Webinar 3: Keeping Kittens Healthy

May 2, 2020
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To help support first-time kitten foster parents, I'm teaming up with Royal Canin to offer Catology, a Kitten Care Webinar Series designed to provide foster parents with the education they need in order to care for the most vulnerable felines.
In the third webinar, Keeping Kittens Healthy, participants will learn:
How to provide basic preventative care like dewormers and probiotics
How to deal with GI issues such as diarrhea, constipation, and parasites
How to handle respiratory and eye infections, fleas, ringworm, common viruses, and more
How to properly sanitize and quarantine kittens for maximum health benefit
…and more!
The webinars will be streamed live on the official Facebook and Instagram of Royal Canin and the official Facebook and Instagram of The Kitten Lady.
Royal Canin is also covering the cost of the first month of nutrition for all new kitten and cat fosters or adopters. To redeem, you must first purchase any Royal Canin kitten or cat food, visit www.royalcaninrewards.com and use code 20-11942. You will need to provide a copy of your kitten’s foster or adoption paperwork and a purchase receipt.
More Information: www.kittenlady.org/webinar

  • We love you Kitten Lady

    Thea Oliphant-WellsThea Oliphant-Wells4 days ago
  • God bless remember God love u he sent his son to die for u and he made u if it was not for him you would not be alive God bless

    Jemimah McKenzieJemimah McKenzie13 days ago
  • i might get a 3 month old kitty from the shelter hes an orange tabby i have a 3 year old orange tabby named tiger woods then i have a female mackerel tabby named ginger

    Crow CrittendenCrow Crittenden15 days ago
  • Do you have kittens kittens cats

    Isaac Abraham,Isaac Abraham,22 days ago
  • Ok I'll stop now

    tess MacFarlandtess MacFarlandMonth ago
  • Do you have any British shorthair kittens

    Stephanie KratzStephanie Kratz2 months ago
  • IM FOSTERING A 3 weeks kitten , he got worms and feline herpes from his mother . he sadly has fleas as well soo i’m trying my best i already took him to the vet , he’s a fighter n so am i , i hope he will be safe

    Barbara GonzalezBarbara Gonzalez2 months ago
    • Have you defleaed the household because that will stop the infestation of fleas in carpets rugs clothes

      Carlene BurdonCarlene BurdonMonth ago
  • So, what I have done for my babies that want to suckle, I have a baby bottle with an UNCUT NIPPLE, filled with NOTHING BUT AIR, and I let them suckle the UNCUT nipple so they can soothe and pacify without harming the others. It's really comforting for them and the bottle feeds go so so fast so they can't quite get the comfort they're needing from suckling. I also noticed I don't have so many blanket nursers after they're weaned when I pacify them.

    Dazzling ExtremesDazzling Extremes2 months ago
  • I have a question. My sister rescued a kitten and it had a very bad eye infection and I got him some tiramycin and it helped it out a lot but as soon as the medicines gone it come back. Along with my cat who plays with him a lot their eyes ain’t as bad anymore but they have booder eyes and sneezing.. I keep giving them the medicine but I feel like they are going to need stronger medicine

    Mia TaylorMia Taylor2 months ago
  • Tfzhzbzjpzbzn...!😁

    Jalur AngkasaJalur Angkasa2 months ago
  • Love your aesthetic, content and kitty cats. You inspired me to start my own channel xoxo keep up the amazing stuff : )

    Inspired by CatsInspired by Cats3 months ago
  • is it okay if a one month old is still feeding on formula?? because I have a one month old but she is still feeding on formula she is sick that's why she is still feeding on formula I am wondering this because when u were talking about the beige poop

    kak Knuthkak Knuth3 months ago
    • @marion moore bc she was suffering from a heart condition 😢

      kak Knuthkak Knuth3 months ago
    • @kak Knuth why did they do that?

      marion mooremarion moore3 months ago
    • @marion moore Thank you I took her in but sadly they had to put her down 😢

      kak Knuthkak Knuth3 months ago
    • no, a 4 week old kitten should definitely still be on formula. they should be weaned at 5 or 6 weeks. pllease get to a vet to get a fecal done

      marion mooremarion moore3 months ago
  • Wow! That kitten makes poops bigger than a giant ape! :D

