one that stayed with me). It's been a fantastic experience to foster again, especially with a rescue that gets cats adopted! One litter of 3 ALL went together! One was even found outside my workplace scrounging for food. I always encourage people to foster if they don't want the commitment of a life long pet, though with now 4 foster failures... Sometimes you make connections

    PhoenixPhoenix2 months ago
  • Is it safe to feed a kitten milk or almond milk

    Bailey VlogsBailey Vlogs2 months ago
  • Hi! I wanna ask if what could be the replacement of a milk for kittens, i badly need to know. My kitten is an orphan and i've been noticing that he's not growing :'((

    Jezzamae BellosilloJezzamae Bellosillo2 months ago
  • I have a question so my cat recently gave birth and it's all fine iluntil I reliesed that one of then is a lot skinny than the other ones and I don't know what to do

    uh uhuh uh2 months ago
    • first,take the kitten to the vet so you know that if the kitten have some disease . then give the kitten supplemental feeding with kitten formula using a bottle or syringe(attached to a nipple).weigh the kitten frequently so you can see if the kitten is gaining weight.

      Just MeJust Me2 months ago
  • Hola tudo bien ? No que de Portugal no vote no EUA amos gente em lesa

    mari robloxmari roblox2 months ago
  • Literally a cat in the neighborhood dropped her babies in the street, and ran away! One was in a gravel driveway. One she dropped by the car,and one by my porch. She never came back!They still had the cords on them. I came across your video on how to help them go potty. Thank you for great info!! 🐱

    Stacy HapeStacy Hape2 months ago
  • Just found 8 little itty bitty kittens Not sure where Mom is

    Jennifer WorthJennifer Worth2 months ago
  • Thank u

    Rani MRani M2 months ago
  • Hi kitten lady I’m a big fan I love you so much it would mean so much if you responded. I lost my cat three months ago😢

    Lps willow StudiosLps willow Studios2 months ago
  • Hi! Ive got a baby kitten that was brought to me today. Also a momma cat that has kittens. Shes accepted the baby but baby is crying non stop. It's been fed and helped it go potty but still is inconsolable. Help!

    Lacey LewellenLacey Lewellen2 months ago
  • Please help me to save my kitten. 2 weeks old. He don't have mother. May be 3 week old. I try to stimulate for pee. Today its walking like back portion downwards .i dont kw what happen..

    rakhi srakhi s2 months ago
  • Eu falo em português quem fala português deixa o like!

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  • Please please tell me can I give kittens lactose free milk?

    Princess AyeshaPrincess Ayesha2 months ago
    • Please tell me urgent its an emergency

      Princess AyeshaPrincess Ayesha2 months ago
  • I have 5 kittens about 5 days old. Their momma died yesterday. How long before they forget her. And not cry. Please advise. They make me cry.

    Penny ThompsonPenny Thompson2 months ago
  • I am very sad because of my kitten's death she was 4 months old we found her in the rain she was crying and was cold we put her in a blanket and coverd her. She was crying then she started walking and was healthy. She started coming to see us after 9 months in the rain she was crying and cold and died. What should we do please help

    two sisters girls styletwo sisters girls style2 months ago
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  • will we be in risk of getting diseases if the kitten have any diseases i want to adopt so pls reply asap pls anyone

    Gaming LionGaming Lion3 months ago
    • @Just Me thank you, but do the foster kittens that young already come with the vaccines?

      Gaming LionGaming Lion2 months ago
    • depending on what the disease is. That’s why it’s really important to give kitten/cat vaccines.

      Just MeJust Me2 months ago
  • Plz save my cat he is suffering frm FPV he is 7mnth old😢😢😭😭😭😭😭

    Khlain WarKhlain War3 months ago
  • Can you do a video with your personal adult cats regarding how you help keep mid-aged cats and older cats happy and healthy ? particularly for indoor cats.

    Amanda HumphreyAmanda Humphrey3 months ago
  • Is there a way to access the supplemental materials for the webinar at this point?

