Webinar 2: Beyond the Bottle - Caring for Growing Kittens

Apr 26, 2020
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To help support first-time kitten foster parents, I'm teaming up with Royal Canin to offer Catology, a Kitten Care Webinar Series designed to provide foster parents with the education they need in order to care for the most vulnerable felines.
In the second webinar, Beyond the Bottle - Caring for Growing Kittens, participants will learn:
How to safely and properly wean kittens onto solid foods, including tips for difficult-to-wean kittens
How to litter train kittens
Tips for developing healthy behaviors in kittens and creating an enriching environment
Step-by-step instructions for finding your foster kitten a forever home
…and more!
The webinars will be streamed live on the official USworlds and Facebook of Royal Canin and Kitten Lady.
Royal Canin is also covering the cost of the first month of nutrition for all new kitten and cat fosters or adopters. To redeem, you must first purchase any Royal Canin kitten or cat food, visit www.royalcaninrewards.com and use code 20-11942. You will need to provide a copy of your kitten’s foster or adoption paperwork and a purchase receipt.
More Information: www.kittenlady.org/webinar

  • Want to receive follow-up information including helpful videos, charts, and perks for foster parents? Please be sure to register for this webinar at www.kittenlady.org/webinar - once I have your information, I'll be able to send you additional resources via email!

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    • Kitten Lady could you please talk about cat eyes and their health...am desperate for my baby

      Coco LynCoco Lyn3 months ago
    • Allison P. if the vet says she’s fine then she’s fine, the vet has gone to school for this and knows what they are doing. you should never go against what your vet says (unless it’s something that is bad)

      gizmogizmo4 months ago
    • What kind of trash can is that? With the bag that you used for the litter?

      SadpacitoSadpacito5 months ago
  • so sooooooo soooooooooooooooooo cute

    Talia EdwardsTalia Edwards3 days ago
  • I love this, we recently got a 5 week old kitten and we want the best for it!

    Emily ZunigaEmily Zuniga10 days ago
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    Teal OTeal O19 days ago
  • Most of your advice has helped me keep my neonate kitten alive. I got her at 2 weeks and 96 grams. She's 4 weeks today and 225 grams. Getting stronger every day!!!

    Amanda ReneeAmanda Renee21 day ago
  • 1:04:14

    Everybody NobodyEverybody NobodyMonth ago
  • love how you word exactly what goes on in a kittens mind. I started the mother and babycat mousse and now put the mother babycat kibble to see others would prefer the dry food. And have a recycled paper litter.

    Carlene BurdonCarlene BurdonMonth ago
    • the kittens I have got their teeth a week early 1st at 2 weeks 2nd at 3 weeks and molars at 4 weeks really chomping on lactating queen.

      Carlene BurdonCarlene BurdonMonth ago
  • U are kitten Guardian Angel 🐈🐱💖

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  • Im getting a kitten in a few weeks your videos are helping me care for her thank you!

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  • 🐈 subscribe to me and kitten lady if u love cats and want to save poor cats/kittens from being treated like thins and also spread the message on saving the cats/kittens/cats!

    kitten_ playzkitten_ playzMonth ago
  • God bless you for all your hard work! I was able to save four 3 day old kittens that lost their mama. They’re now 7 weeks old and thriving thanks to your help! The information you’ve shared is invaluable! Thank you!!! ❤️ Sorcha, Gizmo, Romeo and Tank

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  • did you know that I've never been in a live video

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  • I have a channel dedicated to cats

    Annika’sAGWorldAnnika’sAGWorldMonth ago
  • I totally need help with the issue of keeping the kittens. We have three kittens ready and my son is adamant about keeping two

    Denise CDenise CMonth ago
  • I truly have learned so much from you. You are such a compassionate person. I take care of s colony in my complex and I am friends with @mobilecatsociety.. Ally is my helper in finding fosters for me when I save a kitten. I saved one yesterday who was the only surviving one of 3. He did get to spend almost 5 weeks with his momma. This video and alot of your videos have helped me. So thank you for all of your inspiration 😽 @ferel_life

    Danielle LamprakesDanielle LamprakesMonth ago
  • Hey , there’s a kitten in my house that’s probably 8 weeks old I don’t if I should get it and there’s her mom too

    Katie JoseKatie Jose2 months ago
  • I have 5 orphaned kittens currently, all from different liters! They ranged from 1 week to 3 weeks when they came in. The best feeling in the world is watching these babies grow and thrive! I wish there were more resources available in my community..there is a huge need for more fosters and awareness and spay/neuter resources...

