What It's Really Like Running a Cat Rescue

Aug 1, 2020
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Welcome to episode one of Catology: Kitten Lady & Friends, a brand new interview series all about staying curious about cats! I'm teaming up with Royal Canin to bring you conversations with some of the most fascinating people in feline welfare about everything from cat behavior to veterinary care to nutrition to rescue. This week my guests are Chris Gutierrez and Shelly Casey from The Catcade, and we're talking all about what it's really like to run a cat rescue. We cover topics like the unexpected paperwork, the messy parts you don't usually see in photos, and the heartwarming transformations that make it all 100% worth it.
Learn more at: www.royalcanin.com/cathealth
Support the Catcade at: www.thecatcade.org

  • that was a nice video good information I like watching some of your videos to learn on how to take care of my pets more al though this info wont be useful for a fish anyways have a great day or night bc I don't really know where you are and keep doing what you do best keep smiling it looks great on you

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  • hi kitten lady i love kittens

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  • Love your videos you are such a lovely kind person for what you do for these cats and kittens. I have followed you for a year since we got our first kitten Marvel a black cat we now have another black kitten that was going to be dumped called Simba. However, after keeping them apart and introducing slowly. Marvel.still growls and hisses and bats Simba away do you have any advice or tips? Thank you

    Princess EmmzPrincess Emmz5 days ago
  • I think some one Stole my cats kittens

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  • Pls help me

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  • I love you so much

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  • I'm a fan of your rescue but not how you dimisnh ppl for wanting kids.

    Fenrir SaibotFenrir Saibot11 days ago
  • I want to foster but the only problem is that the shelter near me dose not acsept pepole to foster righ now what shuld i do pls help me

    Paola LopezPaola Lopez14 days ago
  • I love your video 📹 ❤ 💕

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  • Hi please please do a video about Inflammatory Bowel Disease in cats..My cat and me is suffering..

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  • Someone tell me what to do ok so I am stating at a hotel and there is this cat it looks like it has worms and starving it has been here for about 2 days my mom feed it some food today we found out that it was a kitten about 6 months old we can't keep it because we have 2 dogs one will chase it and bite it and the other one would bark at it and play bite

    Doggie LoverDoggie Lover18 days ago
  • Do you have any food recommendations? Is there such thing as a “healthy” dry food for cats? What is the best quality from popular pet stores? From what I see most bagged foods have grains and vegetables. Which cats don’t even need...

    Stephen BaileyStephen Bailey20 days ago
  • What do I feed my two month old kitten I’m getting her maybe next week or on thursday

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  • Can't stay around any longer but wanted to Thank you for the good you have done, which is lots and lots etc. . .

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  • I got my cat when this was made

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  • This was so helpful. There are a lot of times that rescues look like it is so easy on social media! I would love to be someone who supports someone else's rescue for sure now. Not as easy as get kittens make em healthy and cute and adopt out.

    nadine angleseynadine anglesey24 days ago
  • please help i don't know what to do for my cat, he hasn't eat or drink in the past 3 days, hes breathing heavily.. hes an old cat and i can't take him to the vet because of corona 😭

    LittyKittyGirlLittyKittyGirl26 days ago
    • hes gone.. fly high Winston😭💔

      LittyKittyGirlLittyKittyGirl25 days ago
  • I LOVE the Cat Cade I love reading the status updates on Facebook.. Hilarious and amazing!

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  • What is the best milk for the new born kitten

    cecilia ballesteroscecilia ballesterosMonth ago
    • I try many times, but there are going to sick..

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  • Please please please reach out to Joey Graceffa. He rescued a pregnant stray. He could use your advice. Thank you so much!! I'll email you too so you can see this. Love everything you do. I also have questions myself.

    RheannaBananaRheannaBananaMonth ago
  • I have 1 cat and 5 kittens,the oldest used to have 2 other siblings but we were not able to save them,the first lasted 2 to 3 days and the second lasted like probably almost a month due to how long they haven't been feed.the third which we manage to save and are fully grown by now were found on the floor cold and slightly skinny but now he is a 1 or 2 years old healthy cat and his name is mocha😊

    samantha starsamantha starMonth ago
    • Oh and the 4 kittens currently 4 month now were left on my uncle old car which he never used,luckily they were okay and when they turn 3 month we decided to take care of them because well turns out the mother took 2 of the kittens and put them on a hole at the back of our house and fortunately,the first kitten is okay but the second had a broken arm and we took her to the vet.the first is garfield the second is coco the third is vanilla and the fourth is vanilla sundae because I don't have any ideas for a new name and my new kitten that were found by my brother while he was working out,she just suddenly rub herself on his feet obviously he was suprise and my baby brother called me to go outside and suprise suprise I saw a cute kitten age probably 2 months or 3 but her other eye is blind don't know how that happened🤔 and her name is bambam 😁

      samantha starsamantha starMonth ago
  • Can you start dog rescue as well.....coz i think they too deserve someone like you......😃

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  • I love my two rescue cats!

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  • Awwwwwww

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  • The microphone SUCKS!! Why are you using an outside microphone??! Your sound engineer got their degree from a gum ball machine!!!

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  • i wanna and my own cat/ kitten rescue

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  • you miss hanna are da best wov you you are really enspireing me to learn about cats and kittens

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  • Thank you so much because now I take for almost more than 20 cats It is my feature dream to be a vet doctor 😂

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  • Can

    Angela BellamyAngela BellamyMonth ago

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  • You’ve gave me so much advice on how to take care of cats I had a few sick cats and with your advice they are all better I just wanna say thank you :)

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  • Could you take my kitten please I can’t keep him and he needs a good family

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  • You had me up until the point that you started virtue signaling for other charities.

