What is Cheesleman's Warehouse?!

Jun 6, 2019
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Just a funny lil clip from Cat Camp NYC 2019! Hear the story behind Kitten Lady's "Cheesleman's Warehouse" song and listen to Jackson Galaxy do his "Peanut Butter Mooshka song." What do YOU sing to your cats and dogs?
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  • I sing to our community cats and they both know their name and their lyrics and they come to me out of the bushes when I sing to them, they know me and their song

    LJLJ2 months ago
  • Both of my cats have songs. Ellie has a couple as I’ve had her longer and a lot rhymes with Ellie. Cooper I sing the Super Trooper song by ABBA but you change it to cooper.

    Emily BannonEmily Bannon5 months ago
  • i sing cardi b covers with my cat ! lol i know im wired ;)

    Miss George'Miss George'5 months ago
  • When I was bottle feeding my cats, I would sing: 🎵🎶No matter the species, no matter the age, nobody likes it when mom cleans their face🎶🎵

    Jen DuBayJen DuBay5 months ago
  • Derby - Derby Werby - Handsome Derby Werby - Handsome Mansome OR Derby - Derby Werby - Bubby Wubby - Bubby Junior - Junie - June June - Juniper - Juniper Berry Serendipity - Seri - Sersers and sometimes Fuzzy Butt, cause she's got a fuzzy butt!

    RandomblinaRandomblina6 months ago
  • I used to sing "Shimmer baby" instead of Santa baby to my dog before she passed away. It went something like this: Shimmer baby Hop up here and cuddle with me Baby So shimmy in the covers tonight Shimmer baby You've been such a good girl I think Yes ma'am It was something like that but she sang it better of course... I always said she was a closet football fan because instead of barking she would what we would call "woo". So you would just hear woowoowoowoowoowoowoo and I'd say "there she goes rooting for her football team again"...Another one of her songs would be "shim shiminy shim shiminy shim shim shuroo" With my other dog we would be on the road coming back from the dog beach yet again with "who let the dogs out" on blast with all our windows down and we would always ask him who did it? Who let them out? And he would answer "bark bark bark bark" neighboring passersby would get a kick out of it. It was all good fun.

    Hannah/Jude Vicious LopezHannah/Jude Vicious Lopez7 months ago
  • Each of my 5 FurBabies have their own lullabye.

    Malachi StillettoeMalachi Stillettoe7 months ago
  • Haha I’m not creative enough to make a song up for my cats. But my two cats love (or tolerate I should say) when I sing Disney songs to them 😂

    Erin BikoErin Biko7 months ago
  • I do this, but it’s usually covers, often with a few changes in the lyrics. :-) My cat meows at me while I sing “Hold on, I’m Coming” when I’m getting her breakfast ready. So much fun!

    Lisa CLisa C8 months ago
  • Yeah, my cat is named Oreo, we call him Story.

    ToriaToria9 months ago
  • I sing the cruella de vil song for my kitty because her name is cruella💓 (she’s a sweetheart though)

    Wed JambiWed Jambi9 months ago
  • This is my Birthday, last year.... And..I sing to my cats!!!

    Devorah StevensDevorah Stevens9 months ago
  • My guy started as pumbah now it’s Bombzeer. I thought it was justme

    True BelovedTrue Beloved10 months ago
  • I live with my one of my closest friends, RJ. We own 2 cats, although they're technically mine. They're American short hair kittens and they're both 1 years old. One is a black cat named Lucifer, his brother is a black and white spotted cat named Styx. Since they have "spooky" names, we couldn't think of any cute songs. When I train dogs, it's most effective to reward them in song or dances sometimes. For whatever reason, I applied this to our cats. The thought of training two kittens sounds weird, personally, I see it as more of teaching my kittens manners. We couldn't think of any songs on our own since none seemed to really stick. Last Halloween, we invited our girlfriend's over for a small dinner before going out to a party. My girlfriend absolutely adores our cats and so during the dinner she gave them nicknames. She wasn't drunk but it seemed like a few more drinks would solve that problem. Since at the time, everything seemed funny to her, she came up with the nicknames "lala3 cat" and "black and white film." For context, growing up my mom used to say "It's Tim's for lala" to me. Lala meant bed or sleep in Farsi, and so it's always stuck with me. Since Lucifer is an all black cat, she named him that. I guess it's because you typically go to sleep in the night and the nightsky is black. She gave our other cat however, one of the stupidest names and I don't think you need context to realize it. She started imagining them as superheroes and so, she made them a theme song. * Pink panther beginning (bum babum noises) Lala, That's you *points to Lucifer* Old film, That's you *points to Styx* Who are they, who are they That's lala and black and white film Thats lala and old movie That's Well, thats them It has an awful tune, but that's forever their song