    Ryan PeachRyan Peach2 months ago
  • The water in London is very hard and so we all drink filtered water. Can I feed my kitten filtered water?

    -Cri- -Baby--Cri- -Baby-2 months ago
    • @кαуlα αѕнlєу thank you anyways

      -Cri- -Baby--Cri- -Baby-2 months ago
    • @-Cri- -Baby- Well I dont know.

      кαуlα αѕнlєукαуlα αѕнlєу2 months ago
    • @кαуlα αѕнlєу thanks for replying. Is hard water okay then?

      -Cri- -Baby--Cri- -Baby-2 months ago
    • No. That's kind of dangerous for your kitten.

      кαуlα αѕнlєукαуlα αѕнlєу2 months ago

    Andrea NicholsAndrea Nichols2 months ago
  • This is so informative, thank you very much!

    seth kirsten bongabongseth kirsten bongabong3 months ago
  • *We have a lot of informative videos about cats. Please have a look*

    Kitten LifeKitten Life3 months ago
  • Hi. I am going to foster 3 kittens

    Teal OTeal O3 months ago
  • My full grown cats do the hunt on each other, and actual mice

    Red CowRed Cow3 months ago
  • 14:00 I'm 11, I have never actually fostered but i've had cats, and it took me about 3 seconds to realize they were suckling.

    Red CowRed Cow3 months ago
  • This is fantastic! It's been instrumental in helping me to care for my newly adopted stray. Thank you for all that you do for darling babies and for sharing your experience and knowledge!

    J ValenciaJ Valencia3 months ago
  • Hi i just wandte to tell you tjat you inspired me to take some litters of kittens myself. Today i was given my 4th litter of Babys and so far only one out of 12 didnt make it. You mademe think i can do it myself... and you were right i took the advice of your Videos and from my Vet and now im saving Kitties to :) tank you and greetings from Austra :D

    Victoria FroschauerVictoria Froschauer3 months ago
  • Kitten Lady, would you be kind enough to tell me where I can get the toy which you are holding in front of the window at 1:00:40. I would like to get one for my kitten. Thank you !

    Betty WestBetty West4 months ago
  • How do you feel about spraying a cat with water when they start scratching furniture?

    Karina PerezKarina Perez4 months ago
    • I know i'm not the one you're asking the question to but if I may give you my own thoughts about it : I think that it can work but it can be better to just buy him a scraching post if you don't have any, and as soon as it scratch something it's not supposed to scratch (such as furnitures), you just take it to his scratch post instead to maybe convince it this is better than any furniture. Like she said in the video, it's better to say no AND redirect the cat towards a better option than just say no and leave it there.

      KinuitKinuit4 months ago
  • something really interesting is that here in France, kittens are often neutered or spayed around the age of 6 months, rather than 2 mo in the US. I'm not really sure why this is, but that is the age that the adoption centres say. people usually adopt kittens around the age of 2-4 months old and have their kittens before they get spayed or neutered. the kitten is only under the adoption family's name once the kitten is spayed/neutered, though!

    Norma DuffortNorma Duffort4 months ago
    • Ouais, même chose en Belgique. C'est étrange et ça me fais me demander ce qui est le moins dangereux pour le chat ! Les avis sont différents et j'aimerai avoir celui de Kitten Lady, même si je doute qu'elle passera par ici :/

      KinuitKinuit4 months ago
  • Love this!

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  • Tnx i badly needed this video tutorial 🥰

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  • do you trim back claws as well?

    Kelsey TerrasaKelsey Terrasa4 months ago
  • Thanks for making this. You have inspired me to start fostering orphaned kittens once I'm able to socialize my new fur baby and get him introduced to my resident cat. He is semi-feral and has been living on the streets for years. I adopted him from my local rescue. I'm pretty sure he has some experience with humans because he doesn't bite or scratch. But I'm not so sure that experience was very good because when I first got him he would piddle himself when he was scared and he acts very submissive. He may have been abused at some point. I'm sure he'll adjust soon. I've always been one for giving cats with the least chance to be adopted a chance. My resident cat was a feral kitten I saved while doing TNR. They were going to put her back outside because they didn't have room or time to socialize her. She's with me 11 years later and she's gone from ferocious warrior to absolute lovebug.