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  • $15!! to get in cat cafe'? I live in uk so maybe that's cheaper than I'm guesstimating . Plus, if the games are free to play, then maybe that is fair but still sounds a high fee. If 3 of you turn up that's $45! it just seems a lot. I'd love to go nonetheless🐈 😸😻🐱🕹🎮🎞📼📺

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  • Wow I like your cat

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  • I have a cat Her name is Bella 1 years old in like your cat

    Danial haziq ramadhan bin mohd zakariah MZDanial haziq ramadhan bin mohd zakariah MZMonth ago
  • Hey I need help with ny kitten so the kitten's back legs like they are like there on ice its front legs are fine its just its back legs she can still move them but she can't walk on them so I was wondering what I should do

    Megan EzellMegan EzellMonth ago
  • I'm trying to work my way into cat fostering, and I'm finding it's not that easy to get a foot in the door, especially under COVID-19 restrictions. My underpinning principle is we need to achieve a favorable outcome for as many cats as possible while remembering that each cat's favorable outcome will be different. Balance is key: Should we spend thousands saving one very needy cat when those thousands could have saved dozens of less needy cats? That's a tough call to have to make, but a cat rescuer has to make it. Every would-be entrepreneur, in whatever field, should watch this video. Most people who want to start a business, of whatever kind, have no idea how complex it is to begin and sustain a business and how much of that effort is far removed from the thing they're passionate about.

    Ranger SmithRanger SmithMonth ago
  • I finally found episode 1 of catology!

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  • It's LIRRITEY 5 am for me and I have school

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  • Useful stuff starts around 25 minutes in.

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  • Hello, I recently found a kitten whose leg is twisted, any advice?

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    • Thanks, we want to keep him but his little leg is all wonky and unusable... but he’s not starving or dehydrated now so that’s good.

      Sunshine CoxSunshine CoxMonth ago
    • I have no idea how to help with that, I’m really sorry... I couldn’t ignore this. I’m sending you and the kitten the most loving vibes!

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  • OMG, this couple is as cute as the kittens on the cat cam. They are just adorable!! I hope they are together forever!

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  • Hello. I am a cat rescue from Bangkok, Thailand. Love your work and I learn a lot from you 😻 Please give us more info about how to take care of kittens. Thank you ♥️

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  • I fell asleep watching this and had a dream I went into a building called kitten land where in small areas there were kittens walking around. Rules were no picking up the kitten, no stealing them, and something else I forgot. Lol

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  • I realy want to be a vet but i didn't know running a cat resue is so helpfull and fun

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  • Is there a market for kitten fostering in the uk? I’ve never heard of anyone finding stray kittens here?

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  • Your interview with catcade really resonated with me. I now WANT to start a catcade where I live in Venice Beach. I’ve fostered for years and this seems like the next natural step. 😻😻 **Edit**Okay, I watched more. Never mind! I’ll stick to fostering. 😹😹

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  • Over a thousand cats in 3 years? Brings new meaning to the term "Cat-er-day."

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  • Just had a question, I know nobody will probably respond, but has anyone had to deal with a bout of coccidia in a litter of kittens? We had a litter become infected and we only have 1 of 5 left alive :( He has special food and meds from the vet but I was wondering about anything else we should potentially know... I just don't want to loose this last one...

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  • You are amazing, thank you for all you do!

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  • Coco - I am the star of this show!

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  • We are trying to rescue a little orange cat that lives in our backwoods. So far we have been feeding it, playing with it, and giving it love. We are gonna take it to the vet soon.

    Blakeley StormfeatherBlakeley Stormfeather2 months ago
  • My kitty is from the Catcade! Hes a one eyed tabby boy. it was love at first sight, he didn't want any one else petting him, but I got headrubs, he's spoiled rotten now

    RadCatRadCat2 months ago
  • I just got a couple of kittens and they’re very small (116g and 126g) they’re now losing weight and I have no access to a vet. I feed them kitten formula mixed with water and they lay on a heating pad. They don’t move much and only meow when I pick them up. They’re also really bad eaters. It’s very hard to feed them with a syringe or a bottle. I need advice

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  • So many things to love about this video. The Host, the fabulous guests, one guests gorgeous hair, kittens on kitty bunk beds, all that information, beautiful guest kitties. So looking forward to the next one.

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  • So glad you had Catcade on. I follow them on IG and Chris is great with the posts and love all of their posts. Lots of ❤ to all of you. This was such great information, and ppl underestimate the work involved with a nonprofit. So great for the "real" of all of that. Thank you!

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    • @Friendly Person I know, I just don't know what it means, so I can't understand what they are telling us.

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    • Adelaide an egg They made like one small mistake, it's not a big deal.

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  • The down votes on these vids always mystify me. Like who doesn't like animal rescue? Good info, as always.

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  • Well today I just save two kittens lives my dad work friend wanted to put her brand new kittens in a shelter but I took them in my home and I switched they’re life

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  • Royal canin is expensive af (and not worth it) At that price point, you could just feed your cat meat (which is the healthiest food for cats to eat)

    Bigfartz69420Bigfartz694202 months ago
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    • Being cute with Spinach in a loving home.

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  • This was a very inspirational and helpful video! Looking forward to tuning in these next 7 weeks 😸

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