Apr 11, 2020
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Are you staying home during the coronavirus pandemic? If so...there's never been a better time to sign up to foster! If you're not sure where to find kittens to foster, check out my handy guide here:

  • My aunt fosters kittens she currently is fostering 4 kittens im trying to convince my mom to let me adopt one lol

    makenna aphroditemakenna aphrodite22 days ago
  • I wish u could foster kittens but I can’t because my dad would never let me or my mom. I love cats I’m obsessed with them I will only play with toy cats only read cat books spoil my cats more that I usually do only watch cat USworlds videos and movies so my whole life revolves around cats right now and I love it I have 2 cats right now 1 dog and 2 guinea pigs and my dad says it’s too much let’s but if we fostered kittens we wouldn’t keep them well maybe some if I get attached but not all of them. I just really wish I could help those poor kittens

    XxStrawBerry CatXxXxStrawBerry CatXxMonth ago
  • When you absolutely adore and love cats but both your parents and 2 siblings are allergic to them: 😔😭

    -Clarafy --Clarafy -Month ago
  • My mom will not let me but I wish that I could

    angela riekhofangela riekhofMonth ago
  • How do I sign up ?

    Lala LallaLala LallaMonth ago
  • I would love to foster cats and kittens already weaned off mama. Just nervous. I have anxiety and depression but I feel fostering could give me a purpose. The cat/kitten and I would be helping each other.

    Lynn MillerLynn MillerMonth ago
  • I really want to foster but I won't be able to for another 4/5 years. The second that I can though I'm going to the nearest shelter and taking as many cats as I can handle. Also I'll have longer holidays and shorter days because of the job I want so I should have plenty of time to cuddle with my future foster kitties. I have owned cats since I was 3 and I'm 15 in November so I've had cats for quite a while and most have been rescues, my current cat is around 8 years old now and I love him to bits. I'm pretty confident that I'd be good at fostering because I'm obsessed with cats and have done plenty of research on them.

    BambiBambi2 months ago
  • 🐈🐈🐈🐱🐱🐱

    Cynthia HuCynthia Hu2 months ago
  • I just adopted a cat and I love him he is 2 years old and he’s still a little scared of our house but we’re working with him and he’s getting used to it it’s great

    Jillian MarieJillian Marie2 months ago
  • What do u do when someone is alirgic

    Izzy BeeIzzy Bee2 months ago
  • I’m showing this to my parents right now..hopefully they say yes! I’ll keep an update :3

    Iᴄʟʏɴ AʀᴛsIᴄʟʏɴ Aʀᴛs2 months ago
  • i wanna foster kittens!

    Flower DesignsFlower Designs2 months ago
  • A stray cat I found just had six kittens. So yeaaah

    Moon StarMoon Star2 months ago
  • I'm proud to say I watched you when I saved my kitten well shes 9 months and just had 3 babies and we fostered 2 and she took them in 😃😊 so I have 5 kittens now when older they will all be fixed so no more babies (even mama)

    Parrot SquadParrot Squad2 months ago
  • what resources would i need as a first time fosterer

    atinyteenyatinyteeny2 months ago

    Alana BarnesAlana Barnes2 months ago
  • I promise I will foster soon.

    Nuredin NesirNuredin Nesir2 months ago
  • My dad and mom are talking about letting me foster!! I love animals and would love to save little lives, and it would teach me some responsibility and patience. And I would learn so much about kittens!!

    Scrap ScenesScrap Scenes2 months ago
  • I want to foster but I don’ t think I’m old enough.

    Miranda EllefsonMiranda Ellefson3 months ago
  • we are getting new foster kittens in a week and I can't wait. I have been big waching your videos for a like 2 months!