    Possibly HumanPossibly Human4 months ago
  • What if they just biting on it while you are walking biting your feet and i tried everything to stop biting. Tried playing with him extra, tried to redirect, tried to keep him to one room but he still bites a lot. I need him to stop biting

    AllinmyworldAllinmyworld4 months ago
    • I’d suggest using a safe dog chew toy, monitor him while he chews so he doesn’t choke, or use a cat chew.

      WlecomeToTheJungle 🐆WlecomeToTheJungle 🐆3 months ago
  • I just got 2 on june 3rd, I think they are 4 weeks but i have no idea

    Alisha RAlisha R4 months ago
  • You’ve helped me soo much with my little rescue kitten Bakria! Thank you so much !!

    Laura Maria BodewigLaura Maria Bodewig4 months ago
  • Hannah!/Readers! I really need your help, I've recently adopted a kitten, he's about 65 days old and he has worms. I'm not sure if he does but his stomach is getting bigger and he keeps licking his poop area, has diarrhea and he's vomited 3 times today. I'm not sure what to do since he's my first kitten. PLEASE HELP! I'm desperate for help I really want to save him. His name is Milo. Please help me save Milo by giving me advice, I'll be commenting the same thing in a few other videos too.! I AM NOT DOING THIS FOR LIKES !

    StrawBerryStrawBerry4 months ago
    • Please take Milo to a veterinarian ASAP! The situation you describe indicates that this kitten is having a very hard time. Blessings to you and your little one.

      OasisHorseStudentOasisHorseStudent4 months ago
  • I really like this kind webinar because I like and hour or more videos of cat or kitten 💜.

    Ardian Ibn AbdillahArdian Ibn Abdillah4 months ago
  • Oh hi uh so there’s a cat that had kittens I’ve been trying to get them but I there hard to catch I want to catch them because I don’t them to get run over

    Elisabeth HernandezElisabeth Hernandez5 months ago
    • Use traps. Animal rescuers use them for catching animals (such as cats) that are too difficult to catch, use canned food to lure them in.

      Tiffany VerrillTiffany Verrill4 months ago
  • I tried to supplement bottle feed a @4 week old orphan but she wouldn’t take it. However she would crunch on kitten chow (given to me for temporary use while transferring to furrever home) and she really took to soft food with a little KMR on the saucer. I hope that’s an okay alternate scenario.

    Amy PettyAmy Petty5 months ago
  • Hi! I love your content and really benefitted from is as a first time foster parent. I would love to see more content on how to facilitate adoption (setting up a post, interview template, etc). Getting interest has been easy, but knowing how to weed out red flags has been difficult. I saw you had a brief post on your website, but I'd love to see a video walking us through an adoption of your own... if you've already done this, I apologize but I wasn't able to find it searching through your channel.

    Adriana McGinnisAdriana McGinnis5 months ago
  • Hello! I have rescued a 4 week old kitten.. Trying to keep her eating some wet food mixed with the kmr.. But I feel she is getting weak.. What should I do? Also her right eye gets stuck.. I give her baths.. She does poop and pee on her own.. I feel so bad.. I dont have funds for a vet.. I am nit giving up on her.. She was foaming at the mouth this morning.. She eats and sleeps.. Nibbles and I give her water through a syringe.. She didnt like the bottle

    Virgy92335Virgy923355 months ago
  • Kitten Lady Fans: love it if experts could help out with a kitten, cat colony located near storm drain on Stewarton and Fieldcrest Drive, four houses from busy May Road and about twenty houses from busier Valley View Road (El Sobrante borders Richmond, California, off of Freeway 80). They move from bush to bush at this intersection, usually after about ten p.m. Trap, neuter, release needed by experts with good vehicle. San Pablo pet clinic called Evergreen, on San Pablo Road (call first to make appointments, fees discussed, distance rules, etc.) may have the best price for spay, neuter, etc. Fix Our Ferals has a very limited budget, staffed by mostly volunteers, and they seem to be on 'burn out.' Maybe get funding or donations from the new group called Resource Generation, interviewed in the October 2019 issue of the online, You Tube, magazine called 'Town and Country.' Ask to only speak with cat fans so you don't waste time with someone who is not a cat fan. This zip code probably has thousands of feral cats. May 21, 2020 Thanks in Advance.