    wrenwren10 months ago
  • Lately I've been singing Kiss from a Rose by Seal to my dogs, and they enjoy when I dance around the living room while singing it 🤣

    Fiery GraceFiery Grace10 months ago
  • Yep! Boyfriend and I have a song for our cat in the tune of spider man theme song. “Baby Boy, baby boy Does whatever a baby boy does He loves me loves you eats the food and leaves a clue Look out! He is a baby boy”

    Felicity RFelicity R10 months ago
  • I have 3 dogs but I mostly sing to just my oldest because she likes it and doesn't look at me like she wants me to die so she can eat me... I sing a song from chitty chitty bang bang that I totally make my own and I sing "who wants to go in the garden?? It's my Mini Moo!" She loves that one..

    MoLoMinsMoLoMins10 months ago
  • My dog Samson enjoys bashing walls and doors with his tail as he's wagging. He likes the sound of his tail bashing the walls/doors. So I turn the thumping noise into a beat and use it to sing him songs. And because I'm dancing and singing to the beat of his tail wag he just wags his tail more!! 😆

    Pippa JenningsPippa Jennings11 months ago
  • I don't really make up songs but Loki loves it when I sing "Sunrise" by Norah Jones.

    Elsa LabouretElsa Labouret11 months ago
  • hehehehehe

    sonJa MacsonJa MacYear ago
  • Yup. I absolutely sing to them. To the tune of Baby Shark "Kasey's butt doot doo do doot do doo" and I sing through everybody's name and they look at me wondering when I will stop. lol

    Sparky4TASparky4TAYear ago
  • Cheesleman’s Warehouse is an earworm! 🧀💕

    niteowl365niteowl365Year ago
  • My cat's name is Goose so here we go with his nickname: Goose> Goochie> Goochie kitten> Keeeetan> kittonie > Tony. His name is Goose but we call him Tony 98% of the time 😆

    Taylor MilesTaylor MilesYear ago
  • So I recently got super into the song Mama Don't Make me Put on the Dress Again by Trixie Mattel and one day after taking kitty outside she wasn't very pleased with me because it was a tad window so I started singing Mama don't make me put on the harness again I can't stand the way the wind chills my furrr If you take me out there one more time I swear to God I'll eat your soul Mama don't make me put on the harness againnnn She loves me I swear :")

    LilStonerPrincessLilStonerPrincessYear ago
  • I call my cat Bisque "Prince," and my other cat Tikki, "Tickle Tak. " pretty basic, but this is their names from me.

    Sullyvan ArnoldSullyvan ArnoldYear ago
  • I used to have a song that I sang to my late cat Gracie it had something to do with her "sweet grace face" she hated it lol

    AriAriYear ago
  • Anubis became Nubis, Schmubis, Schmubi-Mubi, Snubi-Dubi-Duh and so on. At this point he is probably the cat with the weirdest nickname out of the 4 we have. Our youngest cat is probably the one with the least nicknames because there is just not that much you can do with Hermes(pronounced the German way) but I like to say "Komm Her-Mes" which is a pun because komm her means come here in German and it would sound weirder if I said "Komm her Hermes"(come here Hermes) so I just started ignoring that one word.