    Skymning ForelsketSkymning Forelsket3 months ago
  • *We have a lot of cool videos about kittens. Please have a look*

    Kitten LifeKitten Life3 months ago
  • Hi

    Teal OTeal O3 months ago
  • 2:28:30 my 3 and a half year old Male cat does it on this really soft blanket we have it's funny lol

    Red CowRed Cow3 months ago
  • I'm from india , I'm having 5 kittens,2kittens were affected with virus that were spreading to other kittens that leads to hair loss and scar in their faces , currently I'm using azithromycin as per the doctors advice ,and the mom cat also suffering from dandruff and hair fall, i need ur advice to prevent my kittens. So please text me :9840455242.

  • Good evening

  • Hello kitten lady, my kitten just died 3 days ago.. She has anemia,she didn't show any symptoms and just suffer only couple hours,why is that? I brought her to the vet and stayed just an hour and died.. What can I do to prevent my kittens from anemia?

    ara grace reodiqueara grace reodique4 months ago
    • anemia is often caused by fleas, so they probably had severe flea infestations you may not have noticed.

      marion mooremarion moore3 months ago
  • i think something is wrong with my 2 kittens they keep sneezing

    isla's lifeisla's life4 months ago
    • i hope you had gotten them to a vet by now!

      marion mooremarion moore3 months ago
  • Your webinars have really helped me a lot! We have just took an orphan kitten who was rescued by the fire department inside a motor compartment. Otherwise he would have been put in a shelter and I don’t think his chances of getting adopted there would be high due to the fact that he is so shy and probably traumatized because of his rough start. Despite me having had cats for all my life, taking care of a kitten is really a lot and I don’t think I would be able to do it without your videos. Especially determining the kitten’s age was very important so we can provide him with proper food. Now we make sure the little guy adapts well to the room we put him in until his quarantine period is over and we can introduce him to our other two cats. I really hope in the two weeks quarantine he will not forget how to interact with other cats, because sadly he is all by himself. Do you have any advice on how to handle a kitten who is all alone? Thank you so much!!!

    Aristo & DiosAristo & Dios4 months ago
  • what

    George ChenGeorge Chen4 months ago
  • I just bought your book really helpful 🐱

    Aisling HAisling H4 months ago
  • Thank you!

    Rochelle TepperRochelle Tepper4 months ago
  • You have helped me so much with rescuing my teo kittens under my house. You taught me so much and i am forever grateful. ❤

    Kiara McclureKiara Mcclure4 months ago
  • guys my kitten is 2 months old and has diarrhea, n she threw up 3 times today and she hasn't eaten in days. WHAT DO I DO PLS HELP

    Michelle KofterouMichelle Kofterou4 months ago
    • Go to the vet.

      Stephanie Nicole PabloStephanie Nicole Pablo4 months ago
  • Omg I use a refrigerator container too to weigh 😂

    kmaezzkmaezz4 months ago
  • I wish I would have found your videos before getting ringworm from my foster 🤣

    mvlucero38mvlucero384 months ago
  • does anyone have any advice for dealing with traumatic foster loss? a foster recently died in my arms. and i can’t help but think that i could’ve made better choices and things would’ve come out differently.

    paigepaige4 months ago
  • I fell asleep watching this lol. Great vid tho

    rippelzrippelz4 months ago
  • Hannah!/Readers! I really need your help, I've recently adopted a kitten, he's about 65 days old and he has worms. I'm not sure if he does but his stomach is getting bigger and he keeps licking his poop area, has diarrhea and he's vomited 3 times today. I'm not sure what to do since he's my first kitten. PLEASE HELP! I'm desperate for help I really want to save him. His name is Milo. Please help me save Milo by giving me advice, I'll be commenting the same thing in a few other videos too.! I AM NOT DOING THIS FOR LIKES !

    StrawBerryStrawBerry4 months ago
    • take him to a vet now

      paigepaige4 months ago
  • I have a mother cat who's kittens for the past few years get eye infections and runny noses and I dont know this for sure but I think it only spreads to other kittens if she feeds them. Anyone have any idea what this is? I hope I might get a clue to what it is with these webinars

    _Sombie__Sombie_5 months ago
  • Dearest, lovely-beautiful -Kitten-Lady, love all your videos ect. I had 4 cats but my 1 cat died of cat-leukemia, she was at least 16-18 years old, don't know why she got it - had her necessary injections every year. The vet who treated her is a very good vet. Still sad......