    DogCat PartyDogCat Party5 months ago
  • Chiantis has always happened when we

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  • Thanks so much for vlog! I💝😽s!!🐈💝🐾😻😹💞💘

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    Qween SquadQween Squad5 months ago
  • sadly I missed this but I do have a question on the litterbox. it was only mentioned shortly but when you have just adopted a kitten is it a good idea to put out an extra box in the first week of bringing it home just to be save? and then later just give it less access to it and eventually remove it completely? or would this be unwise in case they get used to the extra litterbox? I am getting a kitten soon and I want to make sure I do the best I can with a base camp and place an extra litterbox there and remove it as soon as it gets access to the whole house.

    ichigo momomyiaichigo momomyia5 months ago
  • You're the most helpful and informative kitten lady but why do you have a triangle with a freaking eye on it behind the kitten in this photo at 1:38:44

    Kell BellKell Bell5 months ago
  • You're a life saver

    Medhusa WolfMedhusa Wolf5 months ago
  • I gave my kittens wet and kibble and I noticed that a little orange one wasn’t really eating so I also had formula

    Cookiez_gachaCookiez_gacha5 months ago
  • Is blue buffalo a good brand of food? Also where I get my kittens is at my grandparents house in the country. These random cats came along and in there shed they live there. It s filthy and the cats are not spayed and neutered. Each year there are letters of kittens. This year I’m pretty sure this is about 12-16 kittens. We normally foster them at 5 weeks old. Yes we do take them from there mother :\ but they won’t spay the cats and we don’t want the production so we make sure the kittens get spayed and neutered when we foster them and find them nice, loving forever homes ☺️ can’t wait for this year cause we are keeping one again! :D btw love you keep doing what your doing cause your living a dream! And now I know more to improve!

    Cookiez_gachaCookiez_gacha5 months ago
  • Thanks for tips again!!! You help me so much so thank you!

    Bongos congas & antique cash register collectingBongos congas & antique cash register collecting5 months ago
  • When do you give the kittens a bath? & how often? just got one that’s 7wks old.

    Heavenly BeautyHeavenly Beauty5 months ago
    • well if they go to the bathroom and get really dirty you have to give them a bath but just for their butt and if they have fleas you got to give them a flea bath (sry if i spelled smth wrong i don't speak english that well)

      One Direction FanOne Direction Fan4 months ago
  • Would like to see how to care for ears.

    Annie MarsellaAnnie Marsella5 months ago
  • hi

    Abby AusenhusAbby Ausenhus5 months ago
  • For kitten litter boxes I use the cover from plastic bins: shallow enough and super easy to clean 🙂

    Daphnée M-RicherDaphnée M-Richer5 months ago
  • URGENT! ........ Please please please during this lockdown i cant take my kitten to the vet because the veterinary clinic are closed my cat has a tiny wound but its deep on the right side of its chest and i don't know how did he get that as he is an outside cat and hes 7 months old his chest is swollen means that he has a abscesstion there and we applied some echinacea on the wound as when i googled it they said its good for cats i don't have any thing else and dont know what to do please with your humble heart reply for helping the kitten please.

    Sheeba HassanSheeba Hassan5 months ago
    • There is still vets that are open for emergencies ! Call and tell them what's going on, Im sure they'll let you come in since it seems like an emergency.

      Daphnée M-RicherDaphnée M-Richer5 months ago
  • meet them where they are lmao

    Jim SmallwoodJim Smallwood5 months ago
  • My friend has a baby kitten with Down syndrome and it’s 4 weeks old and I don’t know if we should keep it with it’s mom or not because it looks sick and won’t move around as much as the other kittens and it’s the size of a newborn cat and all the others are bigger

    Chaveya BelileChaveya Belile6 months ago
  • I’m getting a new kitty in a few weeks (getting her from a breeder instead of a shelter this time) I’ve never owned a baby kitten before so if you guys could help me out and share some tips that would be really great

    Jessica WhitfieldJessica Whitfield6 months ago
  • i love your job

    Tisha KentTisha Kent6 months ago
  • Hi there, i am going to pick up a kitten. I read everywhere that the min to remove them from their parents is from 8 weeks, however, the lady message be yesterday and advised that the vet had an opening and they are getting their vaccination tomorrow and will be ready to be picked up then, They will be 7 weeks tomorrow. She advised they are eating solids, drinking water and using their litter box and not drinking from their mum that much. AM not sure what to do. Shall i leave it another week or go pick it up this weekend. All it siblings are going tomorrow. Your advice will be very much appreciated.

