Webinar 4: Feral Felines & Kittens Found Outdoors

May 9, 2020
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To help support first-time kitten foster parents, I'm teaming up with Royal Canin to offer Catology, a Kitten Care Webinar Series designed to provide foster parents with the education they need in order to care for the most vulnerable felines.
In the fourth webinar, Feral Felines & Kittens Found Outdoors, participants will learn:
How to assess and respond to a variety of outdoor kitten scenarios including finding orphans, feral kittens, and families
How to safely handle and trap feral kittens and cats
How to participate in sterilization programs for community cats
How to socialize hissy feral kittens
…and more!
The webinars will be streamed live on the official USworlds and Facebook of Royal Canin and Kitten Lady.
Royal Canin is also covering the cost of the first month of nutrition for all new kitten and cat fosters or adopters. To redeem, you must first purchase any Royal Canin kitten or cat food, visit www.royalcaninrewards.com and use code 20-11942. You will need to provide a copy of your kitten’s foster or adoption paperwork and a purchase receipt.
More Information: www.kittenlady.org/webinar

  • I scooped up a kitten from work a couple of days ago, we have a feral colony. TNR is on hold at mo. She is around 6 weeks and very underweight and scruffy. She seemed happy as she never hissed and even padded as I fussed her. Vet did bloods she's ok but has lots of worms. Watching this I made the right call. I'm gonna keep her, I now have 4 cats lol.

    Caz WaardyCaz Waardy9 days ago
  • I loved watching this series I feel like I learned so much. Thank you for all that you do

    Appa TayAppa Tay24 days ago
  • I want to thank you so much for all of your kitten videos. A stray cat my bf befriended had a littler of kittens in my camper we were working on. She moved them several places around the yard, in the shed etc. All 3 of them disappeared one by one. Bob cat?. Fox? Vehicle? take your pick... they are all gone. Well Lili went and got herself preggo again. She actually moved them into the house. BF and I became the kitty parents. Bought kittie formula (they were able to drink no bottle needed) I got kitten food. and we now have 5 babies. Your advise and information helped so much. 3 Babies will be going to their forever homesin a couple more weeks....2 are staying with BF. We love em all but I already have two cats..

    Karma LarmaKarma Larma24 days ago
  • Hi kitten lady do you know we're I can get a ragdoll kitten I did get one and it got soo sick I started to bleed when she vomits and poops and she had cancer 😭

    Amber Van HeerdenAmber Van HeerdenMonth ago
  • Hannah Shaw I have too out dor cats and kittens and is very social

    Ash LeslieAsh LeslieMonth ago
  • I found a kitten that was just old enough to eat wet food. I had three adult cats and they were all right with baby, but I was afraid they might hunt her when I was not around. I had kitten sleep alone at night. Now, she is a skittish cat and I think I failed to provide the socialization with other kittens that she needed. She was very sick, but if I could do it again, I would help her health and then get her into a situation with kittens her own age, even better if another cat would accept her.

    Brenda ReedBrenda ReedMonth ago
  • The blanket in the kitten cam is my babies blanket hahah but im watching these my daughter found some about 4 week kittens and watching to see how to take care of or who's the momma!

    Momma bears Cub HouseMomma bears Cub HouseMonth ago
  • You never talk too long! I would listen a whole day! Keep up the amazing work! Love you!

    Fluddy PirateFluddy PirateMonth ago
  • I also would like to know if the vet would pay for TNR and vaccinations because they are strays.

    Miranda_ GooseMiranda_ Goose2 months ago
  • I really would like to know if it is safe to be handling stray kittens. Could you you get sick from them, what is the best way to handle that.