    MarvelousSandstoneMarvelousSandstoneYear ago
  • not as big of a jump but Sol's name originally was...Sol. Now its Solgaleo XD Hes a pokemon. I planning on getting another cat, and name her/him Luna(la)

    TaikaTheMagicFoxTaikaTheMagicFoxYear ago
  • I love you

    Lauren EhmkeLauren EhmkeYear ago
  • Let me think... 1. "Alfie and Binky were brothers; oh, my, how they did roam." ("Frankie and Johnny were lovers... ") There are only a few lines. At least in this one, I didn't corrupt the cats' names. Despite the word roam, they have been indoor cats since they reached a shelter as kittens, even before they chose us for their forever home. Our cats live many adventures in my husband's and my imaginations. 2. "Binkaboo" repeated often, some nonsensical rhyming words ( such as "Pinkaboo, and "little inky Binky dinky Binkaboo"), and a few lines with an ageless tune that you would recognize if you heard it. 3. "You are my kitty (or kitties)" (You Are My Sunshine) I sing the whole song, substituting Kitty or Kitties for Sunshine and making a few other substitutions. I sing this as a calming song for my more nervous kitty when driving him or him and his littermate to the vet. It does seem to help soothe him. 4. Many other refrains that come and go over the months and years. 5. There was one about the Evil Dyson that accompanied my preparation for vacuuming, as fair warning, despite my using a different brand. Now that I have a Shark brand cordless vacuum for touchups, the cats hear "Mack, The Knife" frequently. 6. Of course, "What's it all about, Alfie?" with lines adapted to his latest escapade.

    CatReaderCatReaderYear ago
  • When I was younger, I had a cat who would fall asleep purring if I gently sang the Scooby Doo theme to her :')

    ryttu3kryttu3kYear ago
  • Felines.. Lovely lovely felines... Never will forget..my beautiful cat (s) And, of course, the theme tune of coronation street - Miao, Miao-miao-miao-miao-miao...

    Magnolia WeathershieldMagnolia WeathershieldYear ago
  • I love you guys so much !

    Bethann NelsonBethann NelsonYear ago
  • I have a 6 week old who is named Nori Norrence Norrington the squeak, and I have a three year old named Gojira- which turned into Goji, Goj, NoFeara, The Keek, Keeker, Keekerkee, and Geico

    Je suis VeeJe suis VeeYear ago
  • My cat Eevee is also Squidrat. Makes total sense to me 🤷‍♀️

    ZoeRachZoeRachYear ago
  • The evolution of cat names: Bailey Lynne. Beddiebye Bailey Baby, B-by Bailey Baby, b-by, the b by Bailey Baby the Baby kittenof cat, kitten of all that is cat, bai kitten, babe cat, babe cat kitten, b kitten, and so on. I had Bailey, Cassie an all white female, Bobby a tuxedo tom cat. They were B Kitten, Boo Kitten, and Boy.

    Trixie CatTrixie CatYear ago
  • This is very amazing

    Gloria RodriguezGloria RodriguezYear ago
  • I totally get. My Boo was Pig. 🤷🏽‍♀️ My roommate’s cat, Amy, is Amy McAmerson the Window Goblin.

    redmouse1967redmouse1967Year ago
  • I have Christmas songs for a few of mine. The rest of them just have regular jingles. Most notably, the "Jas-a-meany jelly-beany" song. Well, she likes it, lol. I totally get this!

    Donna VDonna VYear ago
  • I used to work at our local humane society. I worked in ISO cats. Sick cats room. Me and my kitties were isolated so recovery was not bothered by the public. I had a radio in there and I used to have the jazz station on. Talk about chilled cats! They seemed to love it!

    retrobebop61retrobebop61Year ago
  • My sweet boy is named Willyum... His full Christian name is W.J.S. (Willyum Jamal Snickles) Fallis the Third, Esquire, King Carpet Snake Extraordinaire. Some of his nicknames are Snick, Snicklefritz, Fritz, Fritzy, Fwitz, Fwitzy, Booger, Boogerface... Yeah, cat people can be so weird! 😆

    Bookmarks & BookshelvesBookmarks & BookshelvesYear ago
  • Ay yo it's Jackson Galaxy! Dream Job Dream Look Dream Name Dream Man

    SyncOutSyncOutYear ago

    Autumn SiglockAutumn SiglockYear ago
  • Kitten Lady AND Jackson Galaxy? Whee!