    George PollastriGeorge Pollastri5 months ago
  • I have small kitten but he don't have mom i think he is 4 weeks so what I give her is boiled rice and water is good for kitten and he every time doing meo meo i don't know what i do plzz reply I wait to your reply

    Zahid KhanZahid Khan5 months ago
  • how do i get my mother cat to breast feed her kitten

    Taco nicoTaco nico5 months ago
    • @Amy Heath thank you

      Taco nicoTaco nico5 months ago
    • I'm pretty sure that should happen naturally but I think if she refuses to feed the baby you will have to bottle feed

      Amy HeathAmy Heath5 months ago
  • dont worry, im a kitten lady too

    Sasha MagnottaSasha Magnotta5 months ago
  • I have learned more in this one session than I did in a semester of college... 😬

    oowatwatoowatwat5 months ago
  • Hi

    Sean ToddSean Todd5 months ago
  • I am fostering 2 littens how do i tell gender

    Amelia WardAmelia Ward5 months ago
    • Kitten Lady has a video on that 🙂

      Emily GrafEmily Graf4 months ago
  • Your videos are so informative ànd well directed with appropriate edits, u are by far the best i hav come across, awesome!

    Nevil SharmaNevil Sharma5 months ago
  • Thanks for your advice!!! The best information on USworlds out there on caring for kittens!

    Bongos congas & antique cash register collectingBongos congas & antique cash register collecting5 months ago
  • One of my kittens was born with a wound on its lower stomach. I thought the mother had cut the umbilical cord too close to the stomach. After 4-6 weeks of growth and regular cleaning of the area I have noticed that it is actually its private area I am very concerned cause it has started using its litter box which is basically sand and now if I don't look after it 24/7 it will get a really nasty infection and might die WHAT DO I DO??😭😭😭😭😭😭 PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    WOO EMPIREWOO EMPIRE5 months ago
  • I dont know if. Youll even see this but its worth a try. Me and my partner found 2 kittens in a bad storm a week ago. We brought them and and looked for more but there werent any. The smallest one has what i believe is an URI. The eyes have a.bunch of gunk in them (yellow gunk) and in her nose. I believe they are around 6 weeks as they have molars behind the canine teeth. But she has been consistently sick. And last night her breathing has gotten rough and raspy. Almost like a baby rattle. All the vets are closed where my fiance and i live because of covoid 19. What can i do? Ive tried everything the shelter told me to do. Seperate the kittens incase it is spreadable between the 2 kittens. A heat pad incase its a cold. I dont know what to do. And today we woke up to her vomiting. Any advice would really really help. Its so hard seeing her suffer.

    Gale MonroeGale Monroe5 months ago
  • I've just bin brought a kitten 36hrs ago a neighbor boy found and it's so lil.Ive bin watching you and so far has helped but have a few questions I so hope ill be able to talk to u tomorrow at 2pm it says u'll be live..Until then have a peaceful nite....

    tammy kobaktammy kobak5 months ago
  • Hi Kitten Lady. I'm just wondering if a cat can easily survive mouth cancer.

    Madelyn And JuliaMadelyn And Julia5 months ago
  • I love these webinars! Thank you so much for doing these. I've been fostering for several years now, but there's always stuff to learn. Also nice to see I've been doing a lot of things the same way you are. Am I right there are emails accompanying these webinars? I registered for all four, but all I got is reminders for when the next one is.

    PainterGirlPainterGirl5 months ago
  • you are so smart when it comes to little kittens have you ever considered becoming a vet or vet tech?

    Patsy RussettPatsy Russett5 months ago
  • Please reply a cat gave birth and kept kitten outside on ground at the back of house and there r many dog should I ho and try to take them any where else will the cat bite me if I got there

    ultimate jayultimate jay5 months ago
  • Hi , my cat just gave birth in the morning at 3 extremely cute kittens and I am extremely happy! !!