    Nisha GNisha G6 months ago
  • please help i DESPERATELY want a cat but i just can't seem to get my parents to get one. any advice on how i can convince them ??

    n a d i an a d i a6 months ago
  • My kitten sees my hands and feet as prey she digs her nails into be and bites me, so you have any tips where it can stop because I try and play with toys but she does it randomly

    Missy KMissy K6 months ago
    • whenever she bites/claws you give her a toy right away, I hope this helps!

      Aine RogersAine Rogers5 months ago
  • Im like you ill handle cat food etc.

    Griffith WilliamsGriffith Williams6 months ago
  • You're soooo awesome 👍👍😉😈

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    • Sorry about that last emoji 😂😂😂🤦🤦🤦

      snakjfhfkakqldjaksnakjfhfkakqldjak6 months ago
  • My moms friend’s cat has kittens when their eight weeks old I can adopt one of them

    Notnowdeer_swiftyNotnowdeer_swifty6 months ago
  • The description with 3 kids and a young black cat perfectly fits my family haha

    Gacha GemGacha Gem6 months ago
  • Your videos saved my life along with my 2 day old kitten thank you

    Jaelynn YupanquiJaelynn Yupanqui6 months ago
  • Hi I need your advice this is my first time caring for new born kittens they are about 3 weeks old but they are stimulating each other making a mess all over there bedding and themselves any tips on what I can do ???????

    Ann ZAnn Z6 months ago
  • Hi

    Mossy DoggyMossy Doggy6 months ago
  • my cat gave birth yesterday i hated seeing her suffer

    Eliona HasmujayEliona Hasmujay6 months ago
  • Can you recommend a video about caring for kittens once you've adopted one? I've had 2 cats but never a kitten.

    Linda AnberLinda Anber6 months ago
  • Awwww very cool I think my cat is going to have babies I have 2 cats by da why cupcake and piggy>:3

    Michelle FreemanMichelle Freeman6 months ago
  • hello, my family has recently (near the end of 2019) gotten another cat, my other cat (zipper) isn't fond of her. any tips? another question, my newer cat (penny) has pretty long fur and that's fine for us but I've noticed that the fur on her butt has some poop on it.. any tips as to how we can help?

    SayuriSayuri6 months ago
    • @Sayuri How old are u???? THINK ABOUT IT.... Jackson galaxy has tips. Fur on the butt OBVIOUSLY TRIM HER BUT FUR

      Tricia EustacheTricia Eustache5 months ago
    • should we just trim the fur on her butt?

      SayuriSayuri6 months ago
    • I have figured out that just having the cats see each other for a minute or two a day has helped zipper get used to penny, although she isn't happy.

      SayuriSayuri6 months ago
  • Wow amazing as usual. Thank you. My favorite to go person for any cat advice.

    J RJ R6 months ago
  • His name is Cinnabon

    NothingToLookAt YTNothingToLookAt YT6 months ago
  • Hello kitten 🐱 lady I have a tabby kitten and he 6 months old and he is 0 years old

    NothingToLookAt YTNothingToLookAt YT6 months ago
  • Greetings to everyone I see that you all love animals so I request you to check out "Adorable cats" channel. The owner of the channel is a true hero to all animals. But, he's not being able to now because very few people watch his video. Kindly visit his channel you will definitely love it. Take care, stay safe and may God bless you❤

    Ashley CyrilAshley Cyril6 months ago

    George C.A JojoGeorge C.A Jojo6 months ago
    • Dogs do that the reason dogs do it is most of the time they won’t make it but I don’t know much about cats

      Flipin_ LynnFlipin_ Lynn4 months ago
  • i need help on the kitten i need to know if they are 3 weeks plz kitten lady

    Alexia BrooksAlexia Brooks6 months ago
  • I love how a lot of supplies for human babies works great for cats as well

    Jimmy LJimmy L6 months ago
    • For readers here only kitten formula though

      Griffith WilliamsGriffith Williams6 months ago
  • Hi, I found a kitten that I’ve been bottle feeding for a week. I believe she is 4 weeks old and turning 5. But I am unsure. She is chewing her bottle top off and I think I will start weaning in the next few days. Am I doing the right thing ?

    onyxgem18onyxgem186 months ago
    • I think you are! Keep in mind the schedule at 9:44! I know I’m VERYYY late so this isn’t very useful now....

      WlecomeToTheJungle 🐆WlecomeToTheJungle 🐆3 months ago
  • where do you get the kittens from?