    S BirdS BirdYear ago
  • Tengu has the entire Beatles Catalogue... Dear Tengu, Good morning Tengu, Here comes the Tengu, Mean Mr. Tengu.... Babyman has Babylove by the Supremes.., Harry gets Sherry Baby... Booey gets, Barbie girl, she's a Booey girl, in a Booey world..., and Knockie, gets nikity knockity now now now, from the Birds with Tippi Hedren.... everyone's got a theme song...

    Angie PerlakiAngie PerlakiYear ago
  • My dad can make a whistling sound with his hands, and when he does this for the dogs they come running just to get him to stop. 😂

    Holly ReaHolly ReaYear ago
  • We sing to all of our cats. Bubba, Mia, Simon, Luna, Misty and Jasmin. We have a few varieties of songs. Most end with we love you so much

    Bella DonnaBella DonnaYear ago
  • Of COURSE we all sing to our cats. Because why would you not? 🤷‍♂️✔😘

    Chris RoweChris RoweYear ago
  • AH HA!!! I'm showing this video to everyone I know who calls me nuts lol. I have a kitty named Little Bean and she has her own little song I sing to her. "Little Bean, Little Bean where were you? Whatcha do? I love You" lol We are always changing her name. Lil bean, beanster, beeny weenie. My other cat Leo (who I call BooBoo) is like a grumpy old Man and has one eye...but I haven't come up with a song for him yet 😂

    Little Miss StamperLittle Miss StamperYear ago
  • Yess!! My cats name is bellarix le strange. At first I called her Bella for short... Now she is boobie..... boo boo or boo-Chan. Lol My song goes... Boobie de, de de boobie boobie boobie boobie boobie.....de de de boobie boobie boobie. Boobie boobie boobie boobie boobie boobie yay! The first time I have shared this information haha!

    Elle rElle rYear ago
  • When I first got my kitten almost 3 months ago, I made up songs for her, and I also sang, "Shallow" from "A Star is Born".

    Peppermint SnowdriftPeppermint SnowdriftYear ago
  • You should hear my song about my favorite thing! Cat puke! It’s a hit!

    Michelle DespresMichelle DespresYear ago
  • I sing my kitten to sleep every night aha, I sing the same lullaby aha

    Francesca TaylorFrancesca TaylorYear ago
  • i love watching my cat from hell and i love your videos. this is the best combo ever!!!

    saoirse xosaoirse xoYear ago
  • Besides the musical collection, I also have dances for each of my cats!

    Vicky thecatVicky thecatYear ago
  • we’ve had songs for all of our pets! they’re mostly a bunch of nonsense lol

    it’s like scooby-doo but a homeless guyit’s like scooby-doo but a homeless guyYear ago
  • I made up a random song for my dog and I ding it to her sometimes

    GoldybaysGoldybaysYear ago
  • our cat's name is rosie and whenever the liberty mutual commercial comes on where they sing "liberty liberty liberty liberty" my dad will always sing in sync with the commercial "rosiety rosiety rosiety rosiety" whether shes in the room or not

    mary binningermary binningerYear ago
  • I sing my cats oats peas beans all the time! Their names are Ellie grace and decker Joseph. I love your channel so much!

    Anything And EverythingAnything And EverythingYear ago
  • Isee is my little kitty, she is so tiny & itty bitty, she loves guacamole, but not that only when you do the dishes she'll lick the bowlie.... if there's water dripping, she comes running her favorite thing is watching plumbing! chicken and fishes are so delicious, she's on the counter against your wishes she will bite you if you pet her, but her furs so soft you can resist her ever we love you Isee, you're so damn spicy, you're tiny and mighty and it's really likely that we'll love you forever, and hold you tightly!