    My Creative Nail Art!My Creative Nail Art!5 months ago
  • Hi Hannah!!! I love your vids! I’m a cat lover/owner and has rescued a pregnant mama cat and my family and I cared for her and the babies when they were born. I’m happy to say the 4 babies that were born were all kept in my family! We also kept the mama who we also got fixed and she’s doing amazing! The babies were born last May so they’re about to be 1 years old!! Anyways I was wondering if you could give me some advice on how I can start helping my local animal shelters in San Antonio.. since covid is going on I’ve been wondering if I’m allowed to volunteer and help out? Any advice or tips would be greatly appreciated! I love love love kitties and all animals and hope to help more animals in the future! 💖

    Raven HarrisRaven Harris5 months ago
  • Thank you for doing what you do! Savin kittens lives🥰😻😻

    Proverbs 3:5-6Proverbs 3:5-65 months ago
  • I love your videos😄. What you are doing is beyond awesome!❤❤❤

    Loki_Pig _09Loki_Pig _095 months ago
  • MY dad just found a kitten at his job! They r currently bottle feeding him.he is a brown striped baby,prob about 1-3 weeks

    Karina BaezKarina Baez5 months ago
  • My kittens are having hard time to walk :( if they try to stand up or walk, they will stumble and fall :( what should I do? Please help me :(

    Claire YoungClaire Young5 months ago
  • My kitten is 4 weeks old and compared to the other kittens she HATES being picked up and will meow so loud until u put her down or until mom comes. What can I do to let her know i'm not going to hurt her?

    J SonJ Son5 months ago
  • I need an honest answer or opinion only. My roommates stray cats had kittens a few weeks ago n since tht time he has refused to wash the blanket they have been using as a "litter box" becuz he thinks the mom who has already been weening them will forget their scent. The blanket is disgusting its covered in dirt, poo n urine from day 1 to week 6 almost 7. N my kitten is part of the litter, it grosses me out everytime i have to look at them playing around n using this blanket to sleep on. I finally took it apon myself to wash it since he wudnt, did i make the right decision?

    Chanell CampbellChanell Campbell5 months ago
  • Make a video on homemade kitten formula

    Afshan TaluthAfshan Taluth5 months ago
  • What if your vet will not tube feed or won't reach you my shelter vet will never teach tube feeding she's adime if they cannot eat on their own they should be euthenized

    Asher KarrAsher Karr5 months ago
  • I just got a kitten today and now I want to learn from you more so that I can take care of the kitten

    GachaYadi335GachaYadi3355 months ago
  • i have 6 kittens right now 5, 5 week old kittens and 1 3 week old kitten

    Taylor SergentTaylor Sergent5 months ago
  • Can you move it up to Canada

    Cruz PearsonCruz Pearson5 months ago
  • QUESTION: I'm talking to my boyfriend about volunteering as a foster for the shelter, possibly as a kitten foster. What is the impact fostering has on your life, particularly your social life and taking vacations?

    ravingmadcatravingmadcat5 months ago
  • I have a black comunity cat roming the nabor hood she is very pregnate i do not know what to do help me pls😣

    Ally RahnAlly Rahn5 months ago
  • Hello during a pandemic my veterinarian closed and I recently got three Foster kittens without parents one of the kittens has his eyes open umbilical cord still attached is that normal is it okay I've had a lot of cats and I've never experienced this before

    Alex NunezAlex Nunez5 months ago
  • Can you possibly do a vid on how to keep kittens from sleeping in the litter box because one of my 6 month old kittens basically lives in the litter box, and I'm afraid that my other kittens won't be able to use it.

    Sawyer EttesvoldSawyer Ettesvold5 months ago
  • Please rescue more disabled cats. I have one who is paralysed on all 4 legs and there needs to be a video on their proper care at home💙

    Persephonne VanityPersephonne Vanity5 months ago
    • She has a video on her paralysed kitten.

      Adelaide an eggAdelaide an egg2 months ago
  • Can a kitten eat pumpkin ?