    Mia KrohnMia Krohn3 months ago
  • i got to see 1 month old little baby kittens and were getting one

    svnflowrrsvnflowrr3 months ago
  • What can we feed orphaned 2.5 week kitten when kitten formula is not available immediately due to lockdown?

    Ria MRia M3 months ago
  • Thank you so much for all that you do for the baby kittens, and for all the information you spread so others can help too.

    Nami MoriNami Mori3 months ago
  • Kitten lady how did. You get so good at taking care of kittens ???????????

    Laura GranthamLaura Grantham3 months ago
  • Your channel is so incredibly helpful! Thank you for all of the information you offer. I’m fostering my third kitten (3 weeks old) he just came to me last night. It seems his dewclaw on his paw has fallen out and scanned over. It’s not red or causing him any pain when touched should this be of concern?

    Fee FromkinFee Fromkin3 months ago
    • *scabbed

      Fee FromkinFee Fromkin3 months ago
  • Your webinars and videos have been my go-to as I've been caring for a new momma cat and her four babies. Thank you for this invaluable information!

    Robin KochRobin Koch3 months ago
  • Omg!! Can I please have at least one of your kittens?! 😆 😱 😳

    ʕ •ᴥ•ʔbad Girlʕ •ᴥ•ʔʕ •ᴥ•ʔbad Girlʕ •ᴥ•ʔ3 months ago
    • I was born with BLUE eyes even though my WHOLE family had brown or black eyes and my mom took me to the doctor and my doctor pointed a flash light into my eye and my mom said it turned GREEN and that I could see very well in the dark...

      ʕ •ᴥ•ʔbad Girlʕ •ᴥ•ʔʕ •ᴥ•ʔbad Girlʕ •ᴥ•ʔ2 months ago
    • I was born with a condition like a cat

      ʕ •ᴥ•ʔbad Girlʕ •ᴥ•ʔʕ •ᴥ•ʔbad Girlʕ •ᴥ•ʔ2 months ago
    • I Know

      ʕ •ᴥ•ʔbad Girlʕ •ᴥ•ʔʕ •ᴥ•ʔbad Girlʕ •ᴥ•ʔ2 months ago
    • also you must live within 6 hours from DC.

      Just MeJust Me2 months ago
    • if you want to adopt one of her foster kittens you have to fill in an adoption application on the orphan kitten club website.

      Just MeJust Me2 months ago
  • I work in a pet store. Today, we received a phone call from a very upset man. His cat had just died giving birth. Her three kittens survived, but he had no idea how to care for them. The girl working the register put aside a bottle and KMR for when he came in, and I stuck a note in with his order directing him to your videos. My shift ended before he came to pick up the supplies, but I hope we made his situation at least the tiniest bit easier.

    StarfydustyStarfydusty3 months ago
  • I am so thankful for everything you do for the kittens. I've been taking care of a 3 week old kitten and took him to the vet last week. 🐈

    emilyemily3 months ago
    • 👍😻👍

      Cats In Slow MotionCats In Slow MotionMonth ago
  • I'm sorr y but I am terrified of cats😼

    sarah jane reessarah jane rees3 months ago
  • I need your advice. There is this street cat that I've been feeding for a few years. She is very sweet and loves to come to me for cuddles. I want to bring her upstairs. Is this a bad idea? How would I go about doing it.

    Nicole HilonNicole Hilon3 months ago
    • depending if the cat likes to be indoors and if your house is safe for the cat.

      Just MeJust Me2 months ago
  • I reallllllly want kittens but my parents said no unless I'm saving its life...

    Avisha NayakAvisha Nayak3 months ago
    • That is very smart of your parents because there are so many lonely kittens in the world who just wait to be found and adopted by someone like you😻👍😻

      Cats In Slow MotionCats In Slow MotionMonth ago
  • My cat is a rescue I got him from under my house with his sisters and brother then his sister and brother had a baby and she is marble think it is a girl I can’t tell she has a lot of hair but ya

    Reese AlwardtReese Alwardt3 months ago
  • I have a kitten and a cat and you help so much just omg you helped so much

    Reese AlwardtReese Alwardt3 months ago
  • I had a baby kitten and didn’t know one thing about kitties I rescued him he was probably about 4 days old and ended up doing a great job I bought some furry adult socks and kept him in them as new born he is 4 years old now. I absolutely love your videos.