    Self Love MedicineSelf Love MedicineYear ago
  • All our pets have songs...Lily's is "Lily cat, Lily cat oh Lily Lily Lily Lily cat," to the tune of Lollipop, Lollipop of course. Logan's is Soft Kitty from Big Bang Theory but, "Soft kitty, fat kitty, giant ball of fur!" They are not amused, but I am:D They also have silly nicknames like Box Cat, Slinky Cat (if you try to pick Lily up she just turns into liquid and pours out of your arms), Fat Cat, etc. I love how everyone in the room chimed in and admitted they sing to their cats. I feel slightly less insane lol.

    Robin SRobin SYear ago
  • Time to get my cats a song, theme tune...I can’t believe I haven’t got one.

    Claire JevronClaire JevronYear ago
  • My cat is named Cookie. So I sing her the Sesame Street song by Cookie Monster....... “C is for Cookie and that’s good enough for me, Cookie, Cookie, Cookie starts with c”......

    ForTheLoveOfGEEKForTheLoveOfGEEKYear ago
  • I loved so much Cat's and Dog 😍😍😘

    Amalito funny kittens vlogsAmalito funny kittens vlogsYear ago
  • My cat have full Name..Lile shakir Alex

    Amalito funny kittens vlogsAmalito funny kittens vlogsYear ago
  • I have 2 kittens! Ghost is called "ghosty whosty" "ghost malone" or boobee 😂 my other cat is kit kat, Ghosts twin sister. Google translate says her name in Japanese is "kitto katto!" So no we say it with an excited anime accent contantly lol

    DianaDianaYear ago
  • Great video, I play the trumpet and my cat will come up and lay in my lap while I play. You'd think he'd scatter 😁

    Jade SanchezJade SanchezYear ago
  • I did come up with a birthday song for my older cat and I do sing along when they are putting up an orchestra in the car on thebway to the vet but that just makes them more confused tbh.

    Valerie JohnsonValerie JohnsonYear ago
  • Cat nicknaming schemes: Cookie Boots (legal name)- Cookie- Cooker- Cooker T. Washington Nico (makes squinty eyes)- Squinty- Squintin Tarantino

    Amy DrummondAmy DrummondYear ago
  • Just wondering . . . Does anyone dance for their cats while singing? =^..^=

    E & S MannhardtE & S MannhardtYear ago
  • We had a cat named Specks He was white with orange markings. Had to put him to sleep, after having him for 14 & 1/2 years. The vet figured he was 6, when we first got him from an animal shelter. I made up a silly song for him: "Best little kitty in the whole wide world"! This cat thought that he was human, for real! =^..^=

    E & S MannhardtE & S MannhardtYear ago
  • I sang to my cat. She moved her ears around, stood up, looked at me. Left the room.

    Maria WestonMaria WestonYear ago
    • Do it again! =^..^=

      E & S MannhardtE & S MannhardtYear ago
  • Omg I just got my first kitten yesterday and she already has two songs I made for her

    Sofia B.Sofia B.Year ago
  • aw. I love the Cheesleman's song. Such a cat person thing I can relate to. I don't make songs up for my cat, but I've been singing to her all her life so she will barely wake up from a nap if I start belting out harmonies. It used to make her super playful and excited, but now that she's nearly 16 she just watches me or falls back asleep.

    actualhumangirlactualhumangirlYear ago
  • Is this a crossover episode? ;D

    Master NinelMaster NinelYear ago
  • Bonnie, my baby gets ‘this lovely rendition of “you are my sunshine” “You are my bonbon My only bonbon You make me happy wiff your snoot You’ll never know dear just how cute you are Please don’t take my bonbon away.” The melody never fails to get her purring!

    KDdoodleKDdoodleYear ago
  • I basically put my cat's name in all kinds of songs, and match the lyrics. I'm always singing to him.

    Brittany JenningsBrittany JenningsYear ago
  • I sing the Laffy Taffy song for my big girl. lol.

    HershekyssHershekyssYear ago
  • I call my Luna; Duni (Luni Duni mattes fjuni) and my Freja; Tjejski (Frejski Pejski mattes tjejski) I'd translate it for you but it's just nonsense-words.