    Lila hiLila hi3 months ago
  • My nearby shelter has almost no cats!!! never mind kittens!

    thesnowleopard8 Ethesnowleopard8 E3 months ago
  • I am fostering a mama cat and her 3 babies

    Kiki Delivery serviceKiki Delivery service3 months ago
  • I want to really bad!!!I'm gonna try convince my parents.😁😣

    Scarlett SaysScarlett Says3 months ago
  • Can u tell me a shelter in London plsss that there is a litter of kittens

    KawaiiGamingKawaiiGaming3 months ago
  • If u foster can u keep them

    KawaiiGamingKawaiiGaming3 months ago
  • Ik your probly busy but can u contact me to help me adopt. A kitten litter plssss I've been looking for a new born like FOREV3r

    KawaiiGamingKawaiiGaming3 months ago
  • Every time I try it never works out there are no shelters that have kittens

    KawaiiGamingKawaiiGaming3 months ago
  • Can u help me adopt a kitten litter plss

    KawaiiGamingKawaiiGaming3 months ago
  • Hii I want to adopt not foster a litter since I don't want my cat to have trouble giving birth soo should I have my cat give birth or adopt bc I want to foster a new born kitten

    KawaiiGamingKawaiiGaming3 months ago
    • Spay your cat.

      57 Year Old James Bond57 Year Old James Bond3 months ago
  • I fostered a litter and mama during all of this and honestly one of the best things I did. I had something positive and adorable to focus on and learn while it felt like the world is falling apart. I "foster failed" and adopted one of the kittens. My first time fostering and definitely not the last. Thank you so much for all the info you put out in the world about these little guys.

    DozzemDozzem3 months ago
  • Chris in the thumbnail is so cute

    Taylin RileyTaylin Riley3 months ago
  • Hi Hannah, you have inspired me to foster during this pandemic. I have fostered 3 kittens ♥️ thank you!!

    Rayan AliRayan Ali3 months ago
  • We decided to foster for the first time during quarantine. We’ve been wanting a new kitten and got connected with a foster place so we decided to foster a litter and adopt one. We are loving fostering. It’s getting close to adoption time for all 5 and it is sad. I’ve watched your videos several times about foster fail and how giving the kittens a home is the goal and the happy part, not the sad. Those 2 videos helped tremendously. We are keeping 1, but that was our intent. We have feelings of guilt about keeping 1, but we keep telling ourselves that there are families out there that are looking for the perfect kitten for their family and will give the kitten a new forever home. So, please keep sharing your tips on the adoption emotions of fostering. I do want to continue to do this, so I’m teaching myself to love tremendously and temporarily so we can continue to help.

    Michele McGrawMichele McGraw4 months ago
  • Do you mean covid 19

    embertembert4 months ago
  • I want to foster but no shelters in my country are open, :(

    Maymuna BegumMaymuna Begum4 months ago
  • Is the panel enclosure tall enough for eight week kittens??

    Amy GuerreroAmy Guerrero4 months ago
  • Currently fostering Misty who came to me just before the lock down in Belgium. Misty had to move home because her house was being torn down and the owner went into temporary housing. It's is the best thing I have done in a long time. We are helpoing each other. She has a safe and nice home and I have the best corona buddy I could wish for. So yes foster. Cause you can and you will get more back by that simple act then you have ever imagined

    Valerie GeeraertsValerie Geeraerts4 months ago
  • I would foster but im pregnant and due next month but best believe were gonna start fostering after he turns one

    Sarah BotticelloSarah Botticello4 months ago
  • I love it

    Ariel ChouAriel Chou4 months ago
  • I would love to foster kittens. But i don't think I would be able to let them go. lol

    David SchroederDavid Schroeder4 months ago
  • I actually am trying to convince my parents to let me foster to help animals currently. However I have my own animals and my mother at least isn’t sure. Thank you so much for this and I hope it helps people go into foster care.

    DuckDuck4 months ago
  • Do the shelters help with supplies or do we need to be sure to have plenty prior to signing up??

    EarthMoonSunEarthMoonSun4 months ago
  • Love!!!

    Catify CoCatify Co4 months ago
  • I didn’t get to foster a kitten but my boyfriend adopted a puppy from a shelter, I rescued a little kitten from the street, and my neighbors are adopting a kitten as well!

    Raina RoseRaina Rose4 months ago
  • I wish I could do this, but our landlords don't allow pets. I can't wait for the local animal shelter to reopen - you can go in there and visit all their animals any time they're open to visitors

    CarterPlaysCarterPlays4 months ago
  • I tried asking my local shelters in UK - but they kept turning me away insisting they'll use their volunteers :'(

    Katmuss WoodwindsKatmuss Woodwinds4 months ago
    • All because of the pandemic

      Katmuss WoodwindsKatmuss Woodwinds4 months ago
  • I fostered during quarantine. Three runts from a litter of eight Siamese. Had them just hours after birth. I gave cpr to the one I’m keeping. Thirty minutes. He was dead. We prayed. I breathed for him, hydrated him, and he came back two hours later. God is real and Jesus fought for him. His name is Racer. My husband and I slept in their area for two weeks. Too bad their isn’t an income for those of us who are up for neonatal so we can just full time do this.

    Renee BevryRenee Bevry4 months ago
  • Hmm... The virus starts in spring.... Spring is Kitten Season.... CONSPIRACY ALERT!!!!!!! Theroy: evil cat hater creates the virus to cause more cat deaths!!!!

    Charlotte StringerCharlotte Stringer4 months ago
    • I thought the virus was created by house cats who wanted their humans to stay indoors to attend to them.

      57 Year Old James Bond57 Year Old James Bond3 months ago
  • I really want to do this for the summer but my mom is not a cat person.

    The New GenerationThe New Generation4 months ago
  • I recently found your channel and it inspired me to foster kittens! I love your videos, they are so informative! I just filled out an application to foster at my local cat rescue and I'm sure your videos will help immensely if I'm approved to foster!

    Kasey RonekerKasey Roneker4 months ago
  • How do you get into fostering kittens??

    Ashley TaylorAshley Taylor5 months ago
  • I'm getting 2 kittens named tiga and patch in 9 days but from my mum's friend

    Chloe KnibbsChloe Knibbs5 months ago
  • I took care an orphan neonatal kitten on early april2020.. Oriyo were put away alone by his mother in my house, and never come back. At first he was shy and doesnt know whats going on.. He was very cute, and after awhile became quite active.. But then suddenly he does not look so healthy anymore. Seems like fading kitten syndrome.. Even after everthing i did, i went to 4 different vet just to make sure, he left me 3 days ago. Im still heavy hearted and sad. I cried a lot and still crying. I love my Oriyo too much.

    Cryptic MonarchCryptic Monarch5 months ago
  • My local shelter is spilling over with kittens right now. Yesterday I took in two 4 week old twin sisters. Looking forward to taking more off their hands. This is great volunteer work during these circumstances!

    Michael ThomasMichael Thomas5 months ago
  • My only problem that I can’t Foster is that I wouldn’t want to give them up when the fostering is over and the cat gets adopted. I would get too attached lmao

    Spongebob SquarenailsSpongebob Squarenails5 months ago
  • I just got my 3 foster bottle babies on Tuesday! This is my first time fostering and am very excited! Thank you so much for all your help and information!!

    mbrightxmbrightx5 months ago
  • i want a kitten

    Bianca VasquezBianca Vasquez5 months ago
  • So my mom found a 3-5 week old kitten I couldn't determine its age but anyways she didn't have the right environment for a kitten of that age and she wouldn't take it to a vet, it took me half an hour to try and get her to take it to vet or a shelter but I don't think she will

    CryoTemp Has A KittenCryoTemp Has A Kitten5 months ago
  • I picked up a mommy cat three weeks ago. Her six kittens are now 18 days old and thriving!! Thanks for all of the wonderful information in your videos. It really helped me gather the best supplies to set Momma Mia, Peanut, Pickles, Puddin’, Princess Poppy, Polka Dot, and Paisley up for success!

    Allie MAllie M5 months ago
  • I just started fostering! I’m fostering such a cutie right now, he’s 10 months old! I really want to foster neonatal at some point. Do other organizations let first time fosters, foster kittens because mine wouldn’t let me foster any cat under 9 months old. They said I’m not experienced to foster any cat under 9 months which is think is ridiculous because you can’t have experience with kittens if they don’t allow you to be in the presence of them. I don’t know, I understand bottle babies would probably not be the best for first timers due to many complications but 10 weeks and up I don’t see the problem when at that point they are basically self sufficient just big trouble makers.

    Sabrina AbdelalSabrina Abdelal5 months ago
  • My family is fostering a kitten for the first time and we named him Cesar. He's an orange tabby kitten and the CUTEST THING EVER :D He socialized on the second day!

    Echoes Act 3Echoes Act 35 months ago
  • I can’t my dog might accidentally snap their neck she doesn’t know her own size and is stubborn af

    Bagel BBagel B5 months ago
  • I'd love to foster, but I'm allergic to cats :( Is there any other way to help?

    Rejah KRejah K5 months ago
  • I would love to foster when i’m older but i get really attached to animals. however i don’t want that to get in the way of saving a kittens life. any recommendations?

    laura leighlaura leigh5 months ago
  • How do I actually get a foster cat?

    Brieee HunterBrieee Hunter5 months ago
  • I would love to do that, my concern is, what happens if the pet has the virus? How can we protect ourselves from that and also take care of him/her?

    Silvia LorentiSilvia Lorenti5 months ago
  • I wish SOOOOOO much my work let me be quarantine, I am not an essential worker so it sucks. I would LOVE to help do this omg it would be so happy to me 🖤

    MontsergirlMontsergirl5 months ago
  • Sadley I lost my furbaby on April 7. He was a rescue whom I had for 11 years. He was also my emotional support animal. I am completely heartbroken. I want so bad to rescue another kitty but in 2 months I am moving to an apartment that does not allow them. I am so completely sad.

    Tami ImberyTami Imbery5 months ago
  • So how do you get the kittens adopted if the vets aren’t doing spay and neuter?

    Draw Fun PaigeDraw Fun Paige5 months ago
  • Please don't encourage people to forster during the pandemic. A lot of shelters in my country have problems with people who want to foster during the pandemic but return the animal to the shelter as soon as they go back to work. Animals aren't toys you can just give to the next foster whenever it's convenient for you. Animals need a safe place to stay while they're looking for their forever homes. Although fostering is temporary, it's on the animals terms not on the fosters terms.

    Annica JohannessenAnnica Johannessen5 months ago
  • I have a cat that won't stop giving birth I have so menu cats

    IzabellaTVIzabellaTV5 months ago
    • Get it fixed

      Rebecca DanieleRebecca Daniele5 months ago
  • It is so hard to see them go

    sis vs bro fansis vs bro fan5 months ago
  • I don't do fostering I do ADOPT

    sis vs bro fansis vs bro fan5 months ago
  • My parents are finally letting me foster. I’m doing it with my grandma. 😊

    Stella BellaStella Bella5 months ago
  • If only I was in America. Here in Russia nobody cares about it on the official level. You are just alone pickup kittens up, paying for the vet and desperately trying to find foster parents (it's pretty hard even for one kitten)

    Алла СтрельцоваАлла Стрельцова5 months ago
  • I did sign up to foster kittens coz local shelter is overflown with kittens, thanks for your videos, it made me sure I can do this! now I'm waiting for a call from the shelter

    Alicja KotkiewiczAlicja Kotkiewicz5 months ago
  • 😴😴😴😴😴

    Ghost AtomGhost Atom5 months ago
  • What if I have two cats already and I can't have a room for the kittens only??? :(

    Adrianne ConstantAdrianne Constant5 months ago
  • When i'm older i want to Foster some type of animal! I don't know, if i want to Foster cats, hamsters or rabbits. Well, i'll see.

    --6 months ago
  • My cat is pregnant and we are keeping the kittens until this pandemic is over

    Diana Reese-OsterDiana Reese-Oster6 months ago
  • I want to foster kittens so badly, but there are none for us to foster... we’ve been waiting since October last year, and I’m excited when we finally get kittens to foster! Your videos have helped so much

    itsCaraitsCara6 months ago
  • I started off fostering a pregnant cat who I plan to take into my local shelter when it is safe to do so. She gave birth to a litter of 7 kittens. They're now 6 weeks old. Earlier this week a neighbor found a litter of 3 from our stray queen. They're between 3-4 weeks old so because we can't catch the mama we're bottle feeding them. Thankfully we have space in our tiny apartment to foster them, and our landlady is very understanding. My mom and I had fun naming all the kittens. With 10 kittens in total, one mama cat, and my two resident cats, it's a full house.

    Melodi Ann MurreyMelodi Ann Murrey6 months ago
  • I want to foster KITTENS!!!!

    First ClassFirst Class6 months ago
  • all of my local shelters are cleared out and it makes me so happy, except for the fact that we're trying to adopt a dog rn because our 13 year old siberian husky passed away in september and I finally convinced my parents that we should get another dog, but there are none because everyone wants a dog in quarantine, but we're about to go pick up a dog that we're fostering, we've already met him and he's so sweet and we might end up keeping him

    Amanda EdwardsAmanda Edwards6 months ago
  • i wish i could but my mom is allergic 😭

    simplybreannasimplybreanna6 months ago
  • Taking care of kittens for a long time may have given u immunity for the normal Coronavirus strains. So ur immune system could can tackle the new Covid19 virus easily. So u r going to survive this pandemic. Don't worry.

    Elamathi EElamathi E6 months ago
  • I saw a fluffy 8 yr old boy-cat who looked soooo depressed in his shelter cage. I agreed to foster him just to give him a "vacation" from the shelter. Guess what? I brought him home and he turned into a happy, sweet, lovable, pet-able kitty ... and guess what? A week later I adopted him!

    Kate ChodorKate Chodor6 months ago
  • There’s a stray cat in my neighborhood but idk how to catch it :(

    hannah ahannah a6 months ago
  • Thank you so much for your channel! I just rescued two one week old kittens and your videos have been helping me so much with the care process. They're doing so well! I will definitely do this again

    Autumn CainAutumn Cain6 months ago
  • I have probably an unpopular question. Aren't you worried that you are just moving the problem to older cats? Shelters are overrun with unwanted adult cats as people generally would choose a socialised spayed kitten. In addition you are putting more cats out in the population of a finite number of happy loving homes, so eventually anyone who wants a cat will have one. I know the alternative is unthinkable, but my heart goes out to older cats who've never been loved or have been abandoned once an owner dies, somehow this is more heartbreaking to me.

    Kate RHKate RH6 months ago
  • I wish my mom wasn’t afraid of cats and kittens, Can you make a video to help people stop getting afraid of cats

    Ray_ARay_A6 months ago
  • I want to foster sooo bad, not just because its super helpful to the shelter, but because kittens and cats are SO DAMN CUTE LIKE WHAT WHO ALLOWED THEM TO BE THIS ADORABLE my mom won't let me though smh

    tiramisutiramisu6 months ago
  • How do I sign up to foster kittens?

    Cece TartCece Tart6 months ago
  • Can you adopt?

    Ravi AbbottRavi Abbott6 months ago
  • My mom said you sent a photo of one of your newer kittens they are a Siberian smoke and they're female,I was wondering whats there name ?

    Wolf_ ThingWolf_ Thing6 months ago
  • my cat is missing rn :(

    BunnyEarsBunnyEars6 months ago
  • I can't foster or adopted a kitten because I have two dogs and my mum doesn't really love cats she likes them but not love either way when I'm older I will definitely foster kittens and puppy. I'm sorry if this is long.

    jasbir singhjasbir singh6 months ago
  • I adopted two kitties yesterday :)

    Hannah NeillHannah Neill6 months ago
  • If i foster I think i would want to adopt them because i would get too attach 😭

    BobyrelBobyrel6 months ago
  • I wish I could help out but my mom is severely allergic to cats :(

    chicken girl ツchicken girl ツ6 months ago