    Magaly OsolloMagaly Osollo3 months ago
  • I’m in love with 😍 kittens 🐱 more videos please please please

    James WadsworthJames Wadsworth4 months ago
  • When kitten bath.?????

    Sonia ShahidSonia Shahid4 months ago
  • How is James?

    Chris WootenChris Wooten4 months ago
  • When do I completely stop giving the kitten the bottle

    D RushD Rush4 months ago
  • I rescued my bb from a garage sale about 18 years ago now. She was an actual newborn who was separated from her mother. She had so many problems it was a miracle she survived, and now she’s my longest living cat . She also gives kisses like a dog, she’s a weird one 😂🤷‍♀️

    MomoMomo4 months ago
  • I just want to personally thank you for making and having videos like this that teach people the proper things needed to be done for baby baby kittens, I just recently rescued 2 two weeks old kittens that we thought were going to be older and I have never had to take care of such small animals that your videos have been such a life saver for myself and these 2 beautiful baby kittens that I will watch grow and become amazing animals!! Again thank you so much 😃

    Michelle GlasgowMichelle Glasgow4 months ago
  • I'm fostering for the first time starting tomorrow morning (!!!!!), totally as a result of me finding this channel and devouring it. Thank you Kitten Lady!

    Wendy TaylorWendy Taylor4 months ago
  • Where can I find baby newborn Kittes that I can save?

    Mahaylah KunzMahaylah Kunz4 months ago
    • you can go to an animal shelter or you can find kittens in the street,but if you wanna pick up a kitten from the street see if the kitten has a mom . don’t separate a kitten from their mom.

      Just MeJust Me2 months ago
  • Go on Abigail Overby is a USworlds channel

    Abigail OverbyAbigail Overby4 months ago
  • hi!

    Willow MorrisWillow Morris4 months ago
  • I know i might have enough room, but i have a kitchen thats very tight , a front room, and a tiny bathroom. And a girl cat and a nice dog. But i reallllyyyyyy wanna foster!

    Oof Queen PlayzOof Queen Playz4 months ago
  • I found two kittens their mother died in car accident luckily they aren't hurt so i take them in my home n took care of now... During pandemic all shop pharmacy hospital r all close so i cant get any kitten formula can u please help me by telling some home remedies... I feed them oatmeal liquid for now... Please help me 😣

    gairanglu kameigairanglu kamei4 months ago
  • This cat is fucking cute

    Ry PieRy Pie4 months ago
  • Sister could I get a cat of black and white my cat died yerstady because street dogs please Could I get a cat with one month old???

    Thunder boltThunder bolt4 months ago
  • I found a new born kitten, I have had her for 3 days... and she stopped eating !!! She is pooping and peeing... but won’t eat... not as vocal as she was...

    Christina LopezChristina Lopez4 months ago
  • lol im watching you on our tv and im watching u here!

    Little Stars SarahLittle Stars Sarah4 months ago
  • hope you can see this message, I LOVE YOU! i just want to know why you dont really keep your kittens :)

    Little Stars SarahLittle Stars Sarah4 months ago
  • Ohmg I totally considered taking my bottle babies to work 😂😂 when I took them in it was my last week of work (lucky me!) so I still had to work for a few days. Luckily my amazing hubby took over the feedings when I was at work! He was such a trooper! ❤️

    Barbara ABarbara A4 months ago
  • Hi. I'm form the Philippines. So Today, I rescued five abandoned kittens, which I determined a week-old. I'm considering to foster them this time of pandemic. I'm very touched watching your videos. I'm browsing some tips to take care of newborn kittens But too bad I don't have basic supplies needed. I can't afford buying kitten formula. I wonder what other alternative that I can use to feed them

    Roseann CastroRoseann Castro4 months ago