    Nadja ViolineNadja ViolineYear ago
  • I sing "you are so beautiful " to my cats

    EirieEirieYear ago
    • Aw! =^..^=

      E & S MannhardtE & S MannhardtYear ago
  • I own a four-year-old Chihuahua mix who I have modified the lyrics to Dear Theodosia into dear little Cujo for Sophie don't know if he likes my singing or not but at least it does seem to comfort him

    Cathy ACathy AYear ago

    Rich HallRich HallYear ago
    • One of the nicknames for my cat is Bunny Bumps. =^..^=

      E & S MannhardtE & S MannhardtYear ago
  • My cats name is cream, so I sometimes will sing, ‘creamy weemy, pumpkin weemy hanging from a tweemy weemy, come on creamy, let’s go creamy! Yay!’

    Senpai-sama Mew mewSenpai-sama Mew mewYear ago
  • Cosmic Creepers (after cat from Bedknobs and Broomsticks) Cos Cosy Girl Cosy meena Meena Meen

    Elizabeth MosherElizabeth MosherYear ago
  • 12 in the morning and this is where cat videos have lead me

    Hokuto TongiHokuto TongiYear ago
  • My cat friend Loki likes Solstafir and other metal bands.

    Rabid GearboyRabid GearboyYear ago
  • I don't sing to my cats, but I have an 18 year old, Mittens. She's my pritty Mitty Kitty or sometimes my Mitten Kitten. Despite her old age. 😚

    Tori ThompsonTori ThompsonYear ago
  • All eleven of my kitties have their own song that we've made up for them 🤣

    Louise CroukampLouise CroukampYear ago
  • I have a cat called Mon and I have no idea how my husband and I started this but her nickname is Pants. She doesn't look like she is wearing pants or anything!

    Emily WoodEmily WoodYear ago
  • I always sing to Fatness about how chubby she is (she's not overweight by any means, she just has a big, fluffy belly compared to our other cats) I love my cats so much it's not even funny. Like I used to be a mad dog lover before I got my first cat. I now love both species but I'm leaning towards cats 😂

    BaekhyunBaekhyunYear ago
  • Did her other cat pass away? Anyway, yeah, sing to my boy often and he loves it!

    SEJ3333SEJ3333Year ago
  • IDK i cant find a song that works with Morpheus... damn me and my literary kink... I have to stop naming my cats after reading books...

    LlynnyiaLlynnyiaYear ago
  • I have for sure sung to my pets before lol but I can’t remember the songs I make up new ones all the time

    Zelda090909Zelda090909Year ago
  • Muffin Muffinboo Meeheen Meeferoni Muffuletta Muffuletta Sandwichy Sandwichy My little sandwich There's also a song... Muffuletta you're a sandwich Meeferoni your a macaroni Muffin you are a pastry

    Jillian PacielloJillian PacielloYear ago
  • I sing: fluffy bottomed girl, boots with the fur, the whole club was looking at her... And in the melody of angel of music from phantom: angel of fluff I know your listening, even though you ignore me.

    Stephanie CallStephanie CallYear ago
  • So I am not the only one who has many different names for my cat's. My cats name is Sassy Nanny Pooh Shelton but everyone calls her Boo! Also, my other cat who lives with my boyfriend is named Sassy, I call her Sassafras. I also have a speech impediment so I have trouble saying the word cute, I end up saying cooter, so now I also call my fur babies cooter Boo's. ❤️🌹😎✨😻

    Amanda SheltonAmanda SheltonYear ago
  • My dogs name is Sage Paige Plague Microwave and finallyyyyyy Beth P.S don’t ask about how she earned the name Microwave and Plague lol

    KJ ArmstrongKJ ArmstrongYear ago
  • Have a Molly Jolly Christmas, She's the best cat of the year.

    OnomatopoeiaOnomatopoeiaYear ago
  • My cat and I have a song. Lauv Iike me better

    Julia BradyJulia BradyYear ago
  • Welcome to the cat convention

    Aryan SheikAryan SheikYear ago