    Xx JD xxXx JD xx5 months ago
  • i have a question what if theres a 3 hissy feral kittens and if i give them food they take the food and run away and get startled when i try to socialize and theres a feral mother too? what should i do?

    carl entecarl ente5 months ago
  • Hi I am from India and I want a kitten you have lot of kitten are cat for free please

    Ameena ShaikAmeena Shaik5 months ago
  • Hi kitten lady I'm 12 and I have my heart set on fostering animals in need,including neonatal kittens. This helped ALOT I love ur work and love how much u care about the most vulnerable felines. I hope that one day I can be like u, saving those in eyed of love and care. Thank you so mich flr this webinar Xx

    Ruby JamesRuby James5 months ago
  • kitten lady. I have a 7.5week old kitten. when is the best age to fix a male kitten. I would like to wait a while be because of the coronavirus but i dont want to wait longer than i should.

    Hannah SosaHannah Sosa5 months ago
  • your amazing

    mackenzie robertsmackenzie roberts5 months ago
  • Hi

    Poppy THOMPSONPoppy THOMPSON5 months ago
  • Hello anyone?

    Poppy THOMPSONPoppy THOMPSON5 months ago
  • A month ago, I found a kitten presumably 1 week old. I do everything as told in hannah’s videos. Her eyes are open now, she can see, hear, and walk. But the thing is, she is not growing big. She’s about 5 weeks old and her weight fluctuates between 130-160 grams. I’m so confused. Her poop is also normal, not diarrhea. Please help:(

    Ainaya DheaAinaya Dhea5 months ago
  • Hi could you please do a video on how to introduce a kitten to a home with an adult cat? I want to foster and possibly even adopt a new kitty but idk how my current cat son would take it.

    Kimberly TorresKimberly Torres6 months ago

    J RJ R6 months ago
  • Hi I have a question my cat likes to go on walks so we go on walks with him on this hill but today he started panting like a dog should I keep talking him on walks btw I gave him water and splashed him lightly with cold water but not too cold

    Missboabateaxox MissMissboabateaxox Miss6 months ago
    • Panting can be a sign of exertion or the weather is too hot if they havent travelled a mile

      Carlene BurdonCarlene BurdonMonth ago
    • my cats pant sometimes when there playing around

      isla's lifeisla's life4 months ago
  • Hi kitten lady can I have a kitten please ?????

    Emma ValdovinosEmma Valdovinos6 months ago
  • Hannah Shaw, you are beautiful inside and outside, and I have learned so much through your 3 webinars and always have a light heart after watching these lucky kittens thriving under your loving and expert care! See you at webinar 4 on feral kittens. 😻😻😻

    WAGSHoustonWAGSHouston6 months ago
  • Hey Hannah the kitten lady I've been really trying hard to find some information about a certain cat problem that I think you might be able to help me with. So last year in August a stray cat moved in my backyard and the next month in September she had kittens after a few months I brought the kittens in domesticated them, litter trained them, had them spayed and neutered and got all their shots and then got them off to their forever homes. Then in earlier of March of this year she had another litter of kittens so I brought her and her kittens in the day she had them. The kittens are doing great and they're just about ready to go off to their forever homes but I would also like to see Mama cat also go off to her forever home so I've been trying really hard to try to get her domesticated and friendly around humans so that way somebody would take her. I feel like she's an amazing cat and she deserves a great life but it hasn't been easy and I don't feel like it's going all that well I really would appreciate if you could help me get her to the point where she would be adoptable. Things I think you should know are I try to play with her every day but she's non-responsive to toys I have a cat tree but she doesn't really use only the kittens do. I have a spot made out for her so she can look out the window and watch the outside world there's spots where she can climb up to and be high off the ground and I have a cat bed for her but she doesn't use it she only sleeps in my bed but she is terrified of me and even more terrified of any other human beings. It would be amazing and so rewarding if I could watch her go to her forever home but I don't think I have the ability to do so without help. So please get back in touch with me if you have the opportunity so I can help out this amazing cat thank you so much. Danny Boy

    danny leedanny lee6 months ago

    Sopapilla MiaSopapilla Mia6 months ago
  • Hi kitten lady my name is cherilynn and i have a 7 week old orange tabby male was wondering if your interested in adopting him i took him at 4 weeks i went in over my head thought we were ready for a pet but not quite and i just want to make sure he goes to a safe and loving home we took him to the vet he's healthy needs shots at 8 weeks he will be 7 weeks on Tuesday im in the sandiego area thank you very much i love your compassion for pets your very trustworthy but not to worry he is in safe loving hands rite now just realized not ready for a pet

    Cherilynn SorensenCherilynn Sorensen6 months ago
  • help me, in my colony, there's a bunch of stray cats I feed, and recently one of the cats had three babies and one of the cats ate one of the kittys, he'd just eaten, so he weren't hungry, I found that two of the stray cats I feed are cannibals, someone can tell me why? (Sorry if i had an ortographic error, i dont speak english)

    Hermione PotterHermione Potter6 months ago
  • I need help. I have a major kitten problem and I don't know what to do. So, there are three kittens (6 weeks) living in an old boxcar with their mother in my gated/closed community. (Note that it's closed!). I am working along our local TNR, but nobody is able to help me or provide the resources I need to catch these kittens. All humane (regular) traps are located outside of the community and we are not able to leave to get them (due to quarantine). The cats are all feral, mom-cat hates my guts, and the kittens have already been traumatized from cat carriers, and refuse to in them. (Another lady slammed the carrier door on two of them, they got stuck, wriggled free, and then refused to come back. As well, the kittens now refuse to come outside until the middle of the night. (We even set up cameras). We have also tried to scare them out.. that's how desperate we were. So, I tried going into the boxcar to catch them. Little did I know, the boxcar is full of hay, wood stacks, metal, etc. It is impossible to see them through the many hiding spots. Also, we are not allowed to take the stuff out of the boxcar, because of community officials. I have no idea what to do, I have looked into different humane trapping methods too. However, where I live, only the simple humane trap is allowed; we are not allowed to use blanket traps or box (stick with falling box) traps. What do I do? Thanks for any responses! I really need to help these kittens and get their mom spayed.

    Tigers Don't FlyTigers Don't Fly6 months ago
  • Omg I have something to watch that's not only 10 mins yay and it's about cats ! It is the perfect video for meeee🤗

    lyxy oatmeallyxy oatmeal6 months ago

    Voice Of An AngelVoice Of An Angel6 months ago
  • My mom's friend brought in a mom and a kittens. The runt was emaciated and mom had kinda shunned it. It only lasted 48 hours even with supplemental feeding. There was another that had under developed legs and the mom killed it. I believe the others are doing good.

    Voice Of An AngelVoice Of An Angel6 months ago
  • Meow

    Meow Got TalentMeow Got Talent6 months ago
  • My cat is going to give babies mam

  • Hey girl, I’m planning on getting a kitten in a few years but I can’t decide on a breed. I need your advice, what is your recommended kitten breed for a beginner?

    Lia PottsLia Potts6 months ago
    • Whatever breed you get, two is better, as kittens are hardwired to learn from their siblings.

      Tim Y.Tim Y.5 months ago
    • Tracy thanks but do you know any good breeds for me, never mind I’m sure I will find the one

      Lia PottsLia Potts6 months ago
    • Get a shelter/rescue kitten :)

      TracyTracy6 months ago
  • Where do you get kittens?

    Quincy MitchellQuincy Mitchell6 months ago
  • I already have like 5 cats from the street😂😊

    Valeria WalterValeria Walter6 months ago
  • i have recently been watching your videos and you have inspired me to foster kittens!i will be starting rlly soon !! thank you kitten lady !!

    Firewolf MeFirewolf Me6 months ago
  • I wish I could adopt Debbie and can you come to Ipswich in England it would mean so much to me if you reply and call me Deja and I am a girl

    sis vs bro fansis vs bro fan6 months ago
  • U are amazing

    Jannell DelpJannell Delp6 months ago
  • Ummm 🤔 does the video really say 2 hours 😱

    Gona AbdullahGona Abdullah6 months ago
  • The colour wheel of poop actually has a nice colour scheme. A painting with those colours would be incredible

    Jimmy LJimmy L6 months ago
  • My kitten had really bad gunky eyes when she was starting to open her eyes we clean them with the Mother's Milk and really helped the kitten eyes

    Ted JessicaTed Jessica6 months ago
  • Ooooo😮😮

    Shawlin LolShawlin Lol6 months ago