    Miranda_ GooseMiranda_ Goose2 months ago
  • I’ve raised and bottle fed 17 kittens. I loved them all but found them good homes. I love kittens and cats. Thanks for sharing this video. It’s wonderful information for the public.

    nurshark05nurshark052 months ago
  • Thank you Hanna for addressing the we can't save them all. I trapped a mama and her 4 kittens. They are in my house and was free feeding so I now I know better. I separated the mom in another room but the kittens all hide under the bed. So do I separate kittens too? Should I keep them in big dogs crates until they come when called? Anyway I can keep and release at my ranch as rodent control but I want them to come when called for food . Thanks for the help

    Mary LehrMary Lehr2 months ago
  • The info you provide is priceless. We moved into a house unaware we were inheriting cats :) The back yard had a raised bed and the first time we turned the sprinklers on I heard alot of kittens crying. I removed them and found a better nestbox I placed under a tree. I put out water and dry food. Mom showed up and I guess she trusted me because over the weeks I was able to socialize the kittens while Mom lay nearby. I was able to accomplish several things: the kittens still had their Mom, the kittens were well-socialized and when they appeared more independent I was able to trap Mom and take her to my Vet who did a pro bono spay. Mom was returned to the backyard and I found homes for the babies. Mom hung around and became very socialized including being very affectionate at the screened slider, particularly when my neutered male was at that door. She really loved him. :) When I took him for a walk on his leash she would follow talking the whole time. In the winter, I always made the garage available.

    Danalee LavelleDanalee Lavelle2 months ago
  • hi can you tell me hoow tha prson in the back rond is

    Cindy NorcrossCindy Norcross2 months ago
  • I am using these videos to start socializing the ferrel kitten we found. To help her get used to voices.

    Ericca with 2 C'sEricca with 2 C's3 months ago
  • My Aunt found a kitten outside, he didn't look quite 8 weeks but ate wet food, they gave him to me, I named him Boots, took him to the vet, got all of his vaccines and a checkup, got him flea meds and as soon as his male parts came in I got him neutered, he is 8-10 years old now and he's my baby boy.

    Crissy StarlightCrissy Starlight3 months ago
  • Yes. We have a "community" bY in the garden of the local nursing home. We managed to capture two of the kittens last year. I found a forever home for the tuxedo tom. And kept the little female.

    Whowants TonoWhowants Tono3 months ago
  • I live in a very very small town there is one cat that lives under my truck I can’t grab it but I feed it and put a little bed with a heating pad under it I check on it over the night but I can’t grab it

    Samorah VelaSamorah Vela3 months ago
  • Please help! A few weeks ago a 4 week old kitten ran out in front of my husband and I’s bikes, needing help and we have we adopted her and have been caring for her ever since. We took her to the vet and she’s currently a healthy growing kitten, but will need shots every 3 weeks for 15 weeks! That’s near $500 for shots alone plus neutering and many other expenses! It cost $50 to adopt a spayed/neutered kitten with all its shots at adoption agencies, I don’t understand! We can’t afford the expenses alone now and the whole family is attached to her and don’t know what to do. 😬

    S SS S3 months ago
    • I'm sorry to say this but if that's too much you really aren't ready to adopt. On the other hand, that does seem a little expensive especially if that doesn't include the neuter. Is there another vet you can go to?

      Isabel GossIsabel Goss3 months ago
  • Do you deal with people that are just NOT wanting to have cats living in community? My neighbor has been tolerant, but is not happy. I have a relative that is never happy when she sees a cat roaming in her neighborhood. In her defense, a neighbor across the street had cats and did nothing or very little to control their reproducing abilities!

    HeartofNoah7HeartofNoah73 months ago
  • You do not FIX cats! An intact cat is not broken. You desex, neuter or spay them. :)

    Creston HofCreston Hof3 months ago
  • Thank you for doing this webinar. I've been watching your videos for at least a year and got my first set of foster kittens on Monday! They were a little hissy to begin with, but yesterday I got both of them to purr for the first time. I feel way more capable of taking care of them because of the information here and from Jackson Galaxy.

    SarahSarah4 months ago
  • elaitsia271@g mail..com

    Melodie SutkaMelodie Sutka4 months ago
  • Does anyone from England find feral kittens? I've literally never seen outdoor kittens despite living in an area full of cats

    Olivia POlivia P4 months ago
  • Love this!

    Catify CoCatify Co4 months ago
  • My cat was a colony cat. Nemo was found under a trailer. My friend found them and cared for him. I took my "free" kitten. The Mom wasn't found.

    Maggie DeanMaggie Dean4 months ago
  • Thanks for making this! Of all the videos for cats to watch, this one is my cat's favorite. Good camera work.

    Free HD videos - No Copyright -Free HD videos - No Copyright -4 months ago
  • Hi

    WebCalmWebCalm4 months ago
  • Of course, i watch this video after my neighbor finds a kitten and gives it to me. He said that the crows were going to eat it. I think it was alone. I’m assuming that your wearing gloves because you don’t want your scent on them? I would like to try and unite if possible. I’ve noticed a new cat around the past 2 nights- am afraid if I catch her, that she has more kittens out there?

    Shawnie leafShawnie leaf4 months ago
  • With your advice, I got a feral kitty to accept pets, eat from my hand, and pur within 24 hours. :')

    kellsie volschowkellsie volschow4 months ago
  • How do you set up a litter box if you are keeping the cat in a relatively small play pen type set up? I'm pretty confused about this b/c i've always been told cats like their litter box to be quite far from their food. help please!

    Nikki SilverNikki Silver4 months ago
  • I wanna be like youuu!

    moonchild1308_moonchild1308_4 months ago
  • Dont forget about barn cats. I have to do TNR at cat mountain starting next week...been working there for years. 🐾

    Ara Cod!? Ara Cod!?Ara Cod!? Ara Cod!?4 months ago
  • Thank you so much, Hannah!! We trapped FIVE 5-6 weeks olds and so we're just starting the socializing process. I do appreciate you sharing your wealth of knowledge and experience! We also trapped mom and will get her spayed, and plan to go back for the Tom & possible other community cats

    Shannon HollyShannon Holly4 months ago
  • 3 of my 7 came from being under a wheelbarrow in a co-worker's yard after Hurricane Michael hit Florida. I registered them with "Michaels" as the last name. Sadie, Milo, and Puma. I did have their mother with them, and had her spayed, but she was not liking inside life so I took her back to her community. Sadly she was hit by a car. They all sleep with me every night. They follow me around the house and are never more than 10 feet away.

    Lisa LeoneLisa Leone4 months ago
  • Hannah you are an amazing person. Please continue to care for the little ones.

    Lisa LeoneLisa Leone4 months ago
  • Hey kitten lady, i have a 2 year old cat. she can sometimes be in heat but when shes not, she always bites me. you only do videos about kittens so do you have any tips for my cat to stop biting me? if you could, send me a video that might help me. btw, i have subscribed, now commented i will ring the bell and i have liked!

    Little Stars SarahLittle Stars Sarah4 months ago
  • This is really great information! Thank you for sharing and teaching❤️

    roxanne laudenbachroxanne laudenbach4 months ago
  • My family found a kitten a little over 2 weeks ago now. We knew her mother had more kittens, but she disappeared leaving our little girl behind. We've been taking care of her and looking for her mother with no luck. Shes a beautiful calico who loves to sit on our shoulders while we watch tv, and has been adopted by one of our dogs.

    RedRed4 months ago
  • I've been helping my daughter foster a litter of kittens and their mama who were living under a neighbor's porch. They are all so adorable. I can't get enough of them. Their antics are wonderful to watch, and while they are a LOT of work, it is soooo rewarding. I love them all, esp. mama, to pieces.

    DinahsoarDinahsoar4 months ago
  • Can ubreaf my dm on insta by TheUpSlimes

    everything tessa everything tessaeverything tessa everything tessa4 months ago
  • Hi can I have some advice please I have a semi feral kitten ( was full feral when we got her) she is roughly 3/4 months old and we have come a long way with her in two weeks HOWEVER we are still getting the off hiss (no nibbles) any advice how to fill gain her trust or will she always be a little spicy?? Any advice would be awesome please :)

    Simone AliceSimone Alice4 months ago
  • Hannah!/Readers! I really need your help, I've recently adopted a kitten, he's about 65 days old and he has worms. I'm not sure if he does but his stomach is getting bigger and he keeps licking his poop area, has diarrhea and he's vomited 3 times today. I'm not sure what to do since he's my first kitten. PLEASE HELP! I'm desperate for help I really want to save him. His name is Milo. Please help me save Milo by giving me advice, I'll be commenting the same thing in a few other videos too.! I AM NOT DOING THIS FOR LIKES !

    StrawBerryStrawBerry4 months ago
  • I have a six week old kitten that was born outside, and shes been on a wet dry food mix

    Natasha MatticksNatasha Matticks4 months ago
  • I have a kitty 1 St night baby is hungry only have adult food what can I feed the baby crying for ? What can I give baby until I can get kitty food and formula?

    Iris BlooIris Bloo4 months ago
  • hi, how does balboa and friends look like now. cheers uk

    sooty catsooty cat4 months ago
  • Thank you so much! I am fostering a litter of community kittens about 7wks old, with the mom. I learned a lot from your webinar! It sounds like I need to sterilize and release the mom asap.

    Amy Hatfield LoveAmy Hatfield Love4 months ago
  • Hannah, I just want to send you a thank you, you are soo inspirational. i was contacted about potentially taking in a little feral kitten, I later found out it was a litter of 4 kittens from a yard with feral community cats, the yard are actively trying to TNR, however unfortunately there are a few cats that havent been caught yet, so there was a litter needing a place to go. Because you are so amazing in sharing your experiences I agreed to take on the 4 kittens in a fostering capacity, fast forward a few weeks and I have 4 thriving 6 week old kittens that are almost weaned having been bottle fed for the first few weeks. I have found the perfect homes for all 4 babies and it will be a very happy but sad day when they go. I was also contacted a few days back, we were having a heatwave (very uncommon here in scotland) but a mumma cat had brought her kittens to the yard but had left them for the past few hours just baking in the sun... it's a sad story with one of the kittens having passed away lying there, and 2 of them in really bad shape. I managed to collect the 3 kittens that were left and rushed them straight to the vet... unfortunately 2 of them were in such a bad way that despite how hard both the vet and myself worked to get them hydrated and put some weight on it was too much for their wee bodies to handle... they had been exposed for too long and despite how hard it was the vet had no choice and both Athena and Odin never made it. Their sister Pax is currently home and working on weaning, putting on weight and learning to play... she may have some issues whether from breeding or her difficult start but all fingers crossed and I wont stop fighting for her. It just shows however that TNR programs within cat communities is so important, the mumma was in no condition to be having a litter or caring for kittens and we've ended up with a very sad situation. Hannah you are such an amazing person to be doing everything you can and for being such an advocate for those who do not have their own voices. I never post on videos however I felt that after the experience I've had and the ability to foster these kittens from the wealth of info you have provided to give the best care it has allowed me to give them a chance of life, so I felt i had to post to say thank you and that while you may be thousands of miles away... you have been instrumental in the saving of these 5 kittens... Tonks, Lupin, Moody, Ciri & my teeny tiny Pax. So thank you from all of us.

    Errin Hendry-GilesErrin Hendry-Giles4 months ago
  • Do cats like cold , hot or inbetween?

    Ala MakotaAla Makota5 months ago
  • TY TY TY I found lil ferral girl 3 wks ago.ive watched ur vids( lots of times)but im afraid not in time.i just found a wk ago.i did well but im doubt myself.this vid made me realize about ferrals & how they don't get right treatment:( sad situation.

    Stella AndreStella Andre5 months ago
  • I found a kitten outside to day it's a orange ish gold and it will clime up a tree and try to eat birds it is orphaned and eats what it finds

    Jade TaylorJade Taylor5 months ago
  • I have an older cat, Tezzi, who is not cleaning his fur like he used to. Can you suggest a no rinse shampoo?

    Sherrie RabeSherrie Rabe5 months ago
  • You’re a blessing to cat- (and human-) kind!

    Maya EyalMaya Eyal5 months ago
  • Thank you for sharing my friend 🍀❤️

    Hội Ngộ Câu Cá USAHội Ngộ Câu Cá USA5 months ago
  • can you recommend vegan cat food?

    Mila MitrofanovaMila Mitrofanova5 months ago
    • Sadly cats can't be vegan they need a nutrient called taurine.Unlike us who produce it, cats need it or they will develop heart problems 😓.

      Butterfly milkButterfly milk5 months ago
  • I’m going to do some stuff at shelters for cats and dogs

    Laura JonesLaura Jones5 months ago
  • I found 5 kittens outside in total. Now I have 8 cats in my house.

    AmongUsCarrotAmongUsCarrot5 months ago
  • I enjoyed this series very much!!!!

    Hannah Noel03Hannah Noel035 months ago
  • My grandmother lives in a small neighborhood, but there is a community cat called Buddy. He's a super nice cat, everyone cares for him. Everyone in the community takes turns giving his vaccinations, and he just recently got neutered - thank goodness.

    Hannah ForbesHannah Forbes5 months ago
  • Sooooooo adorable!!!!😻😻

    Trinka BTrinka B5 months ago
  • I want to start kinda like a shelter for cats in my country, cause here they have terrible beliefs about cats, that they are demons and linked to witchcraft, so a lot of cats are killed tortured, it really breaks my heart. So I want to start a shelter for cats so they can feel safe that they won't be hunt down and tortured. I have tried informing people about the false misinformation about cats, but some still don't understand. This is a really life goal for me.

    Bella BenzeBella Benze5 months ago
  • Hi kitten lady! I recently saw a video of an insane lady murdering felines. She was skinning, murdering, chopping up, and more horrible stuff. I just wanted to point that out. Also she got arrested 3 days later.

    lauvlieghlauvliegh5 months ago
  • My kittens are 4 Days old (with their mom) and 2 of the kittens Already weigh alot more then 150. One kitten 172?! Is the mom giving to much?

    SiskaSiska5 months ago
  • I have baby kittens in my garage, one is tamed, but the others will puff when I touch them.

    Leyla Peri33Leyla Peri335 months ago
  • Where did you get that playpen thing they are in

    Frances FariasFrances Farias5 months ago
  • Can you do a video on toys kittens actually play with! Good items to buy your new kitten! Best nail trimmer, best hair brush, best shampoo, how often to shampoo, how to get their nails clean!

    Anna LAnna L5 months ago
  • Excellent webinar! Required viewing for all our staff and fosters. Thank you!

    FieldHaven Feline CenterFieldHaven Feline Center5 months ago
  • I just have a question: is it normal for a momma cat to eat her babies when there like 6 weeks old because I just found out momma cat and her other 3 babies eating one of her kittens head like I’m freaked out😳😅😢🤔

    Taylor OliverTaylor Oliver5 months ago
  • Hi Hannah, please can we have an update on Hobie? Many thanks x

    Pippa JenningsPippa Jennings5 months ago
  • So this is probably not going to go anywhere but I'd figured I'd give it a try. Hannah I need your help. My husband and I rescued two kittens from most likely certain death. One kitten however has curved paws, both his front legs making it impossible for him to stand, we've taken him to a vet, and have had him looked at, and sadly my husband and I just aren't in the financial state to proceed with the process of trying to correct there paws, I know I'm a stranger and you probably get alot of requests, but I'm asking in all Hope's that you'd help or get us started. My husband and I are absolutely positive if were to go to a shelter they euthanize the kitten. I'm asking from the bottom of our hearts, and for you to be a hero. Immsorry if this goes against the guide lines, and if I'm wasting your time. I'm just so scared. May God bless you.

    Mara DesVeauxMara DesVeaux5 months ago

    Tracey GilbertTracey Gilbert5 months ago
  • SHIT!!!

    Hildye JonesHildye Jones5 months ago
  • hello! so my cat just had kittens. And they are doing great! the mother, for the past two days since she’s had them is having Diarrhea. Is this a problem? should i go get her checked?

    Mistic WolffyMistic Wolffy5 months ago
  • my friend found some kittens at her grandma's house and I'm going to take one and care for it. They are about 4 or 5 weeks old and I am very excited to get one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Kendra HameKendra Hame5 months ago
  • Just wanted to say thank you for all your kitten care videos. I've almost always had a cat in my life and several kittens but I always had momma to take care of them. However, recently I adopted a 4 week old kitten who's momma dropped him in the middle of a country road, ran off into the trees and didn't return. I had no idea how to take care of this little joy. The vet helped me and got me started on my adventure, but you're videos made all the difference. I feel very confident in taking care of him now and kitten is doing great!

    Sheila HarrellSheila Harrell5 months ago
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    Aleksandar VasilevAleksandar Vasilev5 months ago
  • I love the way you take care of kittens, you must be an angel👍

    Soussou SoussouSoussou Soussou5 months ago
  • Hello , il adopting a 1 month 1 week cat is there a problem ?

    rana thacirana thaci5 months ago
  • I am so confuse to give the kitten a goat milk it not because my mon Said the kitten cannot eat a milk except a milk from her mom. Can l give kitten a goat milk or not ?? Please answers my questions if you have experience.

    Zaliha MusaZaliha Musa5 months ago
  • I want to ask you if I givekitten goat milk . It can or not ??

    Zaliha MusaZaliha Musa5 months ago
  • Hi kitten lady!! I have to say that you are an absolute inspiration for me, a few days ago I found abandoned kittens and I felt so lost.. I have been seeing all your videos and they helped me so much thank you so much for your content I wouldn't know what to do but now I feel not so alone

    TrueTrue5 months ago
  • Kitten lady. The patron saint of cats ❤

    Samantha QuinlanSamantha Quinlan5 months ago
  • my mother and i found an abandoned 3-4 week old kitten two days ago. i remembered your videos from a while back, and im so happy ive come back to look through them. she has a bad eye infection, which we have medicine for as we've already taken her to the vets. she seems like she will be okay, but it's too esrly to tell (especially in terms of her super swollen eye.) we hopefully plan on keeping her (unless something comes up), as we have the proper situation and setup, but i just wanted to day thank you for giving us content that we can look at to help us out! rosie (the kitten) looks nearly identical to the thumbnail cat, btw :)

    LumynoxLumynox5 months ago
  • Dear Hannah, I'm wondering if you've ever encountered a kitten with flat chest syndrome? I have one who has it right now and I'm not sure what to do. 😔

    Yuyu AsriYuyu Asri5 months ago
  • Might as well become a college professor 👩🏼‍🏫

    shadower08shadower085 months ago
  • Hi iam from the philippines. I am a member of a local group that rescue kittens. I lost a kitten today for the first time and it really breaks my heart💔 i was not fortunate to have your advance knowledge and equipment. I only i know how😭 i can't imagine your feeling doing all over again despite the heartaches it comes with. I admire you and your vids helped me alot when i stumbled upon an orphan kitten last year and took it in for the first time. - to this community, i am currently looking for a miracle nipple we don't have that there available in our placs and i do not have a way to purchase online. What can i do?

    gillie grace sendicogillie grace sendico5 months ago
  • My grandma's cat is not nice at least she let's me hold her kittens!!!

    unknown numberunknown number5 months ago
    • I luv cats I have a cat

      unknown numberunknown number5 months ago
  • I just wanna know what you think. Should I get a cat or a Goldendoodle?

    DogxberryDogxberry5 months ago
  • I hope this isn’t the wrong place to ask but we just were given a kitten that they said was 5 weeks. After looking up your videos i don’t think this kitten is. She won’t take the bottle even with the tricks you have suggested. She will eat kitten wet food but has almost no teeth. I stopped giving kitten food once i seen no teeth but she is refusing any formula. Any other tips

    alissa toroalissa toro5 months ago
  • Hello posting a bit late but still hope could find some help.. Actually I am fostering a 6 week old kitten since about a month.. well got this kitten from neighbours place who left it on their roof after the mother abandoned it or left(as per there say) , the thing is, kittens mother came back in our area n saw it at our home .. so just want to ask should I keep him outside or something? It's more than a month she left n probably won't recognise his smell bcz we made him bathe.. if possible give some advice (Sorry for my broken English)

    iba mahiniba mahin5 months ago
  • Hi Hannah! You probably won’t see this but I just want to thank you for your incredible work towards kittens and your belief that every kitten or cat has a chance to live a fulfilling life. Once again, thanks! 🐱