    Sohani FariaSohani Faria6 months ago
  • I know I’m really late, but I’ve looked online and can’t find any answers. I have 3 week old kittens that refuse to use the litter box. The meow constantly if I put them in there while they are trying to go to the bathroom in their bedding. I made sure the bedding is flat and the litter box is really shallow. They start meowing a lot and then the mom grabs them from the litter box. It doesn’t have to be kitten lady who answers. I just really need answers.

    Holly VothHolly Voth6 months ago
    • ツMari ok thanks

      Holly VothHolly Voth6 months ago
    • Holly Voth hey there! I’m a new kitten owner but I have learned a couple of things. I began litter training them at the age 4 weeks but you can start early as 3. I bought a very shallow bin and started with a good layer of litter (make sure it’s a type of litter that won’t clump or else they might want to eat it or swallow it) I made sure to see where they mostly stayed and seemed really comfortable. (Never leave them in the closet!) it is recommended to have many different litter places but I only placed one. One of my kittens really just started smelling the litter and really understood the concept and just peed whenever however my other kitten did not enjoy it at all. I place him in the litter box and just showed them that they can dig it and you can stimulate them over the litter box every time so they understand that it will be the place where they pee. After two days of stimulating him over the litter box and letting him explore the litter by digging he began walking around it that at some point he went in and peed. They now understand it and they finally have learned to cover it! Just be patient with them and make sure they feel comfortable and aren’t feeling forced to do so. Good Luck!

      ツMariツMari6 months ago
  • Hi i am getting a kitten soon and i loveee you sooo soooooooo Much 💖💝

    Anastasija Kocić VI-7Anastasija Kocić VI-76 months ago
  • Thank you SO much. I just started fostering kittens a couple days ago and to be honest I’ve been freaking out and worrying this whole time. You answered so many of the questions that I had!! I feel so much better😅

    Carolina RCarolina R6 months ago
  • Thanks for the tips me and my mom found a new born kitten under her car and we haven’t taken care of a new born kitten like this before this really helped me and I took notes now I’m more confident about this.😁😁

    Mini KrystalMini Krystal6 months ago
    • If you want information about newborns watch the first webinar

      cat lover’s placecat lover’s placeMonth ago
  • I had a foster kitten last summer who had been prematurely weaned. Thank goodness I was weighing her regularly. Didn’t want a bottle, didn’t understand a dish. I went to syringe feeding with a KMR/kitten food/baby food and sloooooowly got her accustomed to having food in her belly. She’s currently a thriving 9 month old foster fail.

    Wendy PierceWendy Pierce6 months ago
  • Could you react to Joey Graceffa's kitten care? I feel like he needs some more education, I've learned so much from your channel already and want his kittens to live their best life!

    S GS G6 months ago
  • I missed it and was not able to register, how do I get the extra resources?

    Kitten LoverKitten Lover6 months ago
  • Over here in the UK kittens can't be neutered until they are 4 to 6 months old, Vets just won't do it as they say they are too young. I am getting my new Kitten in 3 weeks but my Vet won't even neuter her until she is at least 4 months and a certain weight and size. X

    Hammy Cats69Hammy Cats696 months ago
    • I believe that's so they can develop with the proper hormones and such.

      thecasualtrollingpumathecasualtrollingpuma5 months ago
    • Thats true im in uk my cats were that age.

      Griffith WilliamsGriffith Williams6 months ago
  • My ten month old cat has been having a lot of drainage from her eye what is a home remedy? Sorry for being off topic. But I also foster kittens

    Janeece SmithJaneece Smith6 months ago
    • Take to the vet probably needs eye antibiotic .

      Griffith WilliamsGriffith Williams6 months ago
    • Ask a vet?

      Questions always ???Questions always ???6 months ago
  • Thank you so much I am getting my first ever kitten in 2 weeks and I have been watching all of your videos to make sure I have done all my research. If anyone wants to see my journey or give me any tips, @grayson_theecat

    Hannah LeechHannah Leech6 months ago
  • Hi kitten lady today i was walking down the street and I spotted this little kitten i was half the size of a cat of a cat at 2 years old it's ears were out and it eyes is open what can i do?

    Mikkeline KronborgMikkeline Kronborg6 months ago
  • Hi kitten lady I just want to say that I have a male kitten that I think is sick cuz if u don't give it dry food it will poop blood and I swear pls read this messenge and I swear I am not lying so wht should I do to help him

    JanaJana6 months ago