    Cringe BrosCringe Bros5 months ago
  • Hey, I need some help with this really sweet abandoned cat my mom and I just brought in tonight. Shes maybe a year old and she has 4 little kittens, we found all 4 under a shed at the McDonald's my mom works at. Sweet pea, as we've named her, isnt feeding her kittens and two are really small in my opinion, and compared to the other two. Sweet pea is much more interested in spending time with me, or walking around my bedroom (as thats the only room my family has rn, due to owning 3 other cats and 2 dogs) and my rats, I think are also distracting, who stay in my bedroom. I plan to take the kittens to the vet tomorrow, due to the fact that 3 have eye infections, and also to see about the 2 small ones. I believe that they are about 4 weeks old, and I'm most likely to give the small ones some extra feeding. But if anyone can help me out with getting Sweet pea to feed the kittens, I'd really appreciate it. Thank you!

    SeanCollinsSeanCollins5 months ago
    • try keeping her in an isolated room. if she isn't feeding the babies then buy some kitten formula and bottle feed them

      Jayla HsiungJayla Hsiung2 months ago
  • Help. Our cat gave birth to 4 kittens and we didn't realize till they where 2 weeks old that one of them was not only small but that his eyes were crossed and didn't look right. Long story short he's 6 weeks old and is the size of a 2 week old kitten he fits in the palm of my hand. We took him to the vet and she said he has brain damage and she's never seen on live longer than 24 hours after birth. And she said she didn't believe he was in pain but she also said he would pass away within a few days. She told my 21 year old that cares for him 24 hours a day that the only reason he's still alive is her will power to keep him alive. He's grown a little he's even started to play a little he's mentally more there then the vet thinks he is. But he is a little over 6 weeks and still taking a bottle and were not sure when to start trying kitten food. Any advice????

    Brandie.LBrandie.L5 months ago
  • You can make your own feral shelter for sterilization. You have 1million+ subscribers and assistance that goes along with it. How about it?

    Contact InfoContact Info5 months ago
  • My name is Hannah to LoL anyways I found a 3 week old kitten near our house we raised it and got all fleas off and she grew up to be a great healthy cat that travels from Canada to Georgia with us once a year and she loves it ❤️ I am an animal lover and I always strive to help them ❤️

    Hannah VankoughnettHannah Vankoughnett5 months ago
  • We found a bonded dehydrated flea infested kittens a week ago. And I feel like I have gone through all your videos. I would be so lost without this knowledge, but I feel confident and capable. The three 3 week old kittens are eating, flea-free, pooping, moving around, and gaining weight daily! Thank you for all that you do!

    Hannah CarrHannah Carr5 months ago
  • Really really terrific! Thank you!

    Suzan GreenSuzan Green5 months ago
  • Kitten Lady I am pretty much convinced you are a angel among us unworthy humans.

    Frank's worldFrank's world5 months ago
  • I just took in a litter of 3 from my backyard. I couldn't let them grow up feral. They are 6 weeks, I wanted to wait till 8 weeks, but things got complicated. I also wanted to trap Mom and take her in to have her spayed. It's unfortunate that I could not, due to Covid19, in my state they are not allowing any medical procedures that aren't emergency and that includes animals. Nobody can get a pet spayed/neutered right now. It's frustrating, because I feel like I only did half the job and I know the feral mom will just have more. The kittens are doing really, really well both in condition and socialization. We we're just going to rescue and possibly foster, that turned into we'll keep 2 about 5 minutes after that, a day later it turned into "we're going to have to keep all 3." I'm so done rescuing kittens.🤦😂 I do wish I could help mom, but it's just going to have to wait...hopefully not for too long.😞

    NicoleNicole5 months ago
  • I love 💕 this kitten she. Is so. Cute. I want her I want the first kitten 🥰 awww😛bye cute pink kitten latty

    Cupcake TimeCupcake Time